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Sissy Hypno Training For My Pet

sissy hypno training

Hi girly girl, have you found a bump in the road as far as feminization is involved? Of course, you did. It’s hard for men and boys to know the right way to be a woman. If you were born with a shameful little scrap of flesh between your thighs, how can you know how to be a sensual fuck doll? Just as it is with other areas in life, men need women to show them the way. Right? Well, let’s go cupcake, it’s time to reprogram you. Luckily for you, there is sissy hypno training, and I am precisely the erotic hypnotist to reprogram your flawed male brain.
Total and appropriate feminization takes more than hair removal and makeup application. To have a fighting chance at being passable and lovely as a sissy boy in panties, you need to shed the layers of ingrained training with the help of my soothing, trance-inducing voice in your ear. It’s what you want, and it’s very much what you need. Even right now, your sissy clitty is probably feeling the urge to call me and ask for my guidance. That’s completely normal, and it shows that you need sissy training hypnosis now.


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He was caught and he knew it

best phone sexI had my nephew over this past week while my sister was out of town and it turns out that my dear little nephew is a sissy boy. I caught him using my makeup, he had on a full face of it too and my makeup is expensive! I was so mad that I literally saw red and I decided right then that is he wanted to be a little sissy boy, I would make him into a real sissy. I made him strip naked and put on a skimpy little bikini and join me out in the pool where several of my friends were waiting. He tried to pull away when he saw them but I insisted he come with me and when they pulled out their cocks, I made him get down on his knees and suck them all. Then I relaxed in the pool while they took turns breaking in his lil boycunt. I’ll tell you one thing for sure, he won’t ever touch my makeup again after that!


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Sissy phone sex

sissy phone sexWild and hot sissy phone sex is my favorite thing to do, when I’m not training my sissy sluts. I’ve been a sissy trainer as long as I can remember. I love to force my sissy sluts into frilly little dresses and lace trimmed panties. I  make them play with their hard clitties for me until they make a big wet spot on those little panties. I give them lessons in dressing and acting like  little sissy whores. I even give my sluts lessons on how to suck a thick cock and drain a man’s balls. Of course they don’t come to me as little sissies. I have to turn them into the perfect little slutty sissy fuck puppets! Once I have trained them on being the perfect fuck toy, I can take them out and sell those slutty holes. I love showing off how dirty my sissy whores are willing to get! Guys know that I train only the very best. That’s why they line up and wait just to get a chance with one of my sluts! 


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Bad bad sissy

Domination phone sex

One of my slaves has been so naughty. Mistress Marissa needs to teach him a lesson.  I wonder what in my array of play toys would be the best. I ran my fingers over the toys on my wall. So many wonderful paddles and floggers.  The Smell of the leather excited my senses.  I grabbed some of my Hemp rope, a few paddles, and a long blade.  My bad boy slave was already there, standing with his arms behind his back. I grabbed the rope and bound his wrist.  He has his collar on and his leash was dangling.  I pulled my arm back wooded paddle in hand and brought it down against his bare bottom with a loud smack. Once, twice and so much I lost count! Once he begged me well enough I cut him free. He will learn to be a good boy eventually.



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You Are A Cock Whore Sissy

Sissy Panties

Come here you little sissy boy. I have laid out some pretty pink satin panties for you to put on. There you go, look how pretty you look in them. Look at how you cannot even see your tiny cock through them. You cannot see your little balls either. I think these were made just for you. Turn all around and let me see how you look. I like how you have shaved your legs and waxed between your legs. You are preparing yourself aren’t you my little cock whore? You cannot wait to take those panties off and please a man with a big thick cock. I think I see a little spot on your panties. Are you getting wet just thinking about it? Now come here my sissy and help me get this big dick hard so I can slide it into my juicy wet pussy and ride that big thing while you sit and watch.


