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BBC sissy Trainer Gives it To Him

BBC sissy Trainer

And I do too! My school girl ass is  BBC sissy trainer for Fags who need something extra in their life. About 9 inches or more extra, that is. A nice solid cock to fuck me while I train them how to lay on their backs with legs up in the air and take it like a female! I don’t mince words, I have the hypnotic voice that makes you squirm as you tell me everything you ever dreamed of being.  Forcing you to be the sissy you were born to be, the very fact you are reading this means you know you need a little Black cock to rule your life. Your sissy dick is in your hand right now, and you know you need a young Madam to make you explore your deepest fantasies, I might be a young slut, that just means I have tight holes that love to be filled with a football player cock, they could play basket ball too, I really don’t care as I already know black men are good for turning white boys out, fucking sweet young pussy and playing sports. Let me lead the way to your femme sissy world. And you can make me cum if your a good slut!

I See A Wet Spot In Your Panties

Mistress Phone Sex

Oh, honey is that you fucking your man pussy with that big black dildo. It is on video so you cannot really argue now can you. Look at how you have attached it to the wall and keep ramming it into your man pussy. Now sit back and let us watch. I see it makes your clitty a little hard to doesn’t it? You look like you are getting a wet spot in your panties. Oh my, I think you just came in your panties, didn’t you? Come here baby let us get you changed for our outing. I have laid out a pretty pair of pink panties and silky little cami for you to put on under your clothes. Oh, you look so pretty, how does that feel against your little clitty? I made sure they were so soft so they would rub up against you. Now we are going to go to a party baby. It is with all of Mistress Francis’ friends and you my sweet slutty cum slut sissy are going to be there entertainment. Doesn’t that sound fun? You will not believe how they used my sweet whore sissy; I cannot wait to tell you all about it.

Sissy Girl Training For A Sissy Whore

sissy girl Training

My sissy Nadia has made the transition to a complete cock whore.  She obeys my every command during our sissy girl training. Sending me pictures of her in her complete getup. Looking fly for a white girl I might add.  I know she is dependent on our talks because she can’t even get her clitty to squirt without me knowing how much she loves the black cock. I know she cums on those black cocks, but her submission is cute. She says she needs to tell me the dirty slut things she does to get a black man to fuck her and knowing I know makes it that much easier for Nadia to squirt when she is being pounded! She comes to me for advice on close and cock sucking. Even though I know she is a pro at what she does. I think it is part humiliation and knowing that I have a sissy boyfriend and daddy that help her with her sissy chores and sissy maid training in real life! I wish all sissy sluts were like my Nadia Truth be told. BBC loving whores always have to stick together!

Slutty BBC sissy trainer

BBC sissy Trainer

I only fuck black men. That’s is why I ma your BBC sissy trainer. I found early in life that little white men cock doesn’t do anything for me. Except to worship me and learn the art of the sissy world. My daddy is a sissy slut and he has found his calling as a cum dump for black cocks since he has no real use for his cock. I am extremely lucky that I have all these hot muscle-bound teen black men who don’t give a damn if they use daddies mouth or asshole. They say as long as they get to fuck my sweet teen pussy and watch my faggot daddy take the cum. Now my boyfriend I am a little more discreet with. He is slowly blooming into a black cock whore. And I need him on my arm for social functions and such. We both come from a stagnant and uppity background that requires us to et dressed up and paraded like show dogs.  Teen black cock can be paid off to say nothing for my sissy slut daddy happenings. But someone their age would be a disaster to keep under wraps. I take him over the border of the next state and find these porn star cocks that know what his little clitty needs. We are in full woman dress for him and can live the life he secretly desires. As for me, I get those big county black cocks pounding me all night and my sweet tight cunt clean out so much that I am in fucking heaven.


online sissy training

Bad bad sissy

Domination phone sex

One of my slaves has been so naughty. Mistress Marissa needs to teach him a lesson.  I wonder what in my array of play toys would be the best. I ran my fingers over the toys on my wall. So many wonderful paddles and floggers.  The Smell of the leather excited my senses.  I grabbed some of my Hemp rope, a few paddles, and a long blade.  My bad boy slave was already there, standing with his arms behind his back. I grabbed the rope and bound his wrist.  He has his collar on and his leash was dangling.  I pulled my arm back wooded paddle in hand and brought it down against his bare bottom with a loud smack. Once, twice and so much I lost count! Once he begged me well enough I cut him free. He will learn to be a good boy eventually.


