BBC and Spankings For Mistress

Sissy Phone

He likes when I call him daddy as he stuffs my sweet slice  of chocolate pie! When Mistress is taking a break from whipping sissys into shape I am getting my pussy stretched by a BBC. Black dick is worthy of praise so I do not even try to dominate over a black king! One of my favorite cock holders has the longest black anaconda I have ever seen. He loves how I dominate over white sissys and he makes it clear that he is not one of them. While he has be bent over with my tight black ass in the air he gives me good spanking and makes me call him master. “you submit to ME!” he exclaims as he slaps my booty. I feel his big hands slap my exposed pussy and yell, “yes daddy!” “say it again” he demands as I whimper and respond with another, “ yes daddyyy!” . His spankings feel so good that my flower began to bloom. Just when I thought my pussy couldn’t get any wider he begins to finger me while he continues to hit my jiggly ass cheeks! Daddy spanked me until my juices ran down all over his lap. After that, he took his huge fucking pole and made it disappear in my hole. I love getting fucked by a real man! My pussy dripped all over is massive black balls as he plows into my tightness. He loves how my pussy grips his throbbing member! I bet you sissys are drooling at the thought of watching me being filled with BBC, arent you? Too bad! Daddy only likes black queens.  If you’re extra obedient, i’ll let you lick his cum from my cream filled cunt. If daddy is feeling up to it, maybe he’ll let let you do it clean my cream off his cock too!  


    • Caleb on April 15, 2022 at 11:40 am
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    I have always wished a woman would spank my bitch wife.

    • preslen on April 15, 2022 at 3:01 pm
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    Can i be your sissy

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