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Inferior Sissy Fluffer Hubby

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Useless Sissy Bitch

Mistress phone sexThat’s it bitch you eat your mistresses pussy until I cum all over your face! I am so proud of how well you are doing during your training sessions. I know this makes your cock throb when I let you eat my cunt doesn’t it? You wish I would let you fuck my hot hole but your cock is just way too pathetic for me. You already know that though don’t you my little cucky boy? You know I only let you eat my pretty pussy so you can get it all nice and wet for a real man. I only keep you around as my little slave so I am satisifed and ready for that superior cock. However, if you do a good job I will let you watch my holes get pounded out by a nice big cock as you play with yourself. So call me so I can tell you how useless your cock is to me bitch!

BBC Training For You Sissy Whores

BBC sissy trainerHey bitch you like that BBC cock right in your face as you scroll and read through my words? Good you fuck whore; stare at that BBC and look at that big creamy load spilling out of my hole. You get yourself down and open up your sissy slut mouth and swallow it! This is the beginning of your BBC training you smalled dicked little sissy bitch. I will make sure you are a fully trained cleanup fuck whore after these BBC’s stretch me out and fill me up daily. You will know exactly how to eat cum, take cock, and be a filled up little cum bucket. I am sure you look so cute being filled by cock and cum. Now get on your hands and knees and eat the cum out of my tight little hole you fucking whore! I can’t wait to hear from you !

Serve Your Mistress Bitch

Mistress phone sexThat’s it you good little toy!! Lick my cunt just like that! You have gotten so good at licking my pretty clit and fuck hole with that nice tongue of yours. You really are learning how to please your mistress exactly how she needs. I remember when you first started training to be my fuck toy boy and you had no idea how to work that tongue. Lots of practice on my pussy and cock fixed that issue didn’t it bitch? I think all that cock in your holes really fucked some sense into you. Now I can’t stop cumming and your reward is stroking your cock as I sit on your face. Maybe if you swallow my piss I will let you slap your cock on my pretty little slit. Call me now you little fuck toy bitches. I am ready to be served and pleased!

Wanting All The Sissy Cucks Out There

sissy training


I am calling out to all you little sissy cuck boys who need some training on how to make your queen happy. Your job is to please and make me feel good so let’s get you started. See here is one of my favorite cuck boys Tyler. He watches a real man fuck me right. I train him daily on how I expect to be fucked since he can’t do me right. I make him even get down there and lick on a big pair of balls sometimes while he plows my holes. Tyler is now fully trained on how to be a good clean up sissy slut as well. There is nothing better than a cuck boy who can get down and clean out my gorgeous pussy and ass hole after taking a big load from a superior cock. If you are ready to be told how to make me happy, call me! I am ready for you stupid cuck boys!

Summer Camp Sissy Training

Last summer I was a camp counselor and I enjoyed being the bossy bitch I am and keeping these little sluts in check gets my cunt wet. On the boy’s side of the camp, I noticed there was a really prissy boy slut.  I was hearing how he was watching the other boys in the shower. I decided I would break him in. I left a note on his bed with no name to meet me in the backwoods.

Sissy girl training

When he got there, I popped out. He thought he was in trouble, and I ran with it. I told him that he would be kicked out if he didn’t do some training with me. I made him undress and bent over, grabbing his head and shoving it in between my ass cheeks. I told him to lick my ass and show me how his tongue works. Then I tied him up to the tree. We spoke about how he loves looking at cock and how he was going to get some sissy training from me for the rest of the summer. I pulled my big dildo out strap-on out and shoved it down his mouth. I made him suck it like he was going to milk it. After I put it on, I got behind him and shoved it up his sissy pussy. He moaned out and I had his little cock clitty leaking cum down his legs. I fucked him over and over against that tree calling him a little bitch slut until sun came up. That was a good way to start our sissy girl training.

Forced Sissy Training

Best sissy trainerSissy TJ hasn’t been following the rules as he should. He seems to think I should grant him plenty of hall passes. He has no idea what’s in store for him! Master Brielle doesn’t like being disobeyed and once I get my claws on him I am going to show him who his fucking Superior is!! Does he really think I am that kind, that I just have all the heart in the world to continue granting him passes for his disobedient behavior… Well that poor thing thought wrong! I am going to ram his fucking asshole so fucking hard during our next session! I will be force feeding him a big fat long double sided 24in cock!! Think he can break a record? Well we are going to find out! I am going to show that fucking slut no mercy! A real woman keeps her word and she obeys her superior; she serves her fucking King/Queen on a golden platter. It seems Sissy TJ has a lot to learn and if she continues to go down the path she is on she will meet the darkest side of her Master. I want to hear her choke, gag and drool.. Gasping for air as I ram her throat so hard. She will soon learn to sit with poise to obey her Master or she will be suffering severe consequences! Forever your Master whether you like it or not. You get what you signed up for. Now get down on your knees so I can show you what a real pussy looks like.