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Forced feminization in public

forced feminization

I want to give you forced feminization in public because I think if you want to be a good sissy you have to commit. The sissy that can commit is one that will be able to test and pass any trial that comes their way. If you begin to complain about how you look too girly out in public then you’re not ready to be my little sissy. There has to be excitement and yeah sure there might be some hesitation and reservations over what the task at hand may be. Regardless that does not give you any reason to fight me on whatever I ask of you. One of my favorite training sessions is with panties and pink high heels and a hot pink boa you wrap that feather boa around you where the 6-in heels and strut. The pink panties must be shown so preferably, it has to be thongs. Shop away at the mall or at the grocery store. No matter what you have to stay in character and become well assimilated into sissy rules.

Give some good head

sissy phone

I can give the best sissy phone advice ever. After all I have so much experience being a vixen I’ve had men beg me to give them some attention. College was a good time and I have some great stories. Oh boy did I have so much fun giving blowjobs all through college like I became obsessed with becoming the best at providing blowies. Now that I am the Goddess that trains you, sissies, I like to show you what I’ve learned. To be a good cock sucker, you have to want to be, and you have to make it fun. There’s a rule I swear that the more you deepthroat with the help of some numbing spray, the better reaction a guy will have; it will be the best for a sissy. Now if you do a good job and apply all of the tips and tricks I give you, there will be no doubt you will become the number one blowjob giver in his book. See, women typically don’t enjoy sucking cock much. If you get to follow the cheat sheet I give you, his girlfriend will never blow his mind like you.

First, spray, and second some yummy tasty candy. Make it fun and tease him. Show him you have a far better mouth game than any natural-born woman. Flirt a lot, wink, smile, and moan. Do it all doesn’t matter how sloppy you get as long as you do the work. Make him feel like he has the most delicious cock you have ever seen.

You want mistess phone sex

mistress phone sex

After a long night, my sissy completed the task at hand.  You know you have an excellent Sissy, and they actually do everything and go above and beyond to be the best. Last night involved a Gloryhole visit and a visit to Hustlers. It’s time we put up my sissy on internet Outlets all over. If you want us to see to submit and show that they can play, you must dismantle any part that makes them a man. Keeping up with images is one of the main things that is hard to stop.  Now that I have an excellent sissy focused on wanting to be the best, I want to ensure they are exposed to all the sissy cravings they can imagine. Time to suck plenty of cock and take that creamy Jizz  down those throats.

sissy phone sex with Mallory

sissy phone sex

You know I love that I have good sissies. One of my favorites is sissy Mallory. We have had a sissy phone sex relationship for a while now. She’s great at following rules and being the best sissy slut. If you think you have what it takes to be a good sissy, know you must have the attitude. Mallory is a feisty one. All she can think of is big cocks, the kind that makes her mouth drool. It’s hot to see her spread her stuff at the club and find the cock that calls her name. As a sissy, you have to have plenty of confidence. Man will always try to deny a sexy sissy, but if you have applied all the assignments we go over, then you will be able to nap any cock you wish.

phone domination matters

Phone domination

I love talking to my little sissy,  Phone domination is what I enjoy implementing.

My sissy is one who loves to go out in public wearing complete women’s clothes. Lately, we’ve been doing some sissy tasks involving my sissy sounding much more feminine. I begin to have my sissy call up different places, make appointments inquiring about details, and try to sound like a woman as much as possible. If the person on the other line reacts as if they are speaking to a woman, then my sissy passes. There’s a fundamental level to having a feminized system. When you have one, you know you are doing everything correctly. The only way to pass each task is if sissy works on them. Taking a sissy to the Gloryhole isn’t the only thing. Dressing up in public, sucking on dildos, using them mastering hitting the G-Spot is very important. Sticking a suction dildo deep in that ass pussy  and being able to spread out plenty of just is a must.

Real sissies choose pink

sissy phone sex

One of my many assignments is ensuring my sissies know how to embody pink. Sissy hot pink is the color to wear and embrace. I didn’t want to use purple or anything super crazy like gold or silver; I wanted a color that meant femininity, and that’s what I would make my sissies wear and thrust themselves into it. So I don’t care if they are married I still want them to wear pink. Guys are into not wearing pink, even if it’s part of a fashion statement. Imagine a guy that is a closeted sissy wearing pink out in the open going to his corporate job, or being the CEO of that business and wearing pink. Choosing pink items and accessories doesn’t matter; it has to be pink. One of my sissies, I made them transform their man cave into a sissy cave, a sissy dungeon, a sissy Castle; it took over six months until his wife looked at it because she had no clue and was so disconnected from him that she would never even go to that area of the house. Oh, she did have questions, and when she realized she had a sissy in her hands, she went berserk. Which, in the end, was so much better for me.

Paris vacay

sissy phone sex

I am the queen of sissy phone sex. I have a sissy that loves to watch me have sex with my boyfriend.  All I have to do is send him videos and pictures of me pleasing a real man.

He is obsessed with the content because my boyfriend is packing a big one. This sissy pays top dollar just to watch me get fucked. Oh my, I do love the money that comes with it, and I love to degrade him and tell him he’s not a real man and that he should watch as my man, a real king, gets to fucks me.

Shopping with that money is always fun because it’s easy to acquire. There’s nothing like spending money that comes easily because it always comes back. The more I spend, the more I get. It is pretty fun being me. Heck, it’s expensive to be me but it’s a blast. You know I get everything I want and so much more.

My special obsessed sissy ended up giving me a good amount of money to watch me suck my boyfriend’s cock and to even pay extra for a vile of his jizz. So I collected the jizz just enough to fit in a small base. I even puckered up and left my lipstick stained on the glass.

I made his year, and he even sent me extra so my friends and I could enjoy a Paris trip. I guess it makes him feel like a total loser, but that’s what makes him want to serve me. Boy, do I drain that sissies account, and I love it.

molding a good sissy

phone domination

You want to have my attention and want me to rip you to shreds—time to get all dolled up and make your way down to the busiest glory hole. Domination phone sex is how it starts. You know that I can be pretty Stern with my rules. As long as you follow them, you have nothing to worry about, and in the long run, it will help you out. As a sissy slut you have to have cum breath 24/7. If you, for a second, think you can be a good sissy without my guidance, you might be mistaken because I put the best sissies on the map. As I train you, I drain your wallet. I love making you a real cock sucking slut. Now is the time that will mold you into the sissy you ought to be.

Sultry goddess

forced feminization

As a Sultry goddess, I like to make my sissy hoes dive deep into what makes them sissies. I am into forced feminization, but what gets me going is someone I can mold but someone that is also intelligent and can hold their own. Many sissies don’t get the best of both worlds.

Now with me as your sultry goddess, you will get a stern domme but also an encouraging goddess who will make you find your way to sucking cock and taking it in the ass pussy. There are a few things in the way. First and foremost, you must be completely honest; secondly, you must be willing to do whatever it takes to keep me happy. The only way to keep me as a goddess is if you follow the rules.

Be my sissy

phone domination

Do you want phone domination by a goddess who will make you quite the sissy? I know you want to be able to suck cock freely and become a full-time sissy. Let’s get you over to hustlers so we can get you some outfits to try on. You’ll be my sissy slut and be fucking for the dollar. Most sissies like to have a firm, stern goddess to guide them. You know I am the epitome of tough love. I am not mean because I want to be; I am only trying to make the best sissies possible. Only the strong will make it and can conquer all the sissy tasks put in play. When you do what I say, you become one of the greatest sluts.