I Worship Big Cocks and Humiliate Little Dicks

I am a complete size queen, and I love cock. You want to worship and suck cock, and you have such a little dick that you are embarrassed. You need humiliation phone sex and trained to be a sissy to that much bigger dick. I prefer BBC but really if they’re over 9 inches and stay hard I’m not going to be picky. Smaller dicks make me laugh and if you are really small I will force you to put on some silky baby girl style panties on. I will make your whore face up with sparkles and pink lip gloss to make you a dick sucking little subslut sissy to cock. You will become a cocksucking sissy faggot and you will thank me for helping to realize what you were meant to be, a cock slut, a cheap little trashy sissy cock sucking slut.

Humiliation phone sex

Forced Sissy Training

Forced Sissy TrainingSometimes I find a sissy who does not wish to conform to Miss Francis’ ways. They must then undergo forced sissy training. I take that little sissy and have their entire body waxed. Not one strand of hair will remain on their bodies, except of course their beautiful head. I then put them in a sexy pair of thigh highs, no panties of course and a matching sexy outfit. And don’t forget the shoes, a pair of nice peekaboo heels. I top their sweet head with a wonderful wig and makeup their sweet faces. When they are all pretty, I go to work. They are usually naughty and touch their little clitties without my permission, so I attach a cock cage to keep that thing intact. I put a butt plug in their sweet little shit hole too. But Miss Francis is not done. I lay them on their stomachs, pull up their cute outfit and chain their legs together, exposing the sweet butt plug and cock cage. I then invite all my friends over for an orgy. While my little sissy lays there, we have sex all around her. We even tease her little clitty with our fingers and our tongues. But poor sissy’s clitty is stuck in a cage and only causes her pain. I love to put a BBC inches from her sweet dick sucking lips and have them tap it on her mouth. You can practically see the drool. She is also required to clean everybody up. I will stick a dick or pussy right up to her mouth and make her clean up all the cum. I know she loves this and her little clitty wants to get hard, but the cage is preventing it. We laugh as she winces in pain. Sometimes our parties last all night. By the nights end, this sissy will usually admit defeat and become the wonderful little sissy slave she was mean to be.

I’ll Train You, Baby

sissy slave training

You keep saying that you want to be a sissy and that you want to serve me, but you keep finding excuses to not do it. Well, that is going to come to an end today. You are going to get on the phone and call me for the beginning of your sissy slave training. I know it might be a little difficult since you’re so defiant, but I have no doubt that I can reign you in and turn you into the sissy slave of my dreams.
I don’t care if it’s against your will. You are going to learn to do everything you need to do to become the perfect woman. Sure, you have to learn to look the part, but it’s much more important that you learn to suck cock. I’ll invite a few of my friends over every day. Oh, and don’t you worry, my sissy slave – I’m not going to get you just any cocks. I will get you the biggest and most delicious cocks you’ve ever seen. And once you master sucking cock, I’ll train you to be able to take huge cocks right in your brand new pussy. Don’t keep denying what you’re meant to be. Call me and I will train you to be the best sissy slut you can be.

BBC sissy training

BBC sissy trainerWhen you’re a sissy trainer like I am, and your whole life revolves around these measly weak sissy’s that require the most help and preparation. They need me to gain the ability and confidence in being a proud sissy bitch. They come to me for their training and humiliation and let us not forget to mention torture! But today I am your BBC sissy trainer, hope you’re ready to be fucked wide. There’s nothing like a big fucking cock that is just pulsating in your hand, growing harder and bigger than any cock you’ve ever laid your eyes on. This is a real man cock, fit for a size queen like myself. You wouldn’t understand unless of course, I get you addicted to fat nigger cock while I am training and torturing you relentlessly. They are so big, they have matching balls that are slapping you in your face and against your ass while I laugh and laugh at what a sissy whore you look like, oh yes this is my pleasure. Nothing like being a devious Sissy trainer for BBC lovers!

Do Want to Wear My Sissy Panties?

sissy pantiesDo you like to wear sissy panties? I have a new sissy and she is not like my other sissies. She is a sexy T-girl. She has a little clit stick and perky little breasts. Honestly, when she sought me out, I thought she was one of my daughter’s friends. She looked like a high school girl. She is a 26-year-old transitioning girl. She heard I was great with feminization. I looked at her and didn’t know she had a cockette, so my feeling was that she was doing a good job herself.  But if she wanted some femboy training, I was happy to help her. Before I dressed her, I milked her little prostate. She laid on her back on my massage table. I lubed up my finger and slid it in her backdoor pussy. She reacted well. She loved having me play with her pea shaped gland. She had a hard cum, a ball draining cum. Once we got that out of the way, her little clitty was even smaller and would fit better in a pair of my sexy panties. She couldn’t believe how many pretty things I had. I have a huge closet. Some of the items are for me, but I have a sissy closet too. I let sissies and fem boys play dress up. My sexy little shemale was in awe of all the bras, panties and stockings I own. I found a pretty pink satin outfit for her. Pretty in pink. She knew how to grow her hair long, develop her titties and shave off her body hair, but she needed me for the feminine touch. I dressed her and gave her some style tips. I also helped her perfect her feminine walk. Next lesson is cock sucking. Can’t be the perfect femboy without knowing how to suck dick.

