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Sissy slave training in public

sissy slave trainingI saw the look on your face when I came out of the changing room, my boy toy just behind me fresh out of a session of sissy slave training, face completely covered in my pussy juice, his face burning with shame and humiliation. You tried to look disgusted. But you weren’t. You wanted to be him, on your knees, nose buried in my cunt, forced to eat me out for hours until your jaw hurts and you pass out from the lack of air. You want a woman like me to take over for you, tell you who to fuck, when to fuck, and how to fuck. You want female domination. Well, it’s your lucky day, slave. I’m going to give it to you, and you’re going to like it.

I am a bbc sissy trainer

bbc sissy trainerI am a bbc sissy trainer. Guys think that just means I take big black cock. I am a fan of big black cocks, but I fuck any man who is wealthy, hung and sophisticated. However, I take great pride in training white small dick losers how to be black cock faggots. Jamie is this guy I use to dominate. Before I started my job here, I was a professional dominatrix. I still do some work for some of my long-term clients. When Craig’s List and the Backpages shut down, it became harder to advertise for clients, so I just changed jobs in the adult industry. Jamie called me up begging for a session. He recently discovered black cock porn. A little late to the game, but now that he is playing, he is hooked. He wanted me to take him to a glory hole. I was happy to march his sorry ass down to the local adult bookstore and get him some huge BBC. The first room we entered, we struck gold. A huge horse cock was waiting for a greedy mouth. A black stallion foot long cock was my sissy pet’s introduction into big black dick sucking. I had to force his mouth down on that chocolate fuck stick. He got cold feet when he saw how big it was. Because I am the best sissy trainer for black cock faggots, I guided Jamie through everything he needed to know and do to be crowned a black cock faggot.

Online Sissy Training

online sissy trainingHe called me to fuck me, but he got online sissy training instead. I mean look at me. I am a goddess. I don’t just fuck anyone. I don’t care if you are paying for a phone service. I still have my standards. Dipshit was on a sissy site and thought he could fuck me with his boring average 5-inch cock. That is small to me. I want a big dick. I deserve it too. I made him jump through hoops to fuck me. Only he didn’t know until the end of the call that I was never going to let him fuck me. I just wanted to make him work for the thought of my hot pussy. Loser actually thought he could fuck me. Poor bastard. He was dressed up in his wife’s panties and garter belt and sending me pictures as proof. Men turn to mush in my presence. I can make any man do whatever I want by dangling my hot pussy as bait in front of him. Now that I had pictures of him in his wife’s pretty lingerie, I called the shots. I blackmailed him into tributing me Amazon gift cards. Don’t feel sorry for the loser. He was stupid and he paid the price. He must have enjoyed being shamed and blackmailed, because he is still sending me more black mail material like a picture of him with his wife’s pink dildo in his ass. Guys are weak for me.

Sissy Phone Sex

sissy phone sexThis sexy slut has dirty morsel for you. You are not the first I have used my phone humiliation skills on dear. My big brother has these hot hunky friends he plays basketball with and they have always tried to get in my panties. I love teasing them and putting those sweaty, horny guys in their place. I happened to walk in on Chad taking a shower after he was practicing in our back yard one day. I couldn’t stop laughing. I swear the whole house heard me. His dick was so fucking small. I went to my room and texted all my friends who wanted a picture of chads tiny dick. I couldn’t believe he was trying to fuck me! I made it my game to get a picture of his dick. Even though the next few days he would text and call begging me not to tell anyone. I assured him I wouldn’t and in turn he let me tell him what a pathetic loser he was on the phone and we would both masturbate and cum so hard for each other. I mean a tall sexy jock with a midget dick, who would have guessed? I think I have him right where I want him. I will get a picture of that small cock no matter what it takes!

