Sissy Panties Get You in Trouble with Your Boss Meadow

Your Sissy Panties Caught Mistress Meadow’s Attention

I saw your sissy panties peeking out of your slacks at work. As your manager, I demand all my employees look presentable. sissy pantiesAnd that lacey pink is out of the question. It seems you need someone to remind you of your sissy principles of discipline. I call you into my office. I’m up from my desk and closing the door behind you. Then I lean against my desk and ask if you want everyone to know that you’re a feminized little sissy boy. Your face turns red and you try to argue with me. So I slide my fingers past your waistband and pull up your panties.

Forced Feminization or Get Exposed

Did you think I wouldn’t sniff out the little panty boy in my office? My hands drift down from those panties to your sissy clitty. I feel the hard plastic of the cock cage you’re wearing. And I hear the lock hitting against it too. I doubt your Mistress would be happy to know you were caught during your forced feminization. And I doubt you would report your failures. So I will be disciplining you instead. Get on your knees and get ready to use your tongue.

I sit on my desk and spread my legs apart. Then I push my panties to the side and tell you to start licking my cunt. You’re hesitant. But I remind you that I could very easily tell everyone about your sissification. I pull your tie forward and your tongue starts worshipping my clit. Licking and sucking that pretty pussy. I see you humping against the cage like a little animal in heat. My hands are behind your head, and I’m suffocating you with my cunt. The forced sissy training makes me cum all over your tongue. And I notice that wet stain in the front of your pants. I’ll be seeing you in my office again.

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