Sissy punished

best sissy trainer

I love how that cock cage looks on you! Your such a good girl wearing that tight cage. Denying yourself, the ache pulls on you to play with that little clitty of yours. Come now be a good little sissy bitch and beg! Beg Mistress Marissa to take her keys and free that clitty of yours so you can rub it and get it all excited. Your begging is pathetic, I know your capable of so much more. The only thing you will be feeling tonight is my heel on your face and the sting of my paddle. So be a good little bitch for me and lay down face sideways ass up. Your going to kiss my feet and beg me to beat you. Let me hear you say it. Repeat after me sissy bitch. “Mistress Marissa please beat my sissy ass” there are go the next thing your gonna do for me is count of the hits. Are you ready, yes okay let’s go.

Enjoy Cum Whenever You Want

Taboo phone chatI bet you are a cum eating little whore, aren’t you? Well, then you are going to love this! The one thing cum whores love is finding ways to enjoy cum whenever they want. Especially around others who are none the wiser. I do say cum should never go to waste and now no cum needs too. It is so simple! Simply take any cum and freeze it! You can mix in a little water and cum and make your own cum ice cubes. They look pretty much the same so no one would ever know. But you will know, won’t you? Now you can be a cum guzzling slut anytime you want and around people who don’t know what a little cum whore you are. Isn’t it so much more enjoyable to do naughty things right in the open?

Mistress gives you sissy tips

sissy phone sex

Look at you and that pathetic little worm of a cock. I know why your here you want me to train you to be the perfect little sissy don’t you! Well, don’t you worry Mistress Marissa has a few tips and tricks for all you sissy wannabes.  The first is to learn your place! You know you want to be the best little cock sucker for MIstress Marissa! I Will teach you how to please a cock and swallow that studs hot load without wasting one drop! Your little clitty you got there will look so cute in all the tight little panties i have for you! And to make sure your a good little bitch and listen well i have plenty of fun toys to use as incentives don’t worry little sissy you will enjoy every last moment of it!

Did You Miss Me?

Mistress Phone Sex FrancisDid you behave while we did some maintenance here at the hut? I hope you did. Did you wear your sissy panties like Mistress Francis told you to? How about that cock cage? And please do not tell me you played with your little clitty without asking. I would hate to have to punish you, but of course we know that you really like that, anyways do not you. I see you hanging your head because you were naughty. So here is what you are going to do. I want you to paddle your little sissy ass 10 times for being a bad little girl. I see from that little bump in your panties that turned you on did not it. Hmmmm…… Normally I would paddle that little clitty but because I have been gone and you have been lost and confused on what to do, I am going to let you have a little treat. Here, a big fat black dildo. Let us stick it on the wall, shall we? There you go my little sissy. Pull down those little sissy panties and back your little man pussy up to it and fuck it really hard. I do not want you to stop until your knees start shaking. There you go, now you look like the sissy slut I remember. Keep fucking it and call me so I can hear your little sissy moans as your clitty explodes from excitement.

Sissy Training Never Stops

sissy trainingSissy training doesn’t stop on quarantine. This sissy trainer is just more creative. I have two sissy boys stuck at home. The flow of cock coming into the house has been halted by this virus. My sissy boys are behind in their cock sucking lessons. My daughter is home with us. We are all on lock down, only going out for essentials. Cock is an essential for sissies. It is essential for me too. My daughter and I broke out some sex toys last night. I wore my 11-inch black strap-on. She wore one a bit smaller. My daughter is a teen girl, but she is a cock size queen like her mother. My two sissies got on their knees and worshiped our surrogate cocks. We went back and forth from their greedy little mouths, teaching them how to suck big and average cocks. My daughter got horny training her sissy brothers. I think she got horny seeing my big black strap-on. I understood. Neither of us have had black cock in 8 days. She has not had any dick in almost two weeks. This is the longest I have gone without cock since I lost my virginity in high school. I ended up fucking my daughter’s bald teen cunt in front of my sissy boys. They watched while sitting on their hands. I didn’t want them to cum. Not yet, at least. They may not be getting real cock training right now, but that is no excuse to masturbate their tiny dicks constantly. Once I was done giving my daughter the fucking she needed, she put her strap-on back on and we turned our focus to sissy pussies. You may be stuck at home, but online sissy training is still in available. No cock for you? No problem. We can find something for you to use on your sissy holes.