Sissy Girl Training 101

Sissy girl training

A good mistress knows, instinctively, how to train their sissy slut into the proper fucktoy. My sissy slut, Emily, is my greatest accomplishment. She came to me unsure of herself and in need of guidance and confirmation on everything. I made sure I taught her to recognize her place as a useless sissy slave worthy only of serving and pleasing her sexy seductress. I had to help her understand that her worthless, little clitty was no longer her own. It belongs to Mistress Heaven now. Sissy Emily learned her place beneath me, pretty quickly, but even she makes some mistakes and finds herself getting into trouble. When she’d misbehave or make me cross, I’d lock her little clitty up in a chastity cage and leave it there for days or weeks depending on how upset she made me. I’m not all about punishment and pain; although my tight, juicy mistress pussy does get wet when I make my slutty sissies suffer for my pleasure. I’m actually a very kind-hearted mistress that loves to take great care of all my sissy cum sluts in training. I simply demand the same in return. At the end of  each of our intense slutification training sessions you’ll be thanking me for whipping your little clittly into shape. Literally and figuratively. In the beginning of my sissy training, you will wear your precious pink chastity cage just like all the rest of my newbies. As you get better at your training, you’ll be outfitted with various cages and butt plugs. Each one color coded and sized for your individual level of sissy training. Pink cages and butt plugs size small adorn all my baby sissies. By the end of your training your little clitty won’t even need a cage. It’ll never get hard or leak any of your boy juices again. Not unless Mistress Heaven allows you to do so. You’re going to enjoy me forcing you to embarrass yourself by making you wear a red silky thong and tights to your job, then demanding random pictures to make sure you are obeying. I will get a good laugh while you whine to me about your sissy fears and embarrassment. I love hearing all about how your red panties were clearly visible at the company meeting. Then I’ll let you tongue kiss my tight pussy once I’m satisfied with your humiliation. Sure I may smack your eeny weeny clitty a few times for good measure. That’s just to remind you of why it’s important to keep that little clit locked up safely. Trust me when I say you’ll be on your sissy slut knees crying with pain, pleasure, and sincere appreciation for your heavenly mistress. 


    • Craig on December 3, 2021 at 5:17 am
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    Your a mistress Made in Heaven!

    • kyle on December 3, 2021 at 12:29 pm
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    I need some heaven to offer me guidance you damn hot

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