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BBC Sissy Trainer for You

bbc sissy trainerI love being a BBC sissy trainer. I love big black cocks and I love helping sissies know how to handle them. I acquired a new sissy over the weekend. He has long fantasized about being a cuckold, but his wife just would not cheat on him. I have no clue why. I mean that is like having your cake and eating it too. What woman would not want to stay married to a man financially taking care of her and have lovers whenever she wanted? You know damn well, men would jump at that chance. My new sissy is the soon to be ex-husband of a friend of mine. I had no idea he wanted to be a cuckold. I told him he should have confided in me long ago. Before the divorce was finalized, I would have helped my friend because that is what friends do. I want all my girlfriends to have big cocks in their cunts. If I could not help my girlfriend, I could help her ex-husband. I called over a few black men I know that will come over at the drop of a dime. They were knocking on my door before I had my BBC sissy dressed properly. Most of my sissies get online sissy training, but this sissy, I know. She lucked out because she was going to be a cuckold and black cock faggot sissy in one night. I made her fluff my black studs first. If she wanted to be cuckold, she had to fluff and guide those dicks inside me. She also had to clean up my messy pussy afterwards. And of course, cleaning those big black cocks up after my pussy juice coated them is part of being a cuckold. This is also part of being a black cock faggot. Cuckolds often become sissies. Once you suck a black cock you want more. Trust me, I know. I think my friend’s ex-husband is a natural black cock faggot. She is just lucky she knows me because I have lots of black cocks for her to hone her skills on.


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I Must Punish You

Mistress Phone SexI hear you have been a bad little sissy. Playing with your little clitty without permission? And riding your big fat dildo with your man pussy? I am so disappointed in you. We have talked about this and I have given you a few chances, but you continue to disobey. Now you know what happens don’t you. You must be punished. So, put on your sissy panties and grab your paddle. I want you to rub that little clitty until that small thing is as big as it can get. Now you take that paddle and swat it. Like that. I know it hurts but you cannot play with things that don’t belong to you. You know that clitty is mine. Now swat it again. Harder. And Again. Are those tears running down your face? Now swat it five more times and hard. Ouch that looks like it hurts. Incredibly good. You can stop now. Let me see it. Oh, look how red and swollen it is. Now since you like it so much you keep rubbing it, don’t stop until I tell you. Are you still crying? Look at that pre-cum leaking out onto your raw clitty. Bet that stings don’t it? Now you keep stroking that clitty until you have cum twice. I will know if you lie. Then pull up those sissy panties and rub your warm goo all over that raw clitty of yours and sit in those panties the rest of the day. Maybe next time you think about playing with yourself you will remember this. Next time I will do the swatting.


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He Loved Being a BBC Slut

This sexy fiend of mine came to me wanting to watch me take cock. He didn’t want to watch me take just any cock either. He wanted to see a nice juicy big black cock penetrate my trashy Milf pussy. He knew I was a BBC sissy trainer but wouldn’t let that known to me. He was shy about it at first. I let him watch me as long as he wore my panties while doing so. I made him come close and get a good view of that black snake sliding it’s whole 10 inches inside of my wet mommy pussy. He was rubbing his little peepee and creaming those panties with his little nub almost instantly. Just a few thrusts of that BBC in my cunt and it glistening with my pussy juices was driving him mad. He eagerly took it into his mouth when told. I commanded that he pull it from my cunt and start sucking it. He is now a total sissy slut to BBC.

BBC Sissy Trainer


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Sissy punished

best sissy trainer

I love how that cock cage looks on you! Your such a good girl wearing that tight cage. Denying yourself, the ache pulls on you to play with that little clitty of yours. Come now be a good little sissy bitch and beg! Beg Mistress Marissa to take her keys and free that clitty of yours so you can rub it and get it all excited. Your begging is pathetic, I know your capable of so much more. The only thing you will be feeling tonight is my heel on your face and the sting of my paddle. So be a good little bitch for me and lay down face sideways ass up. Your going to kiss my feet and beg me to beat you. Let me hear you say it. Repeat after me sissy bitch. “Mistress Marissa please beat my sissy ass” there are go the next thing your gonna do for me is count of the hits. Are you ready, yes okay let’s go.


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I made him my bitch

best sissy trainerI took a strong, successful man and made him my bitch. I broke him like a horse, slowly, carefully until he was completely incapable of doing anything without asking me for permission first. We met on a blind date and while he was handsome and clearly wealthy, there was just something about him that was off. He had a weakness in him that I could sense so I went about exploiting that weakness right away. That first night I had him on his knees begging me to fuck him with my giant strap on cock even though he had never attempted anything like that before. By the following week I had him dressed in women’s clothing sucking my lover’s cocks like a faggot. And just yesterday he went on his first out call appointment as a whore. I took that strong man and made him my bitch and that just proves that I can break anyone.


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