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Sissy panties

Sissy panties“Let’s see those Sissy panties” I laugh at him over the phone, knowing that soon I will have a picture in front of me to use for my blog later. He will be mortified when he gets online to read my blog later only to see a picture of himself all dressed up in his frilly sissy faggot panties. He will be embarrassed by what a fool he looks like, doing whatever is told of him to do with pleasure he obeys. It is clear to see that nothing can change his mind though, he doesn’t care if he is outed to the world. He knows this is who he is, nothing but a horny sissy craving attention from a controlling dominatrix such as myself. I will make him cum in his panties and wear them all day. Sometimes I will have him cum in his panties then put them on his face and wear them. He whines when I make him get fucked with his panties on, all pulled to the side like a true whore. He gets fucked in his sissy ass and begs for more, panties making him look as pathetic as ever.

BBC sissy trainer

I make my slaves call me all types of things. Some pets deserve to pick and choose the name they call me, and sometimes there is a slave that needs to be reminded of what he’s good for. like “BBC sissy trainer” for example. I love to be called Mistress, Queen, Master, Dom, and the list goes on and on. But for this guy? He needed a special name to call meBBC sissy trainer because he needed to remember what a total idiot he is I told him to call me Genius Genesis. He is a total fool, he sold everything he owned to spend his days taking care of me financially and getting tortured and made fun of as needed. He is here for pure entertainment, and he knows he now has nowhere to go. He is the one who made that choice to give himself away to me and rid himself of all his possessions, dignity, and money. He knows he is pathetic and useless unless I am using him for my own personal agenda. That’s why I am a genius and he is the stupid slave.

Mistress phone sex

Mistress phone sex“I want the world to know what a sissy I am Mistress.” I look down on him with adoring eyes. “Is that so?” I start to pet his head. “You need the world to know what you truly are. Trust me I know.” “You are not the first sissy to come to me with a confession like this.” And I know exactly how to handle your craving of being ‘The center of it all whore.’ I walk across the room in my thigh high stockings and four-inch black high heels. Twisting around I face you. With my finger, I call you over to me. You crawl over on all fours as good sissies will do. You kneel before me leaning down and kissing my heals. I point to the right of you and see that I have you on live internet feed in your girly pink lacy dress. “Tell the world your name.” He spurts out “um, um… my name is Tim Mistress.” “Very good I praise you with.” “Now tell the world where you are from.” ” He looks at the camera and again spurts out “Texas Mistress.” His face blushes his dick rock hard his dream comes true.

Best sissy trainer

Best sissy trainerMistress phone sexMost of you know me as the bitch that always gets her way and the best sissy trainer. The bitch that spends her time tormenting little cuckys and pathetic sissys. But today I am going to be teaching someone else how to be as bitchy as I am! She is a very young one, but don’t let that fool you. I sent one of my favorite sissy bitches to Aiden, she loves to torture and torment. This sissy bitch likes to have pain inflicted upon him and feel so many cocks filling up his holes that he couldn’t even count how many. That isn’t it though he loves to be humiliated. He wanted to be a pretty girl, not a fake loser man. So he begged Aiden and me to cut off his goods. What he had was small and wimpy. He was forced to call us Mistress and forced to watch as many other men pleasured our holes. Then we made him eat the cum out of our cunts. We were going to really make him suffer as he wanted, he begged to be our little pain slut. You won’t believe what I taught Aiden to do.

BBC sissy training

BBC sissy trainerWhen you’re a sissy trainer like I am, and your whole life revolves around these measly weak sissy’s that require the most help and preparation. They need me to gain the ability and confidence in being a proud sissy bitch. They come to me for their training and humiliation and let us not forget to mention torture! But today I am your BBC sissy trainer, hope you’re ready to be fucked wide. There’s nothing like a big fucking cock that is just pulsating in your hand, growing harder and bigger than any cock you’ve ever laid your eyes on. This is a real man cock, fit for a size queen like myself. You wouldn’t understand unless of course, I get you addicted to fat nigger cock while I am training and torturing you relentlessly. They are so big, they have matching balls that are slapping you in your face and against your ass while I laugh and laugh at what a sissy whore you look like, oh yes this is my pleasure. Nothing like being a devious Sissy trainer for BBC lovers!

