New Sissy!

femboy trainingI love all of my little sissy’s and I love all of our sessions! Sissy Bri is new and is learning how to be a sissy and it’s a good thing she found me because she needs help. But no worries because that’s what I’m here for. She seems to not be sure who she like and of course I told her the only whore she is allowed to be infatuated with is me. We just started our sessions and she is already thinking like a little sissy slut! She is wearing panties and a bra like a good little slut and we are working on makeup and more sluttier clothes. I just know that she is going to be such a little slut for me because she can’t stop asking when her next cock will be. Of course she was punished for that because who is she to demand a cock for herself when she hasn’t even sucked a real cock before. We started her assignments for oral just last week on dildos because I didn’t want to overwhelm her but if she wants to demand more we’ll just have to teach her what it feels like to not be prepared for something.

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