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For Sissy Panties Lovers

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Listen – I don’t give a fuck what you say. You’re going to put your sissy panties on and get down on your knees to suck cock. You know that’s a part of being a sissy and I don’t care if you’re not in the mood to do it. If you don’t voluntarily open your mouth, you are really going to regret it. This will be over much more quickly and easily if you just do what I tell you to do. The first time you called, you said that you wanted to be a bona fide sissy slut, so that’s what you’re going to be.

I’ll stand behind you with my hands on your head if I have to. You WILL open your mouth because I’ll make sure that you aren’t able to breathe out of your nose. That might seem cruel, and oh well. I don’t care how you see things. All you need to do is be quiet, open your mouth, and suck cock like a good little sissy whore. Do you think you can do what I tell you to do, or will you need me to rough you up a little? Either way, you’re sucking cock today and that’s all there is to it.

Bend Over

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Well look at you. Sitting there in your pretty nylon panties and matching bra. What is that? You have some pretty matching thigh highs and high heels too. Don’t just sit there, get up. Let me see strut your stuff you sissy faggot. Aww look at how hot you look wobbling on your heels as you sway your sissy ass back and forth. The way you stick you ass out I think you are wanting your man pussy pounded, aren’t you? Lucky for you I have just what you need. Wobble over to my drawer and hand me that big pink box. As I open it, I pull out the biggest thickest strap on you have ever seen. You make a little mess in your panties just watching as I attach it to my goddess body. Of course, that makes me a little upset with you. So, I am going to sit on the edge of the bed, and you bend over my knee. I am going to pull your panties down and spank you. Slowly and firmly my hand lands on each cheek. Your little clitty is even pushing on my knees now. Oh, my you are a little slut, aren’t you? Now stand up and lean over this bed. Spread your crimson covered ass cheeks and pull your tight asshole open. I open the lube and rub it up and down the strap on and rub the head against your gaping hole. Now hold on you faggot I am about to go in deep.

Sissy Training Sissy TJ Takes Two Mistresses

sissy trainingI am a sissy trainer to a vintage sissy, named Sissy TJ. She is one of my favorite sissies because we share a lot in common. Mistress Ember and I share sissy training duties of TJ and sometimes we get to do a 2-girl call with her which we always enjoy. Sissy TJ asked us yesterday if we knew who Betty Page was and we both giggled. I do not care how old or young a sissy trainer is, she knows Betty Page. She is a classic bad ass. My style of dress is influenced by Ms. Page. Mistress Ember is half my age and understands what a goddess Ms. Page was too. Our shared sissy is old-school. She likes vintage clothing, latex outfits, hobble skirts, Henati, bondage and spankings. Sissy TJ is a classic sissy. Her dress style is classic vintage, and she rocks that look. My guess is most men would not know she was born male until her little clitty was dangling in their face. She has a modern side too. She loves big black cocks and huge dildos. I am a bbc sissy trainer. So is Ember. We are two mistresses who understand the power of big black cocks.

bbc sissy trainerWe are not as old as Sissy TJ; however, we share a love for vintage clothing and old school punishments, as well as big black dicks. We like to dress up in latex cat suits and tie up Sissy TJ. We spank and flog her sissy bottom. And we use some wicked hot dildos and butt plugs to train her for those big black cocks. Mistress Ember and I had a great time with our shared sissy yesterday. We reminisced about Betty Page, sissy comics, vintage clothing, and vintage fetish artists. We looked at photographs and illustrations, while training her to handle the big black cocks we had waiting for her. Sissy TJ calls us for sissy phone sex because Mistress Ember and I know what she likes and needs. My guess is, we know what you like and need too. Two sissy trainers are always better than one.

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Sissy Maid Slut

Sissy phone sexBeing a dominatrix gets me wet and excited for more! I take my sissy slut training very seriously. When I get you to myself I expect you to either be dressed and ready in position for me or to let me know you need me to set out that whore outfit with the thigh high socks and mini skirt for you to wait in while you get ready to eat my cunt and take a big hard cock into your man pussy. I love turning men like you into sissy bitches! The first or the next time I have you with me, you will be thoroughly humiliated! We’re gonna take you out into an open space to be fucked and lick up all the cum your covered in and the cum landing on the ground. We’ll be in some sex bar with you dressed like a whore sissy faggot wearing that sweet maid outfit! Everyone else will be pointing, laughing and taking turns grabbing and fucking you! Calling you names and putting you in the place you belong. Now, come be a good sissy.

Mistress phone sex with Miss Remi

mistress phone sex

Mistress phone sex slut Remi has a naughty little story for you. I caught my little brother wearing my heels and a pair of my panties today. I was so turned on but had to act like I was really pissed at him. I warned him last time that I would tell everyone what a panty wearing little bitch he is, if I caught him wearing my stuff again, but there we were. I could tell he was embarrassed while he was trying to cover his sad, micro dick poking straight out in the front. He clearly wants to be a little sissy bitch so, I grabbed his hand and walked him right downstairs, to the living room. He didn’t know that I had invited a few friends over. They had come over to have some kinky fun with me but since he was all dressed up, I decided he should join in. He tried to turn around and run back upstairs when I had my guys grab him and hold him down. I had them bend him over my lap so that I could pull his panties down and hold his sweet little cheeks open for them. I ignored his whimpers and pleas as I guided those huge, hard cocks into his tight, virgin hole one after another. I was soaking wet as I watched them fuck him like a little slut and dump cum loads into him. I told him what a dirty little cum dump he is now and that he should know better than to try and fill my panties and shoes. Now, he’ll either stay the fuck out of my stuff or submit and become my newest panty slut.


