My Pathetic Pet Needs Sissy Maid Training

Sissy Maid Training Includes Cleaning Up Thick Cocks

I like to have my little faggots dressed up during their sissy maid training. You belong in a tiny frilly skirt to show off those legs of yours. I need to be able to see those pretty panties you’re wearing at all times pet. You have a lot of work cut out for you, pet. Your Mistress decided to throw a fun party for some of her horny, hung friends. They are still laying around the house. Your job is to make sure each and every one of their slut tamer cocks is completely drained.

sissy maid training

You’re a Cum Fag in Sissy Panties

I don’t care which hole you use or what you have to do to drain them. Just remember that your Mistress Meadow is always watching. I watched you wake up that first dick by wrapping your lips around it. That long horse cock made your tiny little clitty look like a tic-tac. You looked so excited to have such a hung bull in your mouth, you didn’t even notice one of my other guests coming up behind you and looking up that sissy skirt. He pushed those sissy panties aside and slid his tongue in your little shit hole.

He was getting you lubed up for the fucking of your life. Mistress got to watch him lay that heavy, sissy-breaker on your back. You shitbox was already gaped open from our stretch session earlier. But his dick still stretched you to an unbelievable size. What a good little whore. You weren’t even sucking when he buried his cock inside of you. You were just getting both of those slut holes fucked. Being used the way you were always meant to. They pumped their loads of cum into that thirsty sissy throat. That left you open to be pounded by the cock in that sissy cunt.

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