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Let’s Discuss A FLR And How It’s Fitting For Sissy

Domination phone sex or Femdom sessions are essentially FLR (Female Led Relationships). You, as a man are giving full control over to a dominant, strong woman. In the sissy spectrum, I coerce you to becoming a sissy girl and to start dressing to please men. You will become imploringly seek out this craving online and realize that you need a Femdom to control you. This pandemic has made you in full blown lust seeking the satisfaction that can only come with serving as a cock slut. I am here to assist you, Sissy.

Domination phone sex

As a mommy of a few brats and a couple of them are training to become the best little sissy play things they can be. I am excited with how good they are at looking girly with their clit sticks tucked in pretty little panties. Their red whore lips painted as their little faces are also all made up. My offspring are my ornaments to parade about for the men that desire them. I can help you too, to become what men desire.

Sissy Training With Mommy Diana

Sissy training

If you show mommy Diana, your new Mistress for Sissy Training your panties, then I will show you mine. Winky is hiding under pretty satiny panties, isn’t she? It’s ok, don’t be embarrassed with mommy. I want to help you become the prettiest little girl that dresses for cock.

You envy all the pretty women and girls around. All you crave for is to be accepted by them and have them take you shopping. We want to help your transformation into being the best cock sucking slut you can be. There is one problem though, Sissy. Competition. Some girls get jealous of how sexy you start to look and your make-up has made the real difference too. Those lips with that bright red, cock sucking whore is advertised. This means you are competition for the other sexy girls.

I’m not a girl. I am a confident woman that thrives on being the Best Sissy Trainer. I will not be jealous of how beautiful you are. I may envy the way guys will look at you. You must understand though, that it was I who made you so sexy and I adore you more that way. I’m a good mommy and Mistress. When I humiliate you it’s that maternal instinct showing. It’s ok sweet sissy to come out to mommy and tell me all of those desires you have to make cock happy.

Best sissy trainer

Best Sissy Trainer Ready for New Year!

Best Sissy Trainer

Best Sissy Trainer Diana is taking on new sissy slut recruits for the New Year. It’s cock that you crave, cock that you desire to serve and cock is what you will learn to dress for. I love my Sissies and have time for some new trainees. New Years Sluts for Cock. That is the theme for the year. You know who you are and know how hard your little clit stick gets when you think about cock. Like a virginal teen slut to be. She is extremely curious to touch her first cock. This slut to be wants to know how it feels to jerk one off. A slut to be craves to feel it in her mouth. This virginal slut wants to have her vagina penetrated by her first cock. I think it’s what you need, sissy girl training and that is your goal for the year of Cock 2021.

Lets start the year of the cock off right with you being the sissy slut you so have your heart set on. You  can enjoy sissy girl training with your New Mistress Diana and have a wish fulfilling year of the Cock. I want to be the one to coax you into sucking that first dick or assisting in your sissy girlness.

Sissy Girl Training

Femboy Training My Gimp

I have a good slave that I keep as a Gimp in my closet during his sessions. He will watch as I take a lot of BBC and other cock. He is kept with his clit in a cock cage and not allowed to touch it. I keep his arms locked in a leather arm sleeve and a gimp cover of his head. He has holes for the eyes, nose and the mouth. A ball gagged in his mouth is sufficient when I keep him locked up. He gets to watch all these big cock pound me while he slobbers all over his red ball. His twinkie gets hard but not very big because he doesn’t have a dick. Well last night was her moment of shame and fame. I turned my gimp into a good Sissy with femboy training. It was an successful session with a pair of pretty panties, a buttplug and her first cock to suck with her face painted like a whore.

Femboy training

Forced Sissy Training A Cuckold

He was a naughty boy and made into a cum eating cuckold at first. The way his little dick reacted to the smell of quim smeared with gooey man milk. You see he couldn’t even produce a real nut. This little dicked twitch was soon to get what he deserved. He was naughty wacking off while he watched me get fucked. This pathetic excuse for a human is my brother. He had been staying with me after his failed marriage. Imagine this, his wife left him for a much better endowed black man. Roy, my brother, was caught stroking off when he first discovered his wife was getting the pipe from this hung black man. This was why he wasn’t getting any and he made it worse acting like a pervert while he watched his wife cheat on him. So, of course, I made his my bitch. He is at the panty and lipstick stage now. He was introduced to sucking big cum and quim juice covered dicks. Roy is soon to be quite the toy for all the joy of many cocks. His eggnog will be extra spunky this Christmas as a gang bang is eminent.

