Sissy Panties Made You Think You Were a Little Girl

Forced into Sissy Panties When You Were Little

Your sissy panties are laying neatly on your bed. Mommy always wanted a little girl to turn into my slutty little mini me. It’s unfortunate you were born with a cock where you should have had a clit. But I’m not going to let that ruin my goal of having the perfect little daughter. I started dressing you up as a girl as soon as you were born. You had no idea what the difference was for years. That was until you hit puberty. And got upset that all the other girls were moving out of training bras and growing real tits. 

sissy panties

I decided to finally tell you the truth about your forced feminization. Well, kind of. I told you that you were born with the wrong parts and mommy was going to fix it so that you would fit it with all the other girls. That’s when I put your little clitty in a cage and told you about Mommy’s magic pills. Every morning you take a magic pill that helps you look and act more like a girl. You were so happy when your tits started growing, that you didn’t even mind the cock cage underneath your skirt. 

Forced Feminization Will Make You Accept Your Change

But now you’re in your late teens. Everyone else is sucking and fucking, but I keep you locked up in that pretty pink cage. I take it off every year on your birthday and milk your little sissy clitty. Today, you admitted that the annual clit milkings weren’t good enough. You told me that sometimes your clit gets so horny that it hurts. So we’re taking the next step in your forced sissy training and teaching you how to milk your prostate. Change into those cute little panties while mommy gets her vibrator. I hope that sissy pussy is ready to be filled. 

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