Sissy Phone Chat Sessions for Training

Sissy phone chat sessions are a way to break you into the new you. We can explore your desires and experiences in a private session. My eagerness to train you to be the sissy you crave to be is my main focus. I need to understand what type of sissy you are or aspire to be.

There is really no reason for you to be shy or nervous. It’s all about just letting go and embracing what makes you feel good. I need to understand who You are and what you are looking for. So I will not be forthcoming with random ideas when I know nothing about you, so don’t ask.

I am in control and you are my subject. My abilities do not involve mind reading across computer screens. My blogs and profile should direct you and if you are still unsure we can do a paid session to get to know who you are. I’m not here to explore me. I am the Mistress and you are my pet.

Sissy phone chat

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