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Sissy Trainer Diana Seeking Loyal Sissies

Hi baby girl I know you need a Sissy mama that can train you well. I am Sissy trainer Diana and I happen to have availability for some new trainees to join me and be of service. Maybe you have a desire to be a cock sucking sissy girl and are still timid. You are hopefully already wearing those sexy girly panties that make your penis feel good. It’s ok if not we can get you there.

With a little dedication and training that penis will slowly shrink into a sissy clitty and things will get more interesting. Your task before calling me is to purchase a dildo that you are comfortable to start with. This will be for those pretty lips of yours to wrap around as you gain your cock sucking skills.

I also will require my sissy trainees that want to train for cock to purchase a buttplug. This is essential and one that you can pump and expand is a nice way to train if you want big cock. However any buttplug that calls to my sissy will do fine, after all we are just starting. This will do for now and I expect you to have those things when you call me.

Sissy trainer

Best Sissy Trainer For Serious Cock Whores

Serious cock whores seek the best sissy trainer like me to assist them with their journey. Being a good cock whore takes a lot of work and dedication. You will know if you are a cock whore. It’s everything you crave and fixate on. Cock, big black cock, any cock bigger the better cock… it’s all about dick.

Cum slut, faggot, sissy bitch… are all names I may call you during our training. I am not going to be politically correct so if your a delicate little bitch with your panties in a knot… well you best look elsewhere. When you are under my control you are a bitch. A pathetic little clit fuckboi. Embrace it or get out. There is no place for little whiny wimps in my world. I train cock whores to embrace and dress for that big black dick.

Best Sissy Trainer

Mistress Phone Sex an Audition of Sissies

An audition of Sissy sluts was a special moment for my slave sluts. I bring in ten big bulls for this Mistress Phone Sex training session. And I have four of my promising sissy girls to show off their skills.

So this talent show was exciting to see these sluts compete. I seemed to have managed to start some real rivalry amongst of couple of sissy girls and they got into such a naughty cat fight. These trashy little sissy girls were having at each other. It was getting kind of hot and I had to put on my strap-on and start getting them to be good sluts for mistress.

Forcing the two apart and making them both busy themselves with that generous amount of black cock was the best thing for these two. I hope I taught them a good lesson making them both get fucked next to each other. A slut is a competitive little cock whore and that is what I train.

Mistress Phone Sex

Sissy Phone Chat Sessions for Training

Sissy phone chat sessions are a way to break you into the new you. We can explore your desires and experiences in a private session. My eagerness to train you to be the sissy you crave to be is my main focus. I need to understand what type of sissy you are or aspire to be.

There is really no reason for you to be shy or nervous. It’s all about just letting go and embracing what makes you feel good. I need to understand who You are and what you are looking for. So I will not be forthcoming with random ideas when I know nothing about you, so don’t ask.

I am in control and you are my subject. My abilities do not involve mind reading across computer screens. My blogs and profile should direct you and if you are still unsure we can do a paid session to get to know who you are. I’m not here to explore me. I am the Mistress and you are my pet.

Sissy phone chat

Humiliation Phone Sex For Cucked Sissy

A cucked sissy is a worthless man with a small pecker. As an Mistress specializing in Sissy sluts, I adore a good Humiliation Phone Sex session with a cucked husband. I have a few. One stands out so much though, he sounds so fucking pathetic. He whines all the time about his wife getting the helps cock all hours of the day.

The “help” a big black cocked man that does maintenance at their condo is always around his big titted blonde wife. She is always fucking him right in front of her little husband and they just laugh at him. They laugh and ridicule him all the time.

It’s obnoxious how open these two are. The big fake titted blonde woman is a good ten years younger than the man. He is now the servant to her and the black maintenance guy and it seems the whole condo community are privy to what’s going on.

I enjoy taking his money and ridiculing him with how much better that young wife of his is being fucked. I tell him to go put her panties and lingerie on and be a good bitch to the two of them. Clean up that big black cock and clean up the creampied pussy. Be a good Boy Roger.

