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Femboy training was best for him

Sometimes I tend to get a caller that needs a little coaching. This one needed Femboy training. It’s not surprising since I am a sissy mommy and a sissy slut hut site mistress.
This young man called me up in a complete mess of a situation. It seems his mother-in-law decided she was going to force him to wear pantyhose and a bra. But that was not all, he was forced to watch his wife get fucked by her daddy.

So when he called me he was in a dilemma. He couldn’t understand what was happening. One thing for sure though he was not getting that wife pussy anymore. He wasn’t even going to get a mother-in-law’s pussy to fuck either.

Situations like this is why I am here. I help train him to be the cucky  sissy serpent his wife needed.

Femboy training

Mistress Phone Sex For Training Sissy Fags

Training sissy fags is my favorite pass time. I am a Mistress phone sex mommy and I enjoy the sissy girls I train. Many come to me timid and just wearing panties. I am happy to help you realize your inner sissy. Or if you really just like wearing your mommy’s panties and bra while sucking cock that is fine as well.

My style of training is catered individually to ensure your needs and limits are met in a comfortable way. I will only push the envelope when that is your sole desire. You may not be interested in sucking dick,, maybe you just want a sensual mommy that will be nurturing of your secret needs for prostate milking, pegging and dressed like a sexy slut. This is all fantasy and pleasure.

Mistress Phone Sex

Sissy Girl Training For a Fairy Princess

My caller wanted Mistress sessions with me. He knew I specialized in Sissy girl training. Fairy Joe didn’t wat to succumb to her true fate of being a sissy fairy princess. She was so very reluctant. The thing is, the choice of panties sissy Joe wore told me all. He said he just liked how they feel.

I know panties, silky panties feel nice on those dicklets. It’s true they are stimulating for the squirties. The thing is, silky panties come in all style and colors. When you choose the frilliest of panties in pink your secret is out.

Sissy Girl Training

My fairy princess sissy Joe is coming round so well. He is succumbing to the sissification and embracing her girliness. I make her up with pretty colors on her whore face and make her wear pretty bras with silicone inserts. She gets waxed and wears pantyhose. We dress Princess Joe so pretty and I take her to the club.

Forced sissy training

BBC Sissy Trainer For White Boy Faggots

BBC sissy trainer

Mommy Diana is a BBC sissy trainer. I will get you fucked by the hottest taboo fuck there is. That is big black cock is the best cock for a white faggot sissy. I will train you to please that big black cock like a good whore. You will suck black cock for Sissy mommy Diana.

You will cum riding that big black cock. Your clitty will squirt in those pretty panties. You will crave the big black dicks of mommy’s lovers. You will beg for those BBC cocks to cum in your sissy pussy. I promise you will be addicted to that black seed. There will be denying that your obsession will make you a total size queen for BBC.


Mistress Phone Sex Sissy Slave Training

The Mistress Phone Sex we have is full of exciting things. My training of sissy sluts and mommy girls is varied as snowflakes are. No session is ever going to be the same. My sissy girls are extremely unique. My special snowflakes and butterflies.

Mistress Phone Sex

The very thought of sharing our personal training time with another sissy wannabe just isn’t right. I am a personal trainer for cock. My girls may not all be ready for the dick but it’s what they want. It’s what you want, Princess. I adore my sissy sluts and I love to play with all kinds.

Sometimes it requires my extreme Dominating side and I have to put a sissy in her place. Sissy humiliation training is what I offer for some cases. I am not afraid to take a man with a small penis and make him into a sissy slut. Cuckolding a little dick with a nice big cock is fun.

A size queen always knows. It’s true, as a size queen, and dominant sissy training expert, I know. What do I know? Well honey, *as I approach you and smile sweetly* I know, *grabbing at your tiny package*, that you are not a man!

Sissy humiliation training

Sissy Girl Training a Little Bitch

Some days are exhilarating when I get to give Sissy girl training to a bitch. This guy was a peace of work with his little dick syndrome (lds from now on). Bitch was all over me trying to get me to fuck him. I laughed at his short ass as I knew he would never be able to please me in a manly way. I knew he would do best as a sissy. That’s what i made him. You may be surprised how a powerful woman can truly control these men with big attitude and little dicks. They always act like bigger pricks than they have.

So, I let him come back to my place. I put him in his place immediately. I had him crawling on all fours for me. I stripped him and let him have a glimpse of what he wouldn’t be getting. I made him crawl for a peek. I made him into such a little bitch. I cracked the whip and he turned to a whimpering puppy. I made this one all sissified and pegged him with my strap-on. This bitch took it like a good girl.

Sissy girl training

Mistress Phone Sex Training a Bitch

Mistress Phone sex calls are the best way to get a little fun. You have been in charge of everything else in your life. It’s time to let loose and have a Dominant female take over. It’s ok to feel tremendously turned on by the thoughts of being pegged by a femdom.

Femdom’s come in all shapes and sizes, as varied as the strap-on sizes they will have for you. Your sweet man pussy will be violated. You best have something to violate yourself with during our call. I want to make this as appealing as possible. You need to feel it, to feel me. I want complete control over you. Cage up your penis. Give Mistress the key. Don’t talk back and don’t fight the feeling of desire to be a good little bitch for your new Mistress.

I think I will bring in my big bull to assist with things. Relax, he has no interest in your faggot ass. He is only interested in assisting me with humiliating you. We will do this by making you watch as he fucks me in ways you could never fuck me. He is a Bull and you are a bitch. This will be so much fun!

Mistress Phone Sex

Forced Sissy Training A Foolish Idiot

Foolish idiots will call any big titted whore they see online. They have no brains when it comes to the peewee between their legs. Sometimes a good Forced sissy training is needed for some of these weak willed mother fuckers.

I am a very dominant and strong woman. I don’t feel wrong or bad about what I made this young horny fucker do. I directed him to his mother’s closet and to get into her dirty clothes hamper. He had already confessed to smelling his whore mom’s filthy panties and it made him hard. He needed to tell some milf whore about it.

Well, he was a little disrespectful but also alot of fun in making him do what he secretly wanted to do. He pretended to not understand the whole sissy site bit. He was really wanting what I offered and got it.

Forced Sissy Training

Your BBC Sissy Trainer is Here

Middle aged men are all beginning to understand their need for BBC sissy trainer Diana. It’s ok to surrender to that craving for big black cock. I am here to guide you and assist in that realization.

The other day I was out shopping for lingerie and noticed this older man skimming through the panties so shyly. I then noticed how his gaze carried over to a big black dude that was with his wife. I knew right then and there what this guy was. He was just like you. He wanted to experience being taken by this big manly man like a little bitch. He wanted to be that white bitch with him.

That’s right this black man ad a sexy busty blonde wife that was certainly a slave to her mans cock. You know us gals dress for that cock and I know that’s what you wish for too!

BBC sissy trainer

BBC Sissy Trainer Mistress Diana For Slaves

As a Mistress for sissy sluts, BBC sissy training is just another facet to my training styles. It’s something I love immensely. To take those big nigger dicks in front of a new sissy is exciting. New sissy girls get embarrassed and amazed when they see my riding the BBC.

The best part is when you get the chance to reach out and touch that BBC. Feel the weight of that big black dick. It’s heavy and so big. You will start to feel a tingle in those little panties of yours. Its natural for your clit to get hard and even leak a little.

Don’t be shy when mama Diana tells you to put your lips to that bulbous black dick head. Go ahead, and kiss it. Good girls suck BBC and you thrive to be a good sissy girl. I know it’s what you want, slut.

BBC sissy trainer