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Sissy panties

Sissy pantiesLook at you in your silly Sissy panties! You’ve got those ruffly ones on that I wore before I hit puberty. You look absolutely ridiculous! Don’t you know that nowadays girls wear thongs? Well girls like me you are not comparable, of course. But if you’re looking to get fucked like most sissy’s then you’ll have to do it my way! Slut clothes only if you’re looking to get what you’ve been craving all along. I love having you as my personal entertainment for my amusement only! I am going to force you onto your knees, you can see your tiny wanna-be dick growing in your panties as I force you to suck my strap on. Using your mouth and throat as you beg for me to slow down and stop! No no no, I don’t take orders from stupid sissy sluts you will take it. I will make you take it. Those little girl panties are starting to get wet because my sissy slut is loving being used all up properly like all girls are.

My 2 Sexy Friends and Locker Room Humiliation Phone Sex

humiliation phone sex

It was a humiliation phone sex story cum to life. Sexy Janie and Hottie Lacey and I were working out and spotted a man who we had heard rumors about. We started giggling and Lacey said, “It can’t be that small can it”. Lacey was running on the treadmill and pointed as her tits bounced up and down. “There he goes into the steam room lets go find out!” I grabbed my towel and told them I would be in soon I had something to set up. See I knew the rumors were true. And I had a hot BBC and big cock surprise I needed to attend too. My pussy was wet at the thought of my plans.


BBC Sissy trainer

Now my sexy friend Janie loves Black cock, I’m making her a BBC sissy trainer on the sly. And I got back, and I walked right up to the small cock rumor guy and I and my girls started asking him if the things we heard were true. *Giggles* I walked right up and grabbed his towel and Lacey shrieked with laughter. It’s a gherkin! Janie was bent over with laughter as she said the can of Vienna sausages was missing one! It was then we stripped naked and went ta asking him if that was why he wore his underwear in the locker rooms and he fully admitted he was jealous and turned on by those big cocks on the locker room. I underestimated my hot bitches because they produced some sissy panties and fishnets to put our small dicked friend into.


sissy panties

It was my time to shine! I put small cock on his knees and had my sexy hot bitches unlock the locker room door. Five big black men came inside in nothing but their underwear. We had a blast forcing him to kiss those fat cocks and measure his teeny clit stick up against real men! I held his head as Janie and Lacey force-fed him those anaconda cocks and jerked them off on to his pathetic sissy face! We had such a blast we can’t wait to do again!


Sissy panties For Everyone!

sissy panties

I invested in a brand of panties made just for my femboys lately. Its a money move especially since these panties have a cute little dick compartment that hides your manhood gracefully. I love to take a very manly man who says he just wants to fuck me and reduce him to a cock sucking princess. My voice in his ear as I tell him how humiliating it must have been to be a boy in the locker room and know that that dick was already way smaller than those jock boys swinging and proud of those dicks. I know that you need to be transported to a place only my voice can take you. On your knees serving 10-inch cocks as me and a couple of friends decide you need to learn to slobber and gulp cock to make up for your..ahem… Viena sausage. So come to my world and be taken away from the constraints of pretending to be a man and let me make you into the cock slut you desire to be.

Glory hole punishment

Taboo phone chat

One of my sissies needed a little lesson on obeying orders and listening to his mistress. He also needed to be punished and humiliated too. I had the perfect punishment for him! I took him to the nastiest and seediest sex club downtown dressed in fully sissy panties, makeup, and heels. He had to walk through the parking lot and the front of the club in nothing but panties, makeup, and 4″ slut heels. I lead him through the club to the grimy dirty bathroom stall and made him get down on his knees on the filth covered floor and wait by a hole in the disgusting wall for a big cock to poke through. A really dirty looking uncut cock slid through the hole and my little sissy started to gag when his face got near it. I gave him a sharp smack across his ass and told him if he didn’t start sucking, I’d put his ass up against the hole and let them fuck him. He hesitantly obeyed and sucked the nasty dick like a good little sissy bitch and even swallowed when his mouth was filled with cum. That was just the first dick too, I had him on his knees for hours sucking any dick that came along, no matter how filthy or dirty they were. This is what happens when sissies don’t obey their mistress. They need to be taught a lesson and punished. You have to remind them who’s in charge. I love humiliating a sissy and most of the time they love it too, even if they don’t want to admit that they love sucking big black cocks, but even sissies have their limits and don’t want to suck nasty dirty cocks from a filthy glory hole bathroom for hours. He should have thought of that before disobeying me though.

