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Best Sissy Trainer Brings Zoey for 2 Mistress Humiliation

As the Best Sissy Trainer always enjoys really humiliating her piggy’s I decided to bring in a second Mistress. Zoey and I are a team to be reconned with. Furthermore We will really humiliate and make you the weakest little pay piggy for our control.

Specifically one thing Good Sissy trainers are aware of is their control and power over little sissy faggots. Coincidentally This remains true with Mistress Zoey and Goddess Addilyn. In fact The two of us will destroy any threads of masculinity that remains.

In this case as you crave cock. And to serve a strong Mistress or two. Let’s face it sissy girls are whores, sluts and unable to serve just one Mistress. In this effect lets just make it easy.

Finally I command you to set up a two girl call with two Mistresses that know how to get inside your stupid bitch brain and fuck your world up. We will fuck up your world of trying to deny yourself. Stop pretending to be a man.

Best Sissy Trainer

Once you submit for your love of BBC then all else will fall out of context. Two goddesses controlling you and your wallet. This is your new reality as you get transformed for the cock craving fixations.

Unstand that you now dress for cock. And your future is certainly in the hands of Mistress Zoey and Goddess Addilyn. Accept it, and pay up, Sissy slave training is your New Years resolution for happiness.

Sissy slave training