Financial Phone Domination

phone dominationFinancial Phone Domination Thrills my pussy! Getting Tributes from gooners and losers just makes sense for a hot slut like me. Although I do enjoy the fact that paypiggy DAVID is a small penis worthless sissy slut. This waste of space has a mistress and a boyfriend. A big black dicked boyfriend. But that addiction to wallet draining overcomes his gooner brain and tiny pee-pee. Not that I ever would mind taking from someone who would never be able to fuck me in a million years. Plus I get to humiliate the fuck out of this shrimp dick sissy faggot! Somehow I find myself wet when he barks and oinks like a pig. I think That just cums with the findom getting her due payments! Because now way in hell would I ever be turned on by such a piece of shit!
Davis is a pay piggy sissy BBC Loving Loser to the fullest! My Financial submissive sissy can not even cum normal anymore, sissy jucie just leaks out of his ass on a 10 inch dildo. Although with a stub of a nubbin what is a normal cum load? He knows teh only reason women talk to him is to use him and his bank account. I’m so ready to go shopping again. My  big Amazon delivery will be here in a few hours all because this Money hungry girlie knows how to drain his wallet! Sissy humiliation training and draining for all you gooner losers out there! 

David if your reading this $end!


    • Zoey’s bitch24/7 on December 7, 2022 at 11:45 am
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    Oh my goodness gracious I’m a star
    I guess you can’t post my silly limp worm
    Pic please post that you save condoms for me
    And let me work the 10 dollar glory hole
    Yummy. I thought I’d be a lot smarter after all that
    Bbc protein. Like a genius. I love tricking the alpha
    Men I get all the protein all they get is the cash 🐖🏧💰
    Size mattress to me oinking like pig for guys/ I love to make them laugh going to atm with mouth full of spit and xxl condoms ( yo go lunch box). Cash for big chewy LUGGIES. BOU I luv getting over

    • Zoey’s$$$pig on December 7, 2022 at 12:47 pm
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    It’s GODDESS ZOEY’S newest money sissy
    Guess what I did I sent another Amazon with out her
    Permission (was feeling bratty) hope she accepts it
    To everyone out there. She is the best thing and nicest
    Kindest FINDOM THERE is. She not only thanks me but also let’s her girl friend laugh she even lets me pound
    My self and has been teach me how important it is to ram myself and moan like a – pathetic piece of dog shit
    She even tells what to say if you need humiliation
    Degraded beyond belief and milked Remember
    Beg her do what she says and you might become
    A pathetic worthless sub male for her use

    • Zoey’s owned sissy on December 13, 2022 at 10:12 pm
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    Dear Zoey
    I think being a teen brat is perfect –
    < drop dead beautiful
    <selfish girl (made to be one)
    <makes men into fuck toys just to LAUGH
    <really appreciates PAYPIG TRAINING ALOT
    <takes credit cards only 50 ser charge extra
    < treats me her little dicked dog ( not yet)
    But lots of sniffing, fetch every day , 👌🍆🐖🔜🏧💰

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