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Best Sissy Trainer For Covid Fags

These coming months of Winter may be another trying period in the times of a pandemic. The stay home orders are likely to be coming around again. It’s safer to just stay home be comfortable and let yourself be free to express those desires. You can order all the toys and pretty things online and have them shipped discretely to your home. You can call me up and we can have all kinds of fun that doesn’t require crowds. I love the idea of playing dress up and driving somewhere where you can watch people and jerk off in your panties for me. Maybe you can be like one of my pissing princesses and pee your pretty panties and skirts. I love making naughty sissy girls humiliate themselves for me. You can tell me all about the process you have gone through so far in becoming the sissy you are.

Best sissy trainer

Femboy Training Mistress Diana

Nothing makes me excited like Femboy Training a little prick for their first cock sucking session. Putting on a strap-on and fucking that little princess mouth is so damned hot. I start prepping the little cuckold with plenty of make-up and princess pink lipstick. The princess pink goes on last and is the final preparation for their first big cock. I will feed my big strap-on dick in their mouth until they gag and their sissy slut lipstick is all over that big black cock. It’s exciting for them and for me. The moment I feel they are ready for the real thing will constitute in a lovely little outing with my Femboy. My sissy will be dressed as the cock slut sissy faggot she aspired to be and taken into public her first time. She has never gone past mommy’s bedroom dressed up and it always makes them nervous and excited. I give them a little ice to smoke and help them relax and take that big step. We get in my car and I get to drive them to a private glory hole that some of my other guys have put together. I have a nice following of all kinds of men and the biker gang love initiating guys getting them sucked off by one of my sissy faggots. They never know who is sucking them off and that’s the best part.

Femboy training

BBC Sissy Trainer Makes Cucky Suck Big Dick

As a BBC Sissy Trainer I am familiar with white husbands being cuckolded with big black cocks of their wives lovers. These are exciting moments for husbands that long to allow their wives to have satisfaction. It’s what a husband does if he truly loves his wife and cannot satisfy her. He allows her to get what will satisfy her and wishes only that he can be there to share in it. More times over that will be BBC that the wife is being satisfied by. And eventually you will be watching your wife being manhandled right by that big black dick and watch how wet her cunt gets as he slides into it spreading her and gaping her. Look out the pleasure on her face as her tight pink cunt is stretched by a monster cock. You get excited and soon you have the urge to need to suck her off of that dick. You will soon be dressing like a slut and servicing those lovers of hers on your own.

BBC Sissy trainer

Sissy Phone Sex Sessions with Diana

We all have those naughty secrets. I have them. I am not so great at keeping secrets though. I act on my feelings and am quite forward about things. One thing is my love for big dicks. I love to cuckold the first timers and make them watch a big cock in motion. I want them to touch it, taste it and learn how to drain it with help from me. My pussy and these great tits are instant ball release pleasure for those big dicks. I expect your mouth to become such as well. Maybe even get your sissy hole plugged and pumped. I’m a naughty mommy, a sultry Mistress and feminization goddess for sissy faggots.  I find it arousing to get a stir out you. You are my sweet sissy that is dying to be a slut for big cocks. I can help you.

Sissy phone sex

Owning a Sissy Slave

I’m always up to gaining a new sissy and my Sissy Slave Training sessions are great to explore your naughty desires. I love that you will call me while already wearing your pretty panties like a good sissy. I enjoy how excited you are to tell me about yourself and what you desire to accomplish with our sessions. It’s my desire that you get around to worshiping and sucking big cocks for me and I love to hear every detail.

Meanwhile as we work you up to that I expect you to have a large penis dildo to service with your sissy lips. You will find the suction cup ones to be the best. These realistic penises are great for making your own glory holes to service cock and slide up and down on once we get that sissy cunt trained. I look forward to playing soon Sissy.

