phone domination you need

phone domination

Phone domination you need. A true submissive enslaved person would want to hear all about how they can’t be masculine. It seems like many closeted sissies try to hold on for dear life to any sense of manhood. Whatever it takes for them to ultimately e face and try to save their .

Truthfully it makes me chuckle. After all,  you sissies must eventually come to terms with the fact that you’ll be a cockscuking faggy waggy. Deny all you wantt. It makes me laugh even harder. Shut the fuck up and let me be mean to you. It’s not often I can be a mean mistress but right now, there’s a hot mean streak in me, and I am ready and set to let it out on you fuckers.

If you want a strict goddess who will want to lock you up in chastity device! Oh, you shall call me, I’ll set you straight.

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