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Jerry Zeglier from Pennsylvania is such a sissy bitch

Mistress phone sexJerry Zeglier from Pennsylvania is such a sissy bitch. Robyn introduced us the other night on one of our sex chats phone line and what a pathetic son of a bitch he is. He was trying to tell me what I could do with him and I had to shut that shit down. Like I need his advice on how to use, abuse, or embarrass him. Such a looser to think that he can even talk to me in such a manner as if he was my equal. He pissed me off and all I wanted to do was whip him with my strap. The next time I talk with him he better know his fucking place and learn how to talk to me or I won’t be so lenient on his bitch ass.

Sissy Loves BBC

Mistress phone sexWhen I opened the door he crawled through. On the bed, he saw a big black man ready to use and abuse him right along with me. My sissy’s dick got hard fast seeing the nice surprise I had waiting for him. He was foaming at the mouth starring at that big fucking black cock waiting for him with his big blue eyes. He crawled right up to him opened his mouth wide and begged for that cock to enter his mouth. But he was not getting that big black cock in his mouth that quickly. I grabbed him by the hair and yanked him towards my ready pussy. I smothered him in my juices spreading them all over his face. Just as I was about to squirt all over his sissy face he got that big fat black dick he had been craving deep in his pussy ass.

Sissy Training Audio Tease ZOEY

sissy training audio

I am fucking ready to tease and make you please during sissy training audio! Being a black cock princess means 99 percent of the time I will turn down your loser white dick. Now I might play like I am interested but you have to know I really am not.  I like to fuck large and in charge big brother purple veiny cock. I am a teen who knows what I want and what you need. I real break the BBC training mold. I want to make sure you know that that dick is only good for stuffing in a cute little Versace bikini pair of panties and being on your knees with a mouthful of chocolate cock. Sucking and slurping that BBC will be all you want to do for me. Listen to my voice as you begin to realize what your life’s purpose is. You belong with my fantastic pack of BBC sissy men who worship not only the ground I walk on but the fat black cocks I fuck! Get your sissy panties out for a bit of training you will never forget my love! You can’t have me but you can have some black good good in that ass pussy!

Fuck you Pay Me

Sissy phone sexSissy phone sex is what you like. So you want to be a sissy so bad? You already are! You aren’t a good one by any means, but I can shape and mold you into one. It all comes at the right price. What is it with you sissy sluts wanting straight men so bad? It’s pathetic. If you pay me well enough, I will show you the ropes and dress you up to look like a sissy princess. You will never be me, so get that out of your sick head. You can wish, pray and want so badly to be like Princess Brielle, but you will never amount to not even a mere spec of my reflection. I can make you an obedient sissy slut. I will surely tempt you. I will seduce your mind and take control of your body. I have a mean nasty streak so I might hook up with your straight man crush in front of you if you don’t keep my bank account happy. I will take you to the depth of places you only could dream. Ready to put some makeup on and some sexy stilettos and whore yourself out? Let’s get to it, sissy whore.I will enjoy forced sissy training on you.

forced sissy training


On Your knees

Mistress phone sexI come home with my girlfriends from a night of partying. And waiting for us is you with only your purple studded collar around your neck. A tray of our favorite drinks presented to us with you on your knees. All the girls were gushing over how well behaved you are and eager you were to serve us as soon as we walked in. You made proud of the way you listened to every command they had of you. You did not hesitate to please them. Even when Terri wanted to use your mouth as a piss bucket you rushed to in between her legs opened your mouth wide and swallowed her tasty nectar as if it was sugar water. And you did not spill a drop. When Melinda strapped her dildo on and started fucking you in your pussy ass you took it like a champ. Begging for her to let you cum and waited for her permission before you did. Now my girls know why I adore you so much and now they adore you too.

Good Boy In My World

Sissy trainingGet on your knees and please me now. You crawl over to me panting looking up at my pussy wanting to suck every last drop of juice out of my pussy. Your eyes are so eager and his tongue so willing. He gets up on his knees and parts my pussy lips with his tongue making me feel so fucking good I lean back as he ravishes my pussy he munches on me like a fine wine dinner with all the trimmings. I grab his hair and smash his face in my pussy. I can hear his sounds of gasping for air but not stopping into I make a cummy creamy thick mess all over his face. He is such a good boy knowing his place in my world.

BBC Sissy Hypno Training

sissy hypno training

Sissy Hypno training is so fun for this Princess of Large cock. I text with Tyrone and told him I had Hank waiting for him. Now Hank denies being a BBC cock sucker. But I know it is what he needs. All it took was A joint and some rock music blaring to make Hank hard for me.   A knock on the door and Tyrone was oiled down in his swim trunks ready for some sissy making. Now as you know my black men know that white men are just a hole for them. Being superior in the cock department means bitch boys like hank get what they deserve. The beat of the music and my hips rocking back in forth in front of Hank put him in a trance to do my bidding. I passed the weed and began sucking that BBC right in Hanks lap. Instead of passing the joint I passed Hank The black cock to suck. He was mine now. And in a haze, I and Hank bitched and taking Black cock up his ass on all fours.  Curious how Hank gave me the best and largest cum load of his life all over my perky tits. He even cleaned his own cum up for this BBC sissy trainer!

Unlock Your Sissy Demon

Sissy phone sex

When Mistress K wants to play, you better be ready for what I have coming for you. I know you try to hide your deepest darkest desires. Trying to go throughout your day, living a normal life. Your little sissy demon inside keeps trying to make its way out. You start getting urges for a big piece of prime meat to be shoved deep into your mouth. You try to shove that naughty demon back inside but by the end of the day, you are ready. You are too tired to hold back the sissy that is trapped deep inside of you. So you finally give up and let your sissy side fly high. You knew you were going to let that little slut out eventually. Why else would you be wearing those silking panties under your clothes? I know you love the way the silk feels rubbing against your skin. Yesterday you had a lingerie outfit underneath that work uniform. You cannot hide your dark desires from me. I know you want to bow down to your mistress and be treated like the little slut you know you can be. Bow down and show me you are worthy of being my sissy slave.

BBC Size Princess Humiliates You

sissy humiliation training

I love BBC! I am a black cock size princess! I love having my tight twat bottomed out right in front of your small white dick as you attempt to stroke it with your thumb and forefinger.  That is not a fucking dick. That is a needle, a canned sausage a fucking pathetic excuse of a dick that never grew.  Fuck, look at these hung 10 and twelve-inch cocks. Are you fucking drooling, is that little dickie harder? Omg, you want to suck them, your jealous that you will never ever have man meat this big unless it is in your mouth! I will let you suck them right before you help guide them into my bare sweet young cunt. Oh, how I moan for them. But, do you want to please me even more. Let them cum inside me and as you clean my creampie Black cock loving young pussy, make sure your ass is in the air white boy. You are fixing to get your first lesson in being a BBC loving sissy. Don’t come to me unless you are ready to be a slave to black cock. 

All Men Are Sissies

Sissy training I am a Taurus the bull. Which means I am stubborn as hell and I always want and get my way. Men to me are just another thing to conquer in my lifetime. Even the self-proclaimed alpha men want to be at the feet of a Dominant sexy woman. The more macho they claim to be the easier they are to break. I have all sorts of men that come to me for my training. From sissy men who already know their place to strong alpha assholes who think they are going to teach me a thing or two about being their bitches. I laugh at them as they crumble under my feet begging for more of me. I lead them around on a leash and choke collar making them bark like the dogs they are.

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