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BBC Sissy Trainer Mistress Diana For Slaves

As a Mistress for sissy sluts, BBC sissy training is just another facet to my training styles. It’s something I love immensely. To take those big nigger dicks in front of a new sissy is exciting. New sissy girls get embarrassed and amazed when they see my riding the BBC.

The best part is when you get the chance to reach out and touch that BBC. Feel the weight of that big black dick. It’s heavy and so big. You will start to feel a tingle in those little panties of yours. Its natural for your clit to get hard and even leak a little.

Don’t be shy when mama Diana tells you to put your lips to that bulbous black dick head. Go ahead, and kiss it. Good girls suck BBC and you thrive to be a good sissy girl. I know it’s what you want, slut.

BBC sissy trainer

BBC Sissy Trainer Mama Mistress Diana

I’m a filthy BBC sissy trainer. Nothing I desire more than making my cuckold sissy son suck big dick. One of my favorite role play is to be your mama and you’re my cuckold son. Maybe you’re an undeveloped feminine sissy boy. That makes mommy excited. I like the idea of dressing you up like my baby doll. I like to make men use you like a little sissy slut.
When you’re good and ready to be a good little sissy slut, mama will line the cocks up for you. My sissy slut will learn to service many cocks. I want you to be my money cow of a whore. You will suck dick as much as mommy tells you too. You will suck my lover sticks. You will suck the dick of any stranger mommy brings home.
In fact you will spread your little pussy and take dick in your man cunt. That’s right. I will have you fucked like a little bitch in heat. It’s of no surprise to me that you are a good little cock whore. You make mommy proud.

BBC Sissy Trainer

Sissy Phone Sex Mommy & Trainer

I have no shame being a sissy phone sex mommy that trains her own boys to be sissy sluts. I think it’s best for my boys. Now understand that if they had the slightest sign of being an alpha male I would surely groom him properly too. But you see these sons of mine are such girly boys there really isn’t any other direction for them. They have tiny pee pee’s and no sign of them becoming something of an enjoyable size for women. So frankly they need not suffer the let down they would be doomed to receiving as they grew interested in girls.

The interests in girls is different for my boys now and they are the perfect sissy sluts to be best friends with the girls they would otherwise lust after. These types of girls enjoy putting make-up on sissy sluts and dressing them up. I am the mommy trainer that assists in training these sorority type mean girls to be the way they are. Controlling, humiliating and mean. These are the types that lure, humiliate, dress you up and take you out getting you fucked. I am the trainer of them too.

Sissy phone sex

Taunting and Teasing a Caged Ex

I have been doing some traveling this past month. I have also been staying with my ex-Husband. My ex is a closet sissy. This is ultimately the straw that broke the camels back as they say. I have been a Mistress and sissy trainer. He has been secretive and discreet in his follies. The funny thing is when I stumbled upon his profile on a crossdresser site.

I set up a special meeting for us and exposed my knowledge to him. I offered to train his pathetic cucky ass. I did cuckold him while still together and he got jealous. I told him I would not pleasure his little pee-pee as a woman does with her lover.

I gifted him a cage and some panties, a bra and stockings. I made sure he was a good girl for me and I fucked his boss in front of him. I humiliated him in the most promising form of humiliation. Making him watch me fuck his boss’ big nigger dick while he was forced to crossdress in those frilly pretty panties, bra and stockings all while his peewee was locked up tight. He dripped like all caged cucked sissy loser’s do.

Mistress phone sex

Forced Sissy Training of X-Husband

Forced sissy training

Sometimes the men in our lives are not really men. You should understand that Forced sissy training is often for the best. You may fight it, as my ex-husband did. However, once that seed has been planted, you will be drawn to it.

How did this happen? My ex-husband is my ex for a reason. He couldn’t please me, and his cock was pathetic. I wanted noting to do with him. One night I woke early, and caught him in my panties. He was bouncing on a buttplug with suction cups on his nipples.

I knew there and then what he was. I let him go on that and didn’t interrupt. I started forcing him to dress up for me. I wanted his pansy ass looking like the feminine fuck boy he was about to become. It was a little tricky with him. However, once I had him caged, made up and dressed, he was my bitch.

Earn Your Sissy Panties

A good sissy is a sissy that is trained well. Well trained sissy girls earn their status. They earn the opportunity to wear sissy panties. Of course you can always wear any panties you wish. But the roles of some sissy girls is them doing good to earn their special girly tokens.
My sissy in training recently earned her pretty girly panties. The very ones this sissy fantasied about earning. She earned them by being a good little cunt licker. She licked the creampies of twenty hung guys from my pussy. This was how she earned her panties. In fact not only was it the panties, it’s about what cums with the panties. That’s right, 20 loads of cum ejaculating in her panties as she puts them on and wriggles around at the glory hole.

