Femboy Training Forces You to Cream Your Panties

It’s Time For More Femboy Training

Femboy training with me used to make you nervous, but now you get excited every time you hear my sexy voice. You got all pretty to become my submissive little whore and I can’t wait to see my slut soak her panties for me. You always start on your knees for your Mistress. The feminization is well underway. Your voice is softer than when we started, you’re growing your hair out longer, and now your closet is full of lace and pink. But I still have to teach you how to cum like a girl. 

femboy training

Today I want you on your back for me. Keep your panties on. Just push those sissy panties over to the side so I can see that cute cunny. You’re supposed to train this little fuckhole for me every night for 15 minutes. Let’s see if you’ve been doing your homework. I push a finger into that slut hole. You’re still so fucking tight. I push a second finger into you just to see your ass stretch open. I can see your girl cock getting in hard in those panties. Good girl. 

Cream Those Pretty Sissy Panties

I don’t punish you for getting excited. Instead, I give you a little kiss on that pretty clitty and finger fuck your ass harder. I want to hear the pretty moans. The louder and sluttier you sound the better I will make you feel. You’re about to squirt for me. The precum is flooding for your cute little girl cock. But I won’t touch that sensitive clitty. You’re going to cum from my fingers alone. I curl my fingers inside of that sissy pussy and watch that clitty jump. Beg to cum like a good whore. Tell me how good your pussy feels with my fingers deep inside of you. I watch the cream shoot into those sissy panties

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