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Humiliation Phone Sex With Mistress Peace

Humiliation phone sexYou’re pathetic, faggot. Your tiny cock couldn’t even find its way to my cunt if it tried. It’s so small and worthless, it looks like a piece of cooked spaghetti dangling between your legs. I can barely feel anything when you try to penetrate me with that thing. It’s disgusting and laughable how you think you could ever please a woman with something like that. Keep dreaming about being the man you wish you were because in reality, all you are is a sissy slut who can only make other men happy by sucking their cocks or getting fucked up the ass by them while wearing high heels and lingerie – just like your new mistress likes her boys to be dressed up for some real fun!h

You’re pathetic, aren’t you? I can see it now – that tiny little thing hanging between your legs. It’s barely worthy of being called a cock, more like a sad excuse for one. It looks like something you might find on a baby animal, not on an adult man. And don’t even get me started on how useless it is in bed! You think you can please a woman with that? Ha! You couldn’t even make me feel anything with that tiny pea shooter.

I bet when you try to fuck someone, they probably just laugh at how much of a joke you are down there. They might as well be taking it up the ass from one of my dildos because at least those have some heft to them and can actually do something right. Your poor sissy clit must be so disappointed by your lackluster performance; no wonder she keeps begging for more toys and fingers instead of relying on your worthless cock.

You know what they say about men like you – born with their dicks in their hands but pussies for brains! That must be true since all yours does is hang there looking pitiful while the rest of us real women enjoy ourselves getting off on real dicks or using our own talented fingers if we have to. Don’t worry though, maybe someday soon enough someone will come along who feels sorry enough for your pathetic existence to take care of your needs…but until then keep practicing sucking air through those limp lips because no self-respecting woman would ever want anything close to what passes as ‘