She earned her panties and all the cum loads of a line of horny men. Horny hairy cocks and balls unloading against sissy jens asshole. Her pretty sissy boy pussy was not penetrated it was just coated with the jizz loads to fill her panties up.

Sissy panties

Mistress Phone Sex For Sissy Girls

I know you are a budding sissy girl that is full of curiosity. You are considering maybe a Mistress phone sex mommy to assist you in your exploration. Taking that step to share those inner most feelings of wanting to be as girly as you can be is difficult for many.

Reaching out to me is a bold move. I am the nurturing dominant mommy to guide you. The best start for sessions with me is where you tell me all about this journey of yours. I need to get a feeling for who you are, inside. That inner feminine that is fighting to emerge. I want to support your cravings to be a good slut. A cock whore is what a good sissy wants to become. Well, mostly. Not all sissy girls necessarily want cock. I know many want to just be girly and share their life with a supportive woman in a bit of a lesbian like relationship.

Some of my sissy  girls are just panty or pantyhose loving straight men. They want to see their wives pleasured and they just can’t do it. These men will wear panties and stockings maybe even more lingerie. They will dress and help the bull cock please their wife. It’s a desire to be the supportive lover that isn’t allowed to even cum. He is a sissy that cleans the creampies from his wife or even his mommy.

Sissy phone sex

Femboy Training with Mommy Diana

Femboy training with Mommy Diana is quite rewarding for good sissy sluts. I am a mature and experienced mommy. In fact I am raising my own little brood of sissy girls. If you like to enjoy a little sissy girl that’s sweet and innocent then I have a cock slut for you. If you are interested in being trained by the Best then I look forward to discussing sessions with you.

Femboy training

I understand it can be overwhelming to indulge in these desires to be a great little cock pleasing sissy. Its completely fine to be nervous. I have helped a few sissy sluts start taking real manly cocks and they love it. I have also been the understanding and compassionate ear for sissy girls to confess things to. I’m here as a mommy and as a Mistress. My purest notions are that you get to the point of obtaining the purest pleasures that you seek.

Nude Pantyhose and Heels Forced Feminization

My newest sissy slut came to me in Nude pantyhose and red leather heels. He wasn’t 100% ready to be a sissy but loved the Nude pantyhose and the look of the red leather heels with them. He needed the forced feminization from his new Mistress. I have known many men that enjoyed wearing sheer pantyhose.

They claimed it kept them warm under their man suits. I once had a lover that slept in nude pantyhose. He said they felt nice and warm. He shaved everything, had long gorgeous hair and was buff. He was a swimmer and also was on the wrestling team in school. These sports helped him into this role. 

So I was not very surprised that this man came to me wearing jeans, red heels and pantyhose. He wore a masculine button up shirt. The jeans and shirt were immediately removed. I dressed him in a nude bra with inserts, and a sexy black dress. I added on some red lipstick, rouge and did his eyes. Some clip on earrings and she was good to go.  

If you ever had a curiosity in being feminized I am the perfect woman to assist you. My sissy was reluctant in the feminization. I introduced a cock cage to keep her from fondling the very thing she needs to lose. I won’t have my sissy getting erections or cumming like a man. If you are restrained enough from ejaculating and getting erections you start to lose the testosterone. That is part of our training for now. 

Forced Feminization

BBC Sissy Trainer Diana

I’m a good mommy and an awesome sissy girl trainer for my naughty men. You aren’t men if you look at that BBC, and you feel tingly. I will be the BBC sissy trainer you need to get you off hard. You will be the bitch for that BBC. I want to own that sweet ass of yours and that sissy mouth. You will be dressed like a pretty girl and we will take you down to this little glory hole I know. I have my own little club where I have the black cock and these sweet little rooms with holes all around. These are the holes where that big beautiful black cock will slip through for your sissy hole and your mouth. I have them situated in a way that you will stroke two off suck one and have one penetrate that man cunt of yours. You will be filmed taking those cocks.

BBC sissy trainer

If you are a little afraid about taking the big cock for the first time don’t worry. I am the Best sissy trainer and won’t have you doing something you are not ready for. I will train you. Sometimes I have two sissy girls in the room with me when I am taking a nice big bull cock. I will have the two play together and slowly train that pussy. At first you will be sissy lesbos rubbing your big clits together. Then I will have you make out and be girly together and mommy will bring in a smaller alpha male in to slowly acclimate your pussy for cock. If you are the bold kind none of this is going to be part of your training. You will train with me and use a pump up butt plug. We have many directions to go with your training sissy.