Sissy Trainer Diana Seeking Loyal Sissies

Hi baby girl I know you need a Sissy mama that can train you well. I am Sissy trainer Diana and I happen to have availability for some new trainees to join me and be of service. Maybe you have a desire to be a cock sucking sissy girl and are still timid. You are hopefully already wearing those sexy girly panties that make your penis feel good. It’s ok if not we can get you there.

With a little dedication and training that penis will slowly shrink into a sissy clitty and things will get more interesting. Your task before calling me is to purchase a dildo that you are comfortable to start with. This will be for those pretty lips of yours to wrap around as you gain your cock sucking skills.

I also will require my sissy trainees that want to train for cock to purchase a buttplug. This is essential and one that you can pump and expand is a nice way to train if you want big cock. However any buttplug that calls to my sissy will do fine, after all we are just starting. This will do for now and I expect you to have those things when you call me.

Sissy trainer


    • Stefan on April 20, 2022 at 10:42 am
    • Reply

    I always wished my name was Stephie and that I could wear lace panties every day and suck cock, mistress.

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