Unlock Your Sissy Demon

Sissy phone sex

When Mistress K wants to play, you better be ready for what I have coming for you. I know you try to hide your deepest darkest desires. Trying to go throughout your day, living a normal life. Your little sissy demon inside keeps trying to make its way out. You start getting urges for a big piece of prime meat to be shoved deep into your mouth. You try to shove that naughty demon back inside but by the end of the day, you are ready. You are too tired to hold back the sissy that is trapped deep inside of you. So you finally give up and let your sissy side fly high. You knew you were going to let that little slut out eventually. Why else would you be wearing those silking panties under your clothes? I know you love the way the silk feels rubbing against your skin. Yesterday you had a lingerie outfit underneath that work uniform. You cannot hide your dark desires from me. I know you want to bow down to your mistress and be treated like the little slut you know you can be. Bow down and show me you are worthy of being my sissy slave.

My Favorite Submissive Sissy Slut

Mistress phone sex

Jake is one of my favorite Sissies. I call my sissy slut Jackie. Jackie is a naughty submissive Sissy slut, just waiting for me to open up every sissy side Jackie has hiding deep inside. The best thing about Jackie is, Jackie knows the power of my raging cunt. Jackie was being such a good sissy slut just the other day. We met at a hotel downtown. I told Jackie to arrive before me, there were clothes folded nicely on the bed. I told my sissy that I better see a whole new slut when I walk into the room. Jackie obeyed me so well, as soon as I walked into the room Jackie was dressed in the outfit I picked out. Jackie was the best looking sissy slut I have ever seen. Jackie was wearing a lacey satin maid outfit. The Satin was purple and the lace was pink. Jackie was ready to follow all of my orders. I know Jackie loves being a sissy in a pair of 6 inch see-through heals I got her a couple of months ago. I let her wear them when she wants to. I told Jackie I have a dick appointment coming any minute. I told her to get on her knees, she is going to suck the old cum out of my cunt. I told my good slut to make sure she gets every last bit out. Right away Jackie crawled over to me, my legs spread out wide, my sissy slut went to sucking. Not long after my big black man was knocking on the door. I told Jackie to stand in the corner, she is going to watch this man fuck me long and hard with his big fat black cock. Jackie will watch and wait for me to give her an order. My black man loves his ass licked, I told Jackie to come behind Dayvon and get on those sissy hands and knees. Jackie did as I said and soon after Dayvon shot a big load of his chocolate milk deep inside my pussy. It was time for my good sissy slut to clean up the mess. Jackie suction cupped those sissy lips right onto my pussy, getting all of Dayvon’s cum out. It was then time to turn around and face that big black dick I know my sissy slut had been waiting for. Dayvon fucked Jackies face for a long time. My good sissy slut took his big black cock like a true submissive sissy is supposed to, cleaning Dayvon’s black fat dick inside and out.

Looking For The Naughty Sissy Sluts

Yes, this glistening goddess pussy has power. So much power that I will need a naughty sissy like you to be my Cunt slave. Falling to your knees like the good little sissy slut that you are, empowering my pussy like no other. Only the naughtiest sissy sluts will be able to be a slave to my beautiful pussy. You will have to be able to do exactly what I tell you. So if I tell you to change into that silky pink and white satin lace two-piece lingerie set. I will be expecting nothing to come out of your mouth besides, Yes Mistress. Being with Mistress K means you will need to be one of the sluttiest sissies around. The men that you will be around are not your average vanilla men. No, these men are freaks. They will need a Sissy slut like you to match what they are bringing to the table. If you cannot handle serving to my glistening Cum filled pussy after a big 10-inch sexy chocolate black cock has filled me up with his milk, then you are not naughty or nasty enough. I want the slutty sissy who will not mind sucking the milk right from my powerful pussy as soon as I tell them to. I will also expect you to stick that 10-inch thick piece of meat down your slut sissy throat licking and sucking every last bit of cream off. If some more cum shoots out of that thick dark cock, you better be able to take it. If my big strong man likes you enough he might turn you around to take a look at that boy pussy of yours. I better see you turning around with no hesitation, cheeks spread wide open. When you are with Mistress K, you will show me how much of a Sissy Slut Slave you are willing to be.