Sissy Humiliation At Its Finest

Sissy humiliation training


Who do you trust with your sissy humiliation training?  A newly minted mistress with one or two haggard old femi-men in her line up?  Some horny housewife with a score to settle with her cock loving little boy?  Give me a break.  Do you want to be a real sissy slut or not?  If so, you don’t fucking go to naive nipple twister or a put upon homebody…  Do you really think that June goddamned Cleaver can take you to the level of sissification that you crave?  If so, you’re as dumb as you fucking look, Jack.  Mistress K is the ONLY pretty little slave slut trainer around who knows how to properly degrade and debase a dirty dicked femboy faggot like you. 

How did your old dominatrix do it?  Dress you up in frilly little panties and make you prance around, maybe clean her house in a hot maid uniform?  Bitch, you don’t deserve those pretty panties and you damn sure haven’t even begun to work your way towards being a cock craving man-maid!  Who do you think you are?  You think that just because you call yourself a sissy it means that you can just skip all of the required training and jump right into being a hot boy whore with the tiniest little clitty around?  You really are a fucking dipshit and it seems to me that you need to be taught a lesson in respect.

Shut your fucking mouth and take off all of those horrible clothes.  You look like you shop at flea market bargain bins, is that a fucking “Esprit” shirt?  Was the Goodwill having a giveaway for dumb cunts, or something?  Don’t talk, just strip, fagboy!  Ever hear of a rhetorical fucking question?  You really are the dumbest sissy bitch around, aren’t you?

Ugh, I almost want to make you put your clothes back on, you look like a full on retard.  No, don’t pick them back up!  What’s you’re fucking problem, whore?!  I’m burning those rags, you just take a seat on the floor, pick up that magic marker and start writing on yourself.  I know you don’t know what to write, you’re a dumb fucking whore!  I’ll tell you what needs to be scribbled on your skin, moron, do you think I’m going to let you humiliate yourself?  Your parents must’ve hated having to raise such a pathetic piece of shit like you, I bet they’ve been disappointed in you since the day you were born.  Do you think you can even spell correctly?  I’m not here to fucking teach you how to spell words, but if anything I tell you to write is misspelled or written backwards, I’m really going to let you have it, bitchface.  You better get it right or this is going to be a long and painful process for a stupid slut slave such as yourself.  Now pick up the fucking marker!  Why did I have to tell you twice, cunt?!

I’ll start off easy for you since I’m sure you’re going to fuck this up.  Draw a few concentric circles… what do you mean “What’s concentric?”  Oh.  My.  God.  I have to teach you the fucking meaning of words?!  Like a dartboard, moron, you’re making a cum target on your belly button.  When you’re done with the circles, label it real big on top so everyone knows where to blow their load.  Oh, fuck me!  Did you really just write out a backwards “G” just after I told you to be sure to spell that shit right?  That’s it, I’m getting my cattle prod.  You’re going to listen to me, whore boy, one way or another.


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    • Sissy Sammy on August 9, 2022 at 4:30 pm
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    Please train Mistress Tamika, you are so fucking sexy and gorgeous. I want to be your sissy bitch.

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