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Such pretty little panties on a dirty little fairie faggot. As one of the best sissy trainers I am quite fond of my little dicklet fairy fags and love to expose their girliness and make them the cock whores they aspire to be.

Best sissy trainer

I’m mommy Diana or Mistress Diana to some and it’s really refreshing to have so many pretty little sissy sluts calling me up for sessions and advice in being the best little cock whores they can be. My favorites are the shy ones that close them self up and party while dressing up and being deviant little whores using all kinds of dirty ideas to fuck their sweet sissy cunts. Those little throbbing clits rubbing against pretty lacey panties or pumping away in squishy messy diapers, I love them all. I find it so kinky when they get into pissing their pretty panties and layering the pretty silky and mesh panties on and getting them all wet. Cumming in those pretty panties then lapping the jizz out of them is the greatest compliment to me at the end of a hot session.

Sissy phone sex

My Latin Sissy Beauty

She was such a pretty little sissy with her androgynous size and pretty little bronze face. She was a dream to paint, like a little portrait and asking me to give her cat eyes as I painted her pretty pouty lips a nice whore red. Her eyes, like almonds and such a shiny golden brown, looked so good with the shimmery white eye shadow and framed with black eyeliner. Those cheekbones and sharp chin so nicely defined with a bronzer. I love painting her up like the cock whore she is. Very fit petite little frame hairless and shaved to accentuate the feminine side of this sweet girly girl. Her little cock was so much fun to cage and she loved getting taken hard by that big black cock. A little whore of the cartel taking the rival black cock like a good bitch. I love this little Latina whore, she was an American with perfect English and that southern Californian Mexican dialect only made her a sexier little vixen. Sorry darlings, I love my Latin/ Mexican sissy’s but I only speak English and needed to make this disclosure as I’d hate to cause disappointment.

Best Sissy Trainer

Femboy training

Best Sissy Trainer Mommy

I am a very dominating, yet nurturing Sissy slut training mommy. It’s something I find to be so much fun and it all started in my teens. I had a younger brother that loved wearing mommys clothes and I decided to make him a her and treated her like my little sister. This went on for years and later he was made into my cocksucking little sissy brother, and I was to be blamed, partially, but I think it was going to come out at some point. As a mommy I am training my sons to be just as much a faggy cocksucker as their uncle is and we really do have fun at our family gatherings. I let their uncle take their sweet fairy holes last summer and this past summer has opened up a world of sissification adventures for me to assist others.

Best Sissy Trainer

BBC Sissy Trainer For Submissive Sluts

Look at your little bitty dicklet trying to grow as it gets all excited and swollen when you see a BBC in your future. You start fixating on how you can please it the best and really wish you could be the best little sissy BBC sucker you desire being. Well we can train you to be a little white bitch cock sucker of big black dicks that will gag you. The best thing is to feel a big cock grow in your mouth as you are sucking it, the feeling of it’s girth and awesome veins stuffing your whore mouth. Now imagine sucking it like a good whore, bob your head up and down on it, that’s right, it’s ok to get sloppy and really worship that superior cock. The best part of our training is when you finally take a real BBC all in your slut hole.

BBC Sissy Trainer

A New Recruit For BBC Sissy Trainer

You came to me needing to get trained to be a cock sucker, and as a BBC sissy trainer I knew exactly what you needed. I had so much fun with you forcing you to undress and expose your small penis to me so I can humiliate you and tell you that you are not a man. No, you are a bitch and that was just a swollen clitorus that you need to cover with pretty panties. I will not have my Sissy faggots walking around with their clitty’s hanging out. You will wear pretty panties or control top pantyhose from now on. Next thing we do is get you clean shaven and made up like a brothel whore. The red lipstick is a must to exploit you as the cock sucker you are being groomed for. This will take some work slut, and you will continue with me until you are a true bitch slut to big black dicks.

