fantastic femboy training

femboy training

Don’t you know that you must have some fantastic femboy training before considering yourself a certified sissy? Well, now you do! 

I’m going to have you in the strict sissy academy. I can’t wait to get you all dolled up and ready to go on field trips. You have to pass the test to be able to stay as a devoted sissy with me. 

Not only do you have to walk and talk the sissy walk and talk, but you also have to outdo yourself. I enjoy putting a sissy in a particular setup where they have to be vulnerable and choose to be a sissy over being a man. 

Get rid of your little masculinity and submit to the sissy way of life. Now you decide how you succumb to that statement. 

Will you live your day-to-day life in femme attire, or will you tell your closest family and friends, especially those you know won’t be happy with your way of life?

It all falls on your lap, and you have to make do with whatever will inch you closer to your authentic self. 

Once you’ve done the hard part, the easy part cumssssssssssss. Celebration! Yes, you deserve an endless assortment of cocks, especially those that make your sissy ass throb. We go off to the gloryholes for you.


    • Malcom on July 29, 2022 at 11:40 pm
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    gorgeous! I am at your mercy

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