Inside My Panty Drawer

Forced Sissy Training
Being the Sissy Trainer of the family most certainly has its perks. Wouldn’t you know I caught my sweet young brother going through my panty drawer again? The family secret is that Mommy’s been making him dress like a little sissy faggot since he was a plump little angel. She had him in Disney Princess Pull-Ups with cute little bows in his long, curly hair. Mommy had enough boys. With only me and my sister Zoey, Mommy was going to make herself another daughter whether he liked it or not.

Mommy choked herself to death on a massive BBC cock before she could finish out her work, so she’s left it up to me to finish this little slut up. Lucky for me, catching him in my panty drawer warranted the perfect excuse to get the job done. I snatched him up by his cute little ponytail. “What do you think you’re doing, little slut?”

He was whimpering pathetically. Evidently he’d “had a little accident” while he was sleeping, and was out of clean panties. Naughty little boys get punished, don’t they? I made him pick out whatever pair of panties he wanted from my drawer, and put them on his soiled little body. Then, he had to go and wake up all of his brothers with his mouth by choking down their Alpha cocks, and beg them to let him change his disgusting little panties.
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Gold digger Sissy girl training

sissy girl training

They might call me a gold digger, I have no clue why.🤷‍♀️ If you come to me for sissy girl Training you should expect to spend money with me! Your wife is the gold digger! She knows you have a little dick and she spends all your money while she goes and fucks bull cocks.

Your lucky if you get to see her fuck on or two at a time in front of you! You spend all your money making sure she has the most expensive slut wear for her cuckolding games. My sweet sissy, you have spent so much money on these things and now you decided to stockpile Designer stocking and hose.

I know about those panties size 8/ Your wife is a size 6 like me. They are for your sissy faggot ass aren’t they? You are becoming a different kind of gold digger. And ass hole eater for your mistress and the men you suck off in the adult book store.

That’s right, eat that gold out of that ass cavity as you get a big set of balls on your face. Let my voice hypnotize you into spoiling me and being the best girly you can be for me! 

And when it comes to my ass, eat it nice and deep and open your wallet! Or just send me an amazon gift card to fund my own slutty attire when I fuck those BBC! 💲

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Sissy Slave Training with Big Black Cocks

sissy slave trainingSissy slave training keeps me busy. I enjoy training men to be sissies. I think I excel at training men to be black cock faggots. It is really not that hard to do because black cocks are addicting. They are superior too. I have many black cock sissies on and off the phone. I am most proud of Margo and Rachel. Both recognize the power of a big black cock. Margo has been with me longer than Rachel, yet Rachel has advanced rather quickly. She fought being a BBC sissy more than Margo. Margo parties with mommy and one hit of candy and she is bent over taking big black cocks in her sissy hole to please me. Rachel is a reformed racist who is getting karma tenfold. She wanted to be a cuckold. All that BBC porn had her thinking she should push her fiancée into fucking a black man. It backfired. Now the fiancée is gone never to fuck a white dick again. Rachel is in the same boat. She will never fuck white pussy again because like Margo, she now is all about big black cock. I want them both to get Queen of Spades tats so those burly black men know they can use their back door pussies for their pleasure. Margo dresses up for her black cock. Wig, makeup and clothes. Rachel loves pantyhose, blouses, skirts and heels. Both love big black cocks. Rachel has stepped up her game. She went from a reluctant cuckold to black cock faggot in a matter of weeks. Of course, she is single now, so she has a lot of free time on her hands. Margo still has a wife and a business to run. Rachel is talking about castration and a boob job. Three weeks ago, she did not have those thoughts. The more big black cocks she gets, the more sissy gurl she becomes. Same for Margo. The cum in those big black bull balls is transformative. So, tell me. Are you a black cock faggot too? I am the best BBC sissy trainer. Just look at my star pupils, Margo and Rachel.

A Hot Shemale For Tammie

mistress phone sexMy sweet little Tammie has been such a good girl lately. Doing everything that was asked of her. She had been our little cum whore at my last penis party and even licked up my creampie pussy without even being asked. She stayed on her little knees and sucked every man and shemale that came to her so that they were nice and hard and ready to go. She politely lifted her sweet ass and let them take turns ramming their dicks or dildos deep inside her. She cleaned everyone up too, leaving not a drop. So, to show her how wonderful I though she had been I got her a special present. Laid on the bed was the prettiest pink dress and matching garters, a pair of silky hose, black heels, toe rings and a beautiful new cock cage. Her eyes lit up when she saw them, and I told her to put them all on. I had her twirl round and round as she showed her new outfit off. Finally, I told her to lay down on the bed because her best present was yet to come. I could see the liquid dripping from her sweet cock cage from excitement as Sandy, the biggest, blackest, most beautiful shemale entered the room. I handed Sandy the key and told her that Tammie was ready to play as I winked at her and closed the door.

Dick Training 101

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So you want to be one of my sissy girls? How well can you handle thick, throbbing dick? If the answer isn’t “like a fucking pro” then sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. If you want to be a real girl honey, you have to be able to ride with the big bitches and roll with the cum shots. That means being able to swallow a cock as if you’ve never even heard of breathing.

Can you get face fucked for hours on end like a proper whore? Of course we’ll allow for sips of water; have to keep that mouth pussy lubricated so those bull cocks can use you properly. That’s what you’ll be meant for, little girl. At least in the beginning of your residency in the Halls of Sissy Slutdom, your main job will be fluffing the nutter if you know what I mean.

That mouth and those sweet, manicured hands will need to be precise in keeping those Kingly cocks hard for the professional sluts; the real women. Our cunts will be used to milk delicious creamy cum out of those swollen mushroom tips. You’re going to help us keep them hard on our water breaks.

In return, maybe I’ll let you use that nasty girly tongue of yours to scoop the remnants of our fuck fest from our swollen pussy holes.
Sissy Training