Sissy phone with the boss

sissy phone

Sissy phone fun with my boss makes all the dwelling hours go by fast. I do like making him suck on big strap-ons and making him my little slut. Making my boss wear panties and making him a beta slut has worked to my advantage. Now his wife has no Idea he frequents massage parlors and dresses up as a whore.  I’ve got my boss doing molly and living it up and taking loads of BBC cum. His career and family life would be in shambles if the truth were to come out.

After all, I am the head bitch in charge now, and I enjoy making him work hard to please me and draining his wallet, turning him into a sissy. No one knows the truth but him and I, and that’s how it will stay until I train every penny of his net worth. When I have a goal, I will do whatever it takes to make it successful, and I usually do.


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