Humiliation phone sex

Humiliation Phone Sex For Cuckold Charles

Little old white men  are often becoming cuckolded these days. It’s become a kind of a growing trend. White married women loving the young black dick. Humiliation phone sex helps Charles realize his place.

In this case this married woman is getting far better pleasure and fucking by the young black man with a massive black cock, and he is the help.

Guess he is doing more than mowing the lawns of the development. Seems he has taken ownership of one couple at least. Charles just happens to be the husband of a woman that has been blacked.

She and her new younger and more hung lover has humiliated this old fat white man. It’s going to happen nationwide. These hung men of a darker breed will engage in owning that white pussy.

So Charles has called me and I think he is so pathetic and needs a sissy trainer and phone domination. This is especially true when his wife directs him to call me. She knows what will preoccupy him while she gets her much needed pleasure from her new lover.

I cannot blame this woman for directing her husband to call me. I am a counselor for his type and a trainer. Granted it seems that the BBC has taken ownership of him already also.

  1. Humiliation phone sex

Best Sissy Trainer For Training BBC Sluts

Gaping that man pussy with a big black cock is part of your training when you engage the Best sissy trainer for a session. Dress like you need to make rent fucking BBC and you have a good start. You aren’t sure how to dress?  Well honey stroll down to an adult book store with a nice selection of hooker heels, spandex and body stockings. Take in the locals in the crack hood working the johns. Or simply go for trashy with poor classy and don’t forget the toys. If you aren’t used to that ass pussy getting fucked you best pick up some poppers and get that hole relaxed. The biggest blackest dildo will do fine, and no not the unrealistic ones, at least not yet. We will be on the way to getting you trained especially slutty and if you still need guidance on how to dress then you need to engage me in a session of an introductory lesson.

Best sissy trainer

Best Sissy Trainer For Cock Cravers

Best sissy trainer

And I’m mistress Diana and I’m the best see trainer Sissy Trainer for cock craving Sissy Sluts. I like sassy girls that love to dress her cock. A little qualities in a cock cage. Pretty panties covering that little quit. I have so much fun humiliating little cocked sissy sluts and making them suck big cocks. It’s OK that’s what you’re dressing for that big cock that you crave to suck. The other day I had this special little slut and all she could think about was making her Clitty squirt. I had her shoving everything we could find up her little sweet Cunt. It was great making her fuck herself with a hairbrush. She’s such a dirty slut she’d spank her little bottom and those little balls and then shoving that hairbrush like a cock up in her little pussy . Sissy Sluts like her really excite me because they’ll do anything for their mistress and for cock.


Femboy training was best for him

Sometimes I tend to get a caller that needs a little coaching. This one needed Femboy training. It’s not surprising since I am a sissy mommy and a sissy slut hut site mistress.
This young man called me up in a complete mess of a situation. It seems his mother-in-law decided she was going to force him to wear pantyhose and a bra. But that was not all, he was forced to watch his wife get fucked by her daddy.

So when he called me he was in a dilemma. He couldn’t understand what was happening. One thing for sure though he was not getting that wife pussy anymore. He wasn’t even going to get a mother-in-law’s pussy to fuck either.

Situations like this is why I am here. I help train him to be the cucky  sissy serpent his wife needed.

Femboy training

Mistress Phone Sex For Training Sissy Fags

Training sissy fags is my favorite pass time. I am a Mistress phone sex mommy and I enjoy the sissy girls I train. Many come to me timid and just wearing panties. I am happy to help you realize your inner sissy. Or if you really just like wearing your mommy’s panties and bra while sucking cock that is fine as well.

My style of training is catered individually to ensure your needs and limits are met in a comfortable way. I will only push the envelope when that is your sole desire. You may not be interested in sucking dick,, maybe you just want a sensual mommy that will be nurturing of your secret needs for prostate milking, pegging and dressed like a sexy slut. This is all fantasy and pleasure.

Mistress Phone Sex