Sissy girl training first we force you into forms.

Forced sissy training          Sissy girl training first we force you into forms. Next, we use the shapers to give you some hips. Now if you are going to be asking what are forms and shapers. That just means we have we have a lot of work to make you into a sissy girl. Forcing you into the feminization that you need to know to be a believable bitch whore. Otherwise, you are just a gay fucking little faggot boy. I am the best and as the best you will obey me, or you will be forced against your will.

          To begin with I’m going to force you into forms. They are tight, binding, and going to shape your waist, as shown above the waist needs to be smaller than the hips. Now as a gay faggot boy which is what you are right now. You don’t have hips. You will sleep in this. Learn to like it and finally love it. Get your ass bigger.

          Before you know it, you are going to have a nipped in waist. That is only the first step in your training. Forced sissy training is a necessary thing when it comes to little faggots. Teaching you to be all the fucking cock sucking BBC worshiping little whore that you can be.

          The second thing we are going to be working on to make you into a sissy girl is going to be training you to wear all the right clothes. This includes panties, bras, bra forms, skirts, stockings, just to name a few. Now the bra forms are heavy, and they take some getting used to but at the same time those BBC cocks just love to fuck a whore with big butts and bigger tits.

Your Sissy girl training is going to keep moving on.

          The third thing is going to be the make-up and teaching you to apply it. Need to look like the whore you are. Deep charcoal around the eyes, ruby red lips. Meant to leave rings around the cock. Making sure everyone knows that you were there.

          Having the know how to open your as of now faggot pussy open and when you need it to be a sissy girl pussy then you will have learned how to flex the muscles around the dick. Being able to pull it in deeper. Begging them to fuck you hard. Take you like the whore you are. Then you will be closer to being a sissy girl. Your training will be complete, and they will be lining up to fuck the sissy girl whore who was once a gay little faggot boy.

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