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Forced Sissy Training For A Twink Slut

forced sissy training

You are a fucking sweet  Twink, A cream-filled Snack.  Come To Me, my little small cocked feminine boy, who needs a little forced sissy training by Yours Truly.  Forced into a pair of black red thong panties. The things I need my whore boy to do for me. I want to fuck right in front of you as you are in your stockings heels and pretty panties. I want to show the world of big black cock. You un your sweet little girly outfit and face full of makeup to be smeared with a bucket full of black cock cum all over your faggy face. It is my duty to force you to be my sissy slave baby. I know what you need my slutty twink! You’re a snack for me and my big black dicked men! You know you belong to me now! I know you need a face full of cum and a tummy and ass full as well. Bow to the black cock my fem boy. sissy phone sex


Domination Phone Sex Mistress For Sissies

Domination phone sex

I’m a sissy trainer and Mistress for domination phone sex sessions for sissies and sissy wannabes. I want to make you as good as my favorite sissy sluts that I have trained in the past. I was doing sessions for years in RL but have since moved out to the mountains and enjoying a more serene life while serving my kind of sissy training for phone sessions where you can be as expressive and free in your desires as you wish. I won’t get to see you unless you share pictures of yourself with me and maybe even your YT channel is fun to share with me so I can see my sissy in action. I love the idea of writing about my Sissy’s to humiliate them with their images they send me. I am the Sissy mommy you need in your life.


Selfie queen

Femboy trainingI have a huge following on social media. It is no surprise to get so many hits. I am the envy of girls and the lust of guys. I recruited most of my sissies for being die-hard fans. I love seeing how they worship me and will do merely anything to satisfy and please me. I have plenty of sissies who send me their money and buy me a ton of things. My attention is hard to get, so you better stand out if you want to for even a second be apart of my sissy boy gang. I am all about femboy training. I like to put you to the test and see how willing you are to shine. I am a real star, a selfie queen and social media star. Show me you are worthy, and you will surely get my attention. You might lose it for you don’t keep me entertain and content. I am a hot commodity.


sissy girl training He wanted to have the nastiest BBC experience.  He knew that I was the girl to give him sissy girl training he deserves. He has become my #cumtribute trending on all the BBC dating sites.  Because I had made him the star of his first BBC on white boy porn. Big Black cock consumed his every waking moment.  He would fuck his ass with his dirty wet fingers as he fantasized about being reamed with a nice dark-skinned hung cock. It was my pleasure to introduce Him to an 11-inch fat negro dick, all to himself! He would be made by this sissy girl trainer to own that cock. I put him in the most slutty hooker make-up and pretty red panties and stockings and stripper heels. He is now my faggy turned into BBC cumslut. That black cock got slobbered all over and deep throated! My sissy girl even laid on his back and took that ebony cock deep in his pussy! Now that’s a good BBC taking sissy slut for me!

Forced Feminization Fun!

Forced feminization

My little sissies benefit greatly from me force feminizing them and turning them into girly fags! It makes my little sadistic heart thump so fast and hard whenever I see their little faggot cocks pressed up against a pair of dirty silky, lace panties! I take great pleasure in taking them to the shopping mall and making them try on the girliest fag outfits that I can find. I love having everyone stare at them as they are forced to do twirls in poofy pink summer dresses and bend over for me! I make them spread their ass cheeks and show everyone their little tight fag fuck holes and pathetic dickies! It is even better when I dress them up like girly whores and make them seduce men and take them into the dressing rooms. I make my little sissies into faggot traps with wigs, makeup and stockings. Then they have to be fucked like good little whores in the dressing rooms while the whole store watches.

