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Femboy training sometimes requires a gentle touch.

Femboy trainingIt was raining out where this femboy training master lives, and while my pussy was in need of a good pumping and cumming, I felt the need to head around the back of my house and walk a little instead. I’d find a man soon after I got back, was what I thought. In fact, I called one while I walked, told him to show up at my house for a hot ride. Then I ran into a cute girl on the path, she was in torn clothing, drenched from the water, and her soft skin really stood out to me. I was gonna pass her by, she really wasn’t my problem even if I did feel sympathetic, that was until I noticed the cock. “Are you a guy?” I couldn’t help but ask, and at the shake of her head, I knew I’d found a sissy who would worship me very easily. “Come on.” I turned back. “Let’s get you cleaned up and clothed.”

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. That’s a loyal sissy, doesn’t ever question me, I’ve had her lick my toes in front of visitors dozens of times just to prove she’s obedient to a fault. And when I’m feeling froggy, I have someone ready to lick me to a messy orgasm on the spot!