Genesis’s Sissy humiliation training

Sissy humiliation trainingI love slapping a nice fat sign on my house reading “Genesis’s Sissy humiliation training” so every time people pass by my house they know that the car they saw outside was definitely the big shot lawyer that has a wife. They will gossip and whisper. Does she know about this? They will ask, over and over how she can be with a sissy whore like that. Everyone is humiliated for her, the woman with a husband that had so much potential is actually turned on by being humiliated and dressing up like a girl! Oh, but you don’t hear these things at all. You’re clueless that the whole town knows what you really are! You’re too busy flaunting your whore ass to be fucked. I’ve got you almost in tears with my aggressive mouth and extreme humiliation. The ultimate pleasure comes when I fuck your tight sissy shit hole. I dominate it and make it stretch around my boy strap on. like it or not.

Sissy training

Sissy training“Simply pathetic you sissy fairy faggot!” You’ll have to make up for this one and you already know it. My Sissy training is no joke! I don’t give second chances, I don’t tolerate backtalk. You are to submit to me and all I say. Humiliating you is my objection just a small part of your training. There’s plenty of things I will make you do that you never even thought of before. If only your wife could see you now. All dressed up in a frilly girly tutu, matching heels, a bra and panties and of course your makeup and hair done. If you want to be a sissy bitch you have to look the part. I will make you go out in public with me. And we would get our nails done too. We want those hands to look extra feminine while they grip these BBC I have lined up for later! That poor asshole of yours will get fucked till it’s gaping and your mouth will be full of cum and your throat raw from being fucked. Oh and the best part of this all? You literally pay me to do this all to you! So sad for you, but not for me!

Best sissy trainer

Best sissy trainerYou simply cannot find the Best sissy trainer, right? Ah, silly little sissy. Look no further as I am here to save the day. And by that I mean I am here to take control. You’ve been dying to be a little sissy girl but none of your trainers have been dominant enough for you. Almost as if they are acting or pretending to be dominant, not like me something that comes naturally. No pretending or forcing it here. I have always been this way, and I know just how to start this training. I’ve got a really really really big strap on for you sissy, have you ever taken cock before? I am not asking because I care, I am actually distracting you as you are answering me I am shoving this cock as deep as I can into that little shit hole. Like a little bitch you will scream, cry and whine. Poor fucking sissy never had a cock this big before and this is only the beginning!

Mistress phone sex

Mistress phone sex“Mistress Genesis please, I beg you to give me your time for Mistress phone sex. I need you I.” I cut off the pathetic sub “Silence, not another word from you!” I continued, “You’re no better than the ground I walk on, and the ground has nothing to say therefore neither do you!” With that, I ordered him to get undressed and grab a few things for our phone call. I warned him of what was to come “You will have to sing for me, you will be forced into cock sucking and anal, I will make you go into public dressed in the most ridiculous thing you can think of and I’ll be making you a toilet slave too.” He whimpered but I knew he was already wrapped around my finger. I made him get into his stupid girly outfit the humiliation is going to be out of control! I am feeling very mean tonight. I will make him leave his hotel room and go get ice dressed like this, singing my silly tunes that make me laugh and laugh. Nothing compares to the things I have up my sleeve.

Sissy phone sex

Sissy phone sex I looked right into his pathetic beady eyes as he stared at my pussy taking that juicy nigger cock repeatedly! This is my favorite type of cuckold sex, taking thick nigger dick in front of a little wimpy cucky faggot who is just begging to get a taste of a real man’s cum dripping off of my pussy after a good hour-long pounding session. I regularly invite over a sissy little bitch to watch me get fucked and filled with cum just right to teach them their place and show them how a woman needs and deserves to be handled. If they are really lucky, at the end of the lesson I let them clean up the cum out of all of my holes but that only if they tell me over and over what a pathetic fake man they truly know they are. I laugh as they attempt to stroke their tiny pencil dick into a hard-on, that’s why they need me they’re worthless… and they need a woman who can tell them when they are allowed to cum, if at all. Do you think you deserve to cum today?