Glory hole punishment

Taboo phone chat

One of my sissies needed a little lesson on obeying orders and listening to his mistress. He also needed to be punished and humiliated too. I had the perfect punishment for him! I took him to the nastiest and seediest sex club downtown dressed in fully sissy panties, makeup, and heels. He had to walk through the parking lot and the front of the club in nothing but panties, makeup, and 4″ slut heels. I lead him through the club to the grimy dirty bathroom stall and made him get down on his knees on the filth covered floor and wait by a hole in the disgusting wall for a big cock to poke through. A really dirty looking uncut cock slid through the hole and my little sissy started to gag when his face got near it. I gave him a sharp smack across his ass and told him if he didn’t start sucking, I’d put his ass up against the hole and let them fuck him. He hesitantly obeyed and sucked the nasty dick like a good little sissy bitch and even swallowed when his mouth was filled with cum. That was just the first dick too, I had him on his knees for hours sucking any dick that came along, no matter how filthy or dirty they were. This is what happens when sissies don’t obey their mistress. They need to be taught a lesson and punished. You have to remind them who’s in charge. I love humiliating a sissy and most of the time they love it too, even if they don’t want to admit that they love sucking big black cocks, but even sissies have their limits and don’t want to suck nasty dirty cocks from a filthy glory hole bathroom for hours. He should have thought of that before disobeying me though.

Black dress affair

Forced feminizationForced feminization in public is one of my fortes. I invited my new sissy to this black dress affair. I was excited to show him off and make sure he secured his spot as a sissy slut for me. I looked amazing from head to toe and made my sissy bitch my pet on a leach. I couldn’t stop laughing at the sight of him with lipstick and full sissy attire. Everyone was going to meet my sissy and was going to see how submissive my little loser truly is, after all. My sissy had the right Idea about things. My sissy was going to be my servant and was going to suck dick at the party. Everyone was dressed to the nines, and my servant slut was ready to make a great impression — a perfect cock sucking slut for everyone at the party. I was watching my bitch eat and guzzle cum. I always train the best sissies.

When you see me make a wish

Sissy trainingI’m the shit, take a whiff. Do you think you deserve me?! Hmmmm well everyone does but the executive decision is ultimately up to me. I know you wish that I was your full time sissy slave trainer but the fact of the matter is that I am in high demand and I can only do so much! My time is precious and i’m super selective with who I give my superior sissy training knowledge to. You need to prove yourself to me and show me why you think you’re so deserving of my utmost skills. Pathetic sissies are such toys to me and you all need to be trained however some of you are so fucking worthless it’s like you’re better off in the trash can rather than wasting my fucking life with your stupidity. I’m a high-class goddess and i’m a cold ass slut. Fuck bitches, get money… that’s the anthem! Send a tribute to start it off and explain to me in detail why you think you would be a good fit and addition to my beautiful life. I don’t have time for idiots! If you’re a good sissy then i will happily welcome you into my world of deviancy and domination. Prove your worth you little bitch you. 😉

Total Feminization

Domination phone sex

Nothing makes me happier than feminizing a little sissy. I love exerting my power over a man and reminding him that’s he’s nothing more than a pathetic little bitch in women’s panties. I feel so powerful and sexy when men submit to me and make me their mistress. I had a little panty boy who needed to be feminized, so I took him shopping with my friends and we dressed him in full lingerie underneath his clothes. We had him model different dresses for us and strut around in heels and a wig in the women’s dressing room. My friends and I were having drinks and laughing at him trying on the different dresses and trying to balance wearing hooker heels. Once we had him in the most outrageous and over the top slutty dress we could find for him, I took him to a bar and had him on his knees servicing horny men in the bathroom. He was a very good little cum slut and just loved being on his knees and sucking cock like a whore.

Pussy Paradise

Sissy pantiesMy sugar daddy will spoil me to the end of the world. I had a blast in bora bora. Everything I wanted I got. I could see all the other sugar babies prancing around. It was pussy paradise to all the rich sugar daddies. My loving slave pet came along, and I had him dressed up. I had a sissy bikini for him and even plenty of sissy panties. I could see his eyes full of lust and wanting to be me. Well, slave pet you will have to enjoy being in my shadows and embarking in every journey I am in and being my dandy hand servant. I wanted to treat my pet with a sweet bukkake bash. I gathered around some of the locals. I had a few connects and I made it possible to get all the tour guides and their friends to cum blast, my sissy. I could see it was heaven for him. 

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