Sissy slave training

Domination Phone Sex Sissy Mommy

Domination phone sex Sissy Mommy is who I am and I am here to assist in your sissy desires. My pampering mommy side is always a good side to help a sissy out of her shell. The dominating side is the best guidance most sissy girls require to get them trained to be good little cock whores. I am multi-faceted and experienced in all kinds of domination and sissy girl training. I find it exciting to help you in your journey into woman hood and encourage you all the way through the process. The Quarantine gave many time to reflect on their life and to explore some of the things they never got to prior to such. Many have been lucky in keeping busy with work, like myself. I know that you work hard and in the down time you couldn’t enjoy the usual life you led if it was based on socializing. Things have been difficult and those that have recently discovered their feminine side and started to embrace it should know that I am here for them. Whenever you just need to talk or get off some of the manhood stress and let out the side of you that you long to be. I’m here for you my beautiful Sissy Girl.

Domination phone sex

Getting High In Sissy Panties

Getting high in your sissy panties must feel really good. I love my druggy binging Sissies that love to light up that rock while talking to me about their sissy ways and fetishes. I’m a good sissy mommy that supports those naughty desires and addictions. My favorite sissies love the cock and dressing for cock is what they do. I am a very proud mama of one of my new sissy sluts that is coming around wonderfully! She dresses in pretty girly things for work and even got a sexy bikini to get those tan lines in. Yes, I’m talking about you Sissy G. I love how well you have come around.

Sissy panties

I hate when I miss out on playing with my Sissies because my schedule isn’t always in tune with theirs. I will be working all weekend though my sexy things and my schedule for Saturday and Sunday will be 6am est to 4pm est and I really hope we can hook up and get into the naughty things that we always get into. I’m excited to know about those cocks you have pleased and the pretty things that you have purchased. Let me in your sissy world and be that Sissy phone sex Mistress you are needing to help you along.

Sissy Needs The Best Sissy Trainer

Best sissy trainer

You are seeking a way out of your boring man clothes world and need some guidance by the Best Sissy Trainer. I am here for you. Maybe it isn’t your first time dressing for cock, or even just wearing panties and servicing your wife as a good cuckold. Whatever the type of Sissy you were, are, or desire to be, I am here to guide you. I am an experienced Mistress and Sissy girl mommy. I love to humiliate naughty little sissies and small dicked guys into wearing panties and being little bitches to BBC. My passion is assisting you in your secret escape from the appalling real world that has been a downer of late. Get in that secial place with a litle guidance. You just find yourself some private time and a relaxing spot where you can unwind and reveal your naughty secrets of sissy desires.

Sissy Maid Training For Cock Cravers

Sissy Maid Training

I’m Diana, a Sissy mommy and Mistress. Sissy maid training sessions are great for those closet cock craving, panty wearing girly boys. I think you could use some fun in your dress-up time and be made to do naughty things for the love of cock. I have a sissy son of my own and we can all play together even. If you are a good cock lover I will let you suck my boyfriends big black cock. Oh! That made your clitstick twitch didn’t it? The thought of your mommy feeding her boyfriends BBC into your mouth and having you suck it off. It was just in mommy’s vagina. You like the taste of mommy’s cunt juices on that cock don’t you? You got so excited watching mommy bent over in the laundry room as I was getting all my sexy panties and bras from the drier. You knew there was cum dripping between my legs and soiling the sexy panties I was wearing. You were so good to put on a pair of panties and lay down on mommy’s bed and wait for her. I always love the way my Sissy cleans my messy creampied cunt up. You deserve a big cock of your own to suck baby girl.


Cock Craving Sissy Faggot

You are a cock craving sissy faggot that is to embarrassed to admit the fact that. I’m here to offer you the forced sissy training you require. It’s ok to want this. You are not a freak for desiring to dress in pretty lingerie or even just panties and to suck big black dick. You are not alone, yet your desires are very unique and I understand you. I understand the inner turmoil you are feeling. It’s ok. I know it’s sometimes just a fixation when you are horny and after that you feel like beating anyone up that mentions such things to you. It’ just that you were probably raised in a way that deprived you of thinking for yourself and denying the things that give you pleasure. Wake up, cut out the bigotry and be that faggot cock sucking sissy you crave to be. You can come out to me and be free. It’s OK! I am here for you and you need not let your shiled down to the world. It’s our discrete play time and I will help you get the most out of your filthy cock sucking desires that really are normal and okay!

Forced Sissy Training