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Sissy phone with the boss

sissy phone

Sissy phone fun with my boss makes all the dwelling hours go by fast. I do like making him suck on big strap-ons and making him my little slut. Making my boss wear panties and making him a beta slut has worked to my advantage. Now his wife has no Idea he frequents massage parlors and dresses up as a whore.  I’ve got my boss doing molly and living it up and taking loads of BBC cum. His career and family life would be in shambles if the truth were to come out.

After all, I am the head bitch in charge now, and I enjoy making him work hard to please me and draining his wallet, turning him into a sissy. No one knows the truth but him and I, and that’s how it will stay until I train every penny of his net worth. When I have a goal, I will do whatever it takes to make it successful, and I usually do.


Sissy phone fun always

sissy phone

I want to make you a sissy phone bone lover. You know you crave big juicy cocks, and you wish you were a girl like me or like one of my hot friends. All you want is to giggle and be your most feminine self.

Time to pucker up and start sucking cock that’s all you want. Leaving your lipstick mark on big dicks is the goal. I’m going to train you to be that kind of girl. When you can be that daring, you become a pretty good sissy slut.

If you think you can be a sissy, show me you will be willing to do it all for me. Anything I say goes, and you will eventually submit to forgetting all about your life as a “man.” Now you will have your sissy name and have a sissy lifestyle, and you will watch me and my hot friends have fun and try to join in on the fun too. Get ready for plenty of creamy cummy facials, too.

Sissy phone sessions are you’re priority

sissy phone

Sissy, phone sessions are your priority. I tell my sissies all the time if you want to be the best, you have to make time for it and keep a schedule.

A little sissy calendar will do the trick to keep your agenda on track. Your appearances matter, and the way you carry yourself is so important. There’s no reason for you not to be the best cum guzzling slut from the bunch if you have a goddess like me teaching you all the ways. There’s always room for improvement.

Clear out your schedule and go to the glory hole to practice. Buy that pink tutu and strut with those big black dildos shoved deep up your ass.

Stretched out and used up like a prissy slut you sure will be.

There’s never a shortage of cocks if you know how to be a good sissy and keep that schedule jam-packed with all your sissy homework and assignments and tasks. One of my favorite sissy skills is a  sissy who can learn to follow the rules and show me proof. Get wet and wild as a bukkake slut being used by big cock men.

Some great sissy phone sex

sissy phone sex

What makes a great sissy phone sex session is one that will get you to learn how to be a great sissy. There are many ways to be a good sissy, from your clothes to how you carry yourself to how you can express yourself. If you want to become a perfect Sissy who can be the best and be comfortable in their skin, you must listen to a goddess who knows how to get the best work out of you. One of the best is voice training and feminization. I love to make you sound much earlier and sound kind of like me. I have my own little unique dialect-type thing going on that Sissy loves. It’s like a Cali girl meets a sexy seductress on the East coaster. I was raised by bicoastal, so that makes a lot of sense. There’s nothing hotter than a bimbo Sissy being not only Central Sexy and flirty but also intelligent with an excellent vocabulary to get these guys ready to split open their pants so that you can suck those cocks.

sissyslut maker barbie


Sissy panties

You’re in for quite the adventure.

Hold on to your sissy panties.

Did you gravitate towards the Barbies instead of sports? Hmmm, that’s how you know you have sissy tendencies. It might be challenging to admit you’re not a true man and were born to be a sissy. Once you get to the realization that being a sissy is going to bring so much pleasure to you, you’re going to want to explore it some more. If you get lucky, you can always find a great sissy maker that puts you right in your place. Lucky for you, you have the best one around, and that’s me. A goddess that will get you sucking big cocks in no time. So now that you have met your sissy maker grab a pair of heels and a sissy strut. There’s a big black cock I want you to deepthroat, and there are some fun surgeries you need to get because we all know that big plastic boobies and all the hottest outfits and being a bimbo whore is a dream.

phone domination you need

phone domination

Phone domination you need. A true submissive enslaved person would want to hear all about how they can’t be masculine. It seems like many closeted sissies try to hold on for dear life to any sense of manhood. Whatever it takes for them to ultimately e face and try to save their .

Truthfully it makes me chuckle. After all,  you sissies must eventually come to terms with the fact that you’ll be a cockscuking faggy waggy. Deny all you wantt. It makes me laugh even harder. Shut the fuck up and let me be mean to you. It’s not often I can be a mean mistress but right now, there’s a hot mean streak in me, and I am ready and set to let it out on you fuckers.

If you want a strict goddess who will want to lock you up in chastity device! Oh, you shall call me, I’ll set you straight.

sissy phone rules

sissy phone

I will get you on your knees as a good little sissy phone-obsessed slut. All I want to hear is you begging for that sissy treatment you want so badly. I get down and dirty with my sissies. I love to push them to suck on those dildos and deepthroat them till they can’t anymore. Besides, practice makes perfect, and I love perfect sissy prissy princess. The more you suck, the more you deep throat, the better chance you have to be a top-tier sissy. Eventually, I love to graduate them into double penetration and gang bangs. If you want a good little sissy slut you have to put an order in and make them do the work so they can be the best to sissies. Time to take som poppers to open that asstwat up!

A jizz whore

Sissy panties

You know it’s time to be a good slut and enjoy cocks. Go search for some while you think about me fucking a big one. I want to tell you to look at them like a good little sissy and enjoy yourself stroking your sissy cock. You know you will always be a sissy whore for me. Now get on your knees and worship cock like you were meant to do all along. You want nothing more than to be split open by a massive cock. There’s no denying that you were born to take dick and worship it because you’re not a real man. Never have you been and never will you be. If there’s any doubt, remember you will die with a big ole cock in your mouth. Princess loves to drain you and take all your money while you become the most enormous cock sucker for Goddess Alessandra.

A little jizz whore is what you will always be. Deepthroating big meat and getting your ass pussy ruined. I can’t wait to put you in your place.


watch goddess fuck

sissy phone


I want to give you some sissy phone fun because I know you little Sissy’s deserve it. When you have a sissy training goddess like me consider yourself lucky because the goddess like me that train Sissy’s like you know how to make you the best. If you want a girl who can provide the best sissy trains High skin tips you are at the right spots baby. Whenever I get a sissy and make that sissy suck dick all the time. It’s like your second oxygen to be able to suck cock and do it so well is a skill you must learn. Oh it’s never too late to become the best to see with goddess Alessandra. I want you to know your place in the way you know it is it’s you have me giving you the tips and tricks that you totally need. Not only in my hot  Direct but also fun I am someone that’s going to put you where you need to be so that you can be the best sissy in this whole entire world. Watch as your goddess gets cock deep inside. Oh yes I know you wish it was you taking that dick deep.

sissy cum slut

sissy phone sex

When one of my sissies got me one of the best gifts, I enjoyed it with my friends. After making him go out to the glory hole to get pounded by a bunch of different cocks he was forever indebted to me.  As a sissy, you have to listen to your goddess. Sissy phone sex is only scratching the surface with me. If you ever have doubts about who owns you, you’re not the Sissy for me. I want you to remember Forever, who’s in charge, begging me to give you leniency. Once you bug me for some slack, I will pick it up some more and make it even harder on you. A little complaining makes my blood boil and makes me want to sacrifice you in every way. So how did I score this fun trip to Greece? While I made him eat a whole bucket of cum and made him beg me for some more.