Sissy phone sessions are you’re priority

sissy phone

Sissy, phone sessions are your priority. I tell my sissies all the time if you want to be the best, you have to make time for it and keep a schedule.

A little sissy calendar will do the trick to keep your agenda on track. Your appearances matter, and the way you carry yourself is so important. There’s no reason for you not to be the best cum guzzling slut from the bunch if you have a goddess like me teaching you all the ways. There’s always room for improvement.

Clear out your schedule and go to the glory hole to practice. Buy that pink tutu and strut with those big black dildos shoved deep up your ass.

Stretched out and used up like a prissy slut you sure will be.

There’s never a shortage of cocks if you know how to be a good sissy and keep that schedule jam-packed with all your sissy homework and assignments and tasks. One of my favorite sissy skills is a  sissy who can learn to follow the rules and show me proof. Get wet and wild as a bukkake slut being used by big cock men.

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