Black dress affair

Forced feminizationForced feminization in public is one of my fortes. I invited my new sissy to this black dress affair. I was excited to show him off and make sure he secured his spot as a sissy slut for me. I looked amazing from head to toe and made my sissy bitch my pet on a leach. I couldn’t stop laughing at the sight of him with lipstick and full sissy attire. Everyone was going to meet my sissy and was going to see how submissive my little loser truly is, after all. My sissy had the right Idea about things. My sissy was going to be my servant and was going to suck dick at the party. Everyone was dressed to the nines, and my servant slut was ready to make a great impression — a perfect cock sucking slut for everyone at the party. I was watching my bitch eat and guzzle cum. I always train the best sissies.

Total Feminization

Domination phone sex

Nothing makes me happier than feminizing a little sissy. I love exerting my power over a man and reminding him that’s he’s nothing more than a pathetic little bitch in women’s panties. I feel so powerful and sexy when men submit to me and make me their mistress. I had a little panty boy who needed to be feminized, so I took him shopping with my friends and we dressed him in full lingerie underneath his clothes. We had him model different dresses for us and strut around in heels and a wig in the women’s dressing room. My friends and I were having drinks and laughing at him trying on the different dresses and trying to balance wearing hooker heels. Once we had him in the most outrageous and over the top slutty dress we could find for him, I took him to a bar and had him on his knees servicing horny men in the bathroom. He was a very good little cum slut and just loved being on his knees and sucking cock like a whore.

Pussy Paradise

Sissy pantiesMy sugar daddy will spoil me to the end of the world. I had a blast in bora bora. Everything I wanted I got. I could see all the other sugar babies prancing around. It was pussy paradise to all the rich sugar daddies. My loving slave pet came along, and I had him dressed up. I had a sissy bikini for him and even plenty of sissy panties. I could see his eyes full of lust and wanting to be me. Well, slave pet you will have to enjoy being in my shadows and embarking in every journey I am in and being my dandy hand servant. I wanted to treat my pet with a sweet bukkake bash. I gathered around some of the locals. I had a few connects and I made it possible to get all the tour guides and their friends to cum blast, my sissy. I could see it was heaven for him. 

Mistress Phone Sex For Pansy Princesses

Your a pathetic excuse for a male as your just a Pansy Princess in need of Mistress phone sex, and I am just what your sweet ass needs. I don’t care if your ass is pink, red, brown or blue it is mine to own and I will have full ownership of you, slave. I’m the one to bring the pansy panty wearing princess faggot out that has been kept in the closet for too long. I want you to shop for pretty panties and make sure the clerk knows they are for you. You will ask her if they are your color or if she thinks the style is good for you. I will want you to wear pretty silkt panties under your man suit and go about the daily grind of being a useless male, only knowing secretly how much of a sissy you crave to be. I want to help you my pansy princess.

Mistress phone sex

Sissy Training Audio Tease ZOEY

sissy training audio

I am fucking ready to tease and make you please during sissy training audio! Being a black cock princess means 99 percent of the time I will turn down your loser white dick. Now I might play like I am interested but you have to know I really am not.  I like to fuck large and in charge big brother purple veiny cock. I am a teen who knows what I want and what you need. I real break the BBC training mold. I want to make sure you know that that dick is only good for stuffing in a cute little Versace bikini pair of panties and being on your knees with a mouthful of chocolate cock. Sucking and slurping that BBC will be all you want to do for me. Listen to my voice as you begin to realize what your life’s purpose is. You belong with my fantastic pack of BBC sissy men who worship not only the ground I walk on but the fat black cocks I fuck! Get your sissy panties out for a bit of training you will never forget my love! You can’t have me but you can have some black good good in that ass pussy!

Surrender to me

Sissy slave trainingYou’re walking around the house with your sissy clitty dangling down between your legs as you fantasize about who is gonna be the lucky cock that is going to get to fuck my perfect pussy next. This beautiful goddess hole of mine is so fucking full of cum from being pounded out non-stop. I’m so swollen but that’s exactly how I prefer to be! You are over in the corner masturbating your pathetic sissy clitty and daydreaming about how good it might feel to shove yourself deep into my cum-filled cunt like all the other luck horny real men get to do. Why don’t you shift your thinking and go worry about your bank account and how much i’m fuckin draining you all in the name of domination and erotic gratification. I love putting your heart in a blender and still you surrender your whole being to me, lol you truly are a lost cause! You’re such a worthless little bitch! Bow down and kiss my pretty toes while I pat you on the head and tell you what good sissy pet you are. Your sissy slave training really is coming along swimmingly.

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