Femboy training

Femboy training

Come here all you sissy boys. Are you ready for your femboy training? I’m ready to whip you into shape, make you what I want you to be and bow down before me. You’ll be on your knees in no time. Once I break you down, you’ll be so eager and begging to please me. The first thing we need to handle is how you dress.

                Go over to the dresser and pick out some panties. I see you pick out the soft and silky bikini panties. They are bright pink and lacey. How do they feel on your hard cock and ass? They should feel good and make your cock harder. I love the bulge I can see coming from them. Next, we can find you a silky nighty. I notice that you pick out the lavender nighty and it looks good on you as well.

                I love the way you are looking now and I’m ready for you to be on your knees and service me. I spread my legs wide with no panties on and you start eating out my pussy. I can’t believe how good you are at that as well!

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