My boys wear Sissy panties

Sissy pantiesMy boys are sissy sluts wearing sissy panties, great cuties that look so much like girls I can’t tell the difference most days. The makeup they wear is better than mine, they really put so much effort into being pretty, adorable, and disguised like they should be. Their feminine side should be the highlight of their appearance, and I’m so proud of them for owning who they are and wearing their pretty dresses with pride. The panties I know hide their cocks are satin, and I take great pleasure in brushing their hair and helping them get into the right look every single morning. Here’s the thing though, even if most of their sexuality is sucking down a hard dick and drinking their cum before giving a big wide smile and maybe a cutesy wink, they still have hard meaty cocks for sissy phone chat. They’re my boys so I never let them completely lose what made them, them, they’re tricks and for every dozen assfucks they end in an anal creampie, filling their tushies to the brim with hot cum… Well, sometimes they pick a girl to fascinate and lure along. My boys work together, they’re so good to each other, and that means she’s completely unsuspecting about her new girlfriends up until she’s being spit-roasted by surprise. I heard a story the other day about a girl they helped make-over, only to decide she was too pretty to leave a virgin. She didn’t know what hit her, one moment she was looking in a mirror and oohing and awing about the work I’ve trained them to do since they were born, the next she had a hard cock deep in her pussy, getting ready to fill her full of baby gravy and make her a pretty momma instead of the prom queen she wanted to be. They topped it off by sucking each other off, as they should in sissy phone sex.

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