BBC Sissy Trainer

Forced Sissy Training For Sissy Son

Mommy caught Sissy son in her closet again watching as I was taking some fine BBC after work. I tend to bring home a guy or two late at night after bartending at the strip-club and being the mommy whore I am I can rarely resist some hard cock for a night cap. This Sissy son of mine was in for some forced sissy training because he was so naughty. All dressed up in mommy’s naughty lingerie with his sissy boy clit covered in white cream inside mommy’s panties she slipped off when she got home. I was already taking a couple of loads from the two guys I came home with on the way here, and these panty’s were filled with the cum juices from mommy’s fuck. My little Sissy son snuck those panties off the floor while mommy was giving hummers to those 2 BBC cocks. Naughty sissy’s get their delicious punishment of a BBC in their sweet puckered sissy cunts, whether they are ready or not. My Sissy son was not expecting that and she took her punishment of BBC in her virgin hole quite well. Are you next?

Forced sissy training

Domination Phone Sex Mistress For Sissies

Domination phone sex

I’m a sissy trainer and Mistress for domination phone sex sessions for sissies and sissy wannabes. I want to make you as good as my favorite sissy sluts that I have trained in the past. I was doing sessions for years in RL but have since moved out to the mountains and enjoying a more serene life while serving my kind of sissy training for phone sessions where you can be as expressive and free in your desires as you wish. I won’t get to see you unless you share pictures of yourself with me and maybe even your YT channel is fun to share with me so I can see my sissy in action. I love the idea of writing about my Sissy’s to humiliate them with their images they send me. I am the Sissy mommy you need in your life.


Humiliation Phone Sex Mistress For Sissies

Every good sissy had their moment of realization and that often came with confusion and shame thanks to society and humiliation phone sex was the best thing to bring them to their reality. I’m Mistress mommy Diana and specialize with humiliating small clitty ladyboys into understanding their place. It’s often that they come to me seeking a nurturing and understanding mommy. Many times though they really need encouragement with a stern Mistress that will guide them into embracing their cock sucking sissy faggot self. I’m only here to judge you as part of your training and development and will always be the mommy or sister you need to confide in and talk to. My humiliation of you is to help you grow and you will see how much you become truly excited by it and desire the humiliation more, and I am here for those needs, all of them. I want tou help you evolve into that dirty cocksucking sissy faggot that smokes crack to enforce those cock cravings and to get that sissy slut cherry popped.

Humiliation phone sex

Mistress Phone Sex Sissification For Pansies

He was a little pansy slut cuckold for some time when I ran into him at the biker bar I was a bartender at. He had no place in there and the biker woman all laughed at him and made fun of his pathetic feminine attempts. They would make him get down on his knees, open his mouth, and be the fucking human wastecan he is. His fucking painted whore face was smeared up as they spilled drinks on it and spat on him. He was made to clean the bottom of there leather pointy boots and spit shine the top. His name was as faggy as he was and the Biker men took turns pissing in his mouth and on his face as well. One had the idea that this little faggot needed to learn her place and they lined up and gang banged that slut hole as forcably as they could and breaking their beer bottles on her slutty head. These guys didn’t want this little pansy ass sissy biker whore wannabe around or in their drinking hole and had to do the bitch in. \being a pathetic wannabe will only get those pansies trying to dress like biker whores sent to the ER or to an early grave. This is what happened to one caller last week and i know there will be more to follow.


mistress phone sex

forced sissy training

Celebrate Your Independence Now

Now that the 4th of July has passed, you can do some of your own personal celebrating with the best sissy trainer Diana. I love my Sissy sluts and want to be a part of their celebrating of their own identity independence. Accepting your true feminine selves is a big step and once you feel the freedom it offers to be so accepting you can celebrate You! I am here to offer some guidance and a friendly ear for you to get some of the stress or tension off that comes with wanting to be different that what others expect of you. I am the nurturing mommy that can be here for you and I accept you as you are and I will help you be the best little cock sucker you can be and the best little sissy you desire to be.

Best sissy trainer

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