Femboy Training Princess Zoey

Femboy Training

Your Princess loves femboy training. Imagine your sweet Daughter laughing and pointing when you show her your hard cock. Even as a sweet young girl she knows you are quite small. She refuses to acknowledge that it is a dick. She says no Daddy put panties on you’re a Girl! Small giggles and pointing and running to tell mommy. This is when mommy reveals that you’re a sissy cuck. She teaches me all about how to control you. I find out soon enough that you love sucking BBC with mommy and the day comes that I join you in the Big black dick cock sucking. The first time I get fucked in front of you your wet your panties five times. Now that I am a hot teen Mistress You are a full-fledged sissy who enjoys being my muse for my BBC sissy training of other sissy boys. I am the Princess Mistress to brothers, neighbors, and my cuck sissy boyfriends, all because of one hot daddy sissy!

Brandie gets a Treat

Sissy TrainingSweet little Brandie has been wearing that cock cage for awhile now and every day I remove it and make her watch some shemale porn. And wouldn’t you know it, her sweet little clitty has remained soft every time. Now, one of the most important things in sissy training is rewarding for good behavior. So, I told Brandie that she had been such a good little sissy lately that I was going to give her the best present ever. Her eyes lit up and she guessed a new butt plug. Nope, I said. I did tell her to remove her current sparkly butt plug and take a nice warm bath, paying special attention to her little man pussy. She practically skipped to the bathroom. I had laid out some silky black panties and a matching bra for her to wear under the most flowy sundress I could find. She looked marvelous. I finished her look with some pretty pink lipstick and off we went. I blindfolded her to not spoil the surprise. Once we arrived, I opened the door and guided her in. I removed the blindfold to reveal the most marvelous sex shop around. Her eyes popped as she checked out all the butt plugs and gigantic dildos. She even stopped to look at the sex machines and picked out a sweet little vibrator for her man pussy. We viewed a few of the peep shows and Brandies little clitty did not even perk up. I told her what a good little sissy she had been, and I had an even bigger reward waiting for her. We walked to the back and through the fire exit door to a magical place. An underground sex club. I told Brandie that since she had kept that little clitty of hers in check all week that she was free to play with anything and everyone that she wanted. She smiled like a little child and practically ran to the glory hole wall.

Sissy was a little whore for me

sissy phone sexI broke in a new sissy last night and it was too much fun. She was dressed like a little whore, short tight black dress with sky high heels and fishnet stockings so I put her right to work. I had her standing on a street corner like a real whore flagging down cars and asking them if they wanted to party. Surprisingly she turned out to be pretty popular! She was a good little dick sucker she swallowed load after load of cum like a good girl too, honestly I was a little impressed. The best part tho was the=at she didn’t hesitate to give me all the money she made, she just handed it right over like a good girl so I turned out a whore and made a tone of money. All in all that is a good night for me! I will definitely need to put her in a regular rotation for me.

Sissy Girl Training For Closet Fags

I love when the shy closet homosexuals come to me craving to get Sissy girl training. I enjoy starting them off with buying some really sexy, silky feminine panties and getting them to slowly incorporate them into their daily lives. I want them to wear them when they are having their personal self pleasuring moments. I love to get them to train with a small buttplug with the panties. I work them into eventually wearing the panties daily under their professional man clothes. I love to hear about how they get so excited to get their panties out and to feel that buttplug. I love getting my closet sissy’s to get bolder and wear the buttplug for longer periods, and eventually out in public. It makes me very proud when they get to sucking a nice big dildo for me and soon they slowly start grinding down on that dick. I know then it’s time for my Sissy’s to make that move and suck their first cock.

Sissy girl training

Let Me Show You How To Do It!

sissy girl training

Hi. Don’t be shy. You are in the right hands for the sissy girl training you are seeking. I love helping wannabe sissies like you get all the way there. You can only wear so much lipstick and so many pairs of panties before you want to take things further. But you might not always know exactly what to do. That’s why you need a perfect girl like me to help you out. I will do everything I can to make sure you learn how to be the best sissy you could possibly ever be. I won’t judge you, but I can’t like – I might giggle but it will just be because I think you trying to be a good girl is so cute.
Do you think you are ready to be the perfect sissy? I’ll help you learn how to act like a girl, dress like a girl, and fuck like a girl. I will absolutely steer you in the right direction in every single area of your life. I can’t wait to complete the sissy training process on you. Are you willing to trust me to do right with your sissy transformation? Give me a call so we can get started!

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