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Sissy Panties is What So Many Men Belong In, But Not all are Willing.

sissy pantiesEvery day, I meet a man who belongs in sissy panties. I can size up sissies quickly. Even the ones who do not know they are sissies yet. When Rory called me, he had no idea what kind of site he was on. At least, so he claimed. He saw a sexy milf and thought he could fuck me. Occasionally, I give men a pass for not understanding they are on a specialty site. Horny men rarely think with their big head.

The problem I had with Rory was his attitude. I told him nicely that I do not do the traditional fuck calls because I am not a traditional woman. I am a sissy trainer and a phone dominatrix. Every time, I reminded him that he was not on an anything goes site, he would sarcastically reply, “So what, I paid.” Money does not entitle you to get what you want. Not with me it doesn’t.

I told him we had a problem. Assured him that I would refund his money and hung up on him. However, the prick kept calling back. Now, I was just annoyed. I am not the kind of woman who stays nice indefinitely. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly but expecting a different outcome. Perhaps, we had both gone a little insane because we were having the same conversation repeatedly.

Make No Mistake, I’m in Charge

I tried a different approach. Instead of talking to him, I put on my strapon and fucked his ass. Actions speak louder than words anyway, right? He could not believe I did that. But guess what? He stopped fighting me. Perhaps it was what he wanted all along. I have a theory about men like Rory. They play the alpha card with an alpha woman because they are too scared to admit what they want.

I struggle to believe any of you are that stupid. Even though I gave him several outs, he kept calling back. He wanted me to force him into submission so he would feel less queer about getting something in his ass. I gave him what he was afraid to ask for. He got forced femboy training. I will give it to you too if you act like a fool also.  I have no problem doing what you are afraid to do.

Full Nasty Exam

I was horny and bored waiting on my friend to get out of quick care. That is when I saw this sexy man going to the back, I decided to follow him to the back. I stole a doctor’s coat and put it on right before I walked into the room, he was in. I told him he needed to undress.

BBC sissy trainer

I watched as he took his clothes off. I examined his body and saw he had a big cock. I told him he needed a full exam and I put gloves on and told him to bend over. I stuck my fingers in his ass, he tried to flinch but I said that I needed him to relax so I was going to help him stay relaxed as my hand reached for his big cock. I stroked his cock and got it hard as I milked his prostate. I told him I needed a sample for the lab and just to keep relaxing. I kept fingerings his asshole which made my cunt dripped as I stroked his throbbing cock. He screamed that he was going to cum so I grabbed a cup and made him shoot his nut in to it. I was going to save it for one of my sissy sluts to drink later.