Forced Sissy Training

Online Sissy Training During Lockdown

The interesting thing with this pandemic is, well that some have a lot more freedom and alone time to explore their kinks. Online Sissy Training has become more popular than ever. It’s safe and consensual. The ability to mail order things for these fantasies and needs is wonderful. The ability to dress up and have more time to train and explore is perfect. Now is the best time also. With the new round of restrictions and folks playing it safe during the Winter and Holidays means that the exploration of kinks is a great thing to do now. I am a trainer and an phone domination mistress. I want to help you realize that inner woman. I want you to understand that we can talk about all these needs and how they started. I will offer guidance and support for your needs and desires. I am very much committed to your transformation in real time or just in assisting with some kinky needs. The fact is, you do not need to hide or be shy with me. I am a mature and sensual dominant sissy mommy that wants you to achieve a new level of happiness. I want you to embrace the desire for young holes as a little girly girl. You may have the desire to dress for dick. You crave to see that coworkers big black cock and to be his bitch. I want to help you, Sissy.

Online Sissy Training


Sissy Hypno Training For Cock Sucking

Sometimes you haven’t quite come to the realization of what you actually are. You have thoughts and get confused. It’s ok to think about dressing in lingerie and think about sucking BBC. I offer sissy hypno training to help you realize your inner desires to be a sissy. You probably already wear the panties or pantyhose. You like how the feeling of having smooth hairless legs, arm, and balls. You like to be smooth and feel silky things rubbing against you. You enjoy it so much your cock throbs and starts to leak. After so much watching those bull cocks fuck mommy and see how shimmery they are you crave to suck on them. You want to taste mommy and experience what mommy was experiencing. After a bit of fantasizing the need to have your ass penetrated grows and you start wearing panties and bouncing of objects inserted in your sissy pussy. It’s due time you buy a dildo and a butt plug. You make those purchases and give me a call to start our training sessions.

Sissy hypno training

Big Black Bull Cock Trainer

You are my BBC sissy slut and I am you BBC Sissy Trainer. There is a term that is circulating in the sissy slut community. It’s Alpha dick, that is that big bull cock of a strong masculine alpha male.  The leading cock for that completely unworthy beta bitches. Laughing at your beta ass as you finally show you Mistress your click stick. Look at it. It’s tiny and there is already a glazing drizzle on the tip. Hurry up faggot and lick it up. Good girls swallow and now you will learn to suck on a real fleshy man cock. Your dripping right now aren’t you? You smell the pheromones’ of those Bull dicks don’t you? Their testosterone is strong and so are they. Your little petite whimpy ass is nothing but a fuck hole for that big manly cock. You will suck it and not touch that clit stick. Stop trying to grind it and make it feel good. Your pleasuring that BBC not yourself. If you don’t stop trying to cum from touching yourself I will have to cage you. You are for that bull cocks pleasure and you need to focus on pleasing that cock first.

BBC Sissy Trainer

Mistress Phone Sex For Sissy Slaves

Sissy slaves need guidance. The sessions with me as your Mistress phone sex sissy mom are going to be the best way for you to learn your place. You already wear the panties in your relationship and sometimes that isn’t enough. I will love to assist in you dressing for cock. You will come around and understand that your looking pretty and feminine for that big daddy cock is essential. We can get you to that place. I want to train you to be the little cock whore for that BBC that you crave to be. It’s in my very wishes to have you dress and look your sluttiest as you service that cock. You are a slave to big black cock. A simple little pretty slut sissy slave for the much bigger cocks. You are not a man, You are a Sissy Slave.

Mistress Phone Sex

Best Sissy Trainer For Covid Fags

These coming months of Winter may be another trying period in the times of a pandemic. The stay home orders are likely to be coming around again. It’s safer to just stay home be comfortable and let yourself be free to express those desires. You can order all the toys and pretty things online and have them shipped discretely to your home. You can call me up and we can have all kinds of fun that doesn’t require crowds. I love the idea of playing dress up and driving somewhere where you can watch people and jerk off in your panties for me. Maybe you can be like one of my pissing princesses and pee your pretty panties and skirts. I love making naughty sissy girls humiliate themselves for me. You can tell me all about the process you have gone through so far in becoming the sissy you are.

Best sissy trainer