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Sissy Phone Sex Brings Mommy Joy

sissy phone sexSissy phone sex is so much fun. So is training sissies. Honestly, it is almost criminal that I make the kind of money I do this way. I have a real time sissy who I have been training since he was in high school. I am like a bonus mom to him. He is a friend of my daughter. He is a couple years older than her. One day when he was still a young schoolboy, I caught him in my bedroom trying on my pretty things. For his age, he had a great understanding of what pairs well. I mean he had on a black garter belt, with black stockings, matching black and red bra and panty set. He had them all on correctly too. His young hairless body was perfect for the look. I put a little lipstick on him and got a pair of my daughter’s heels and a sissy was born. His father would have disowned him if he ever found out that his son liked to wear panties and lady’s lingerie. I became a second mom to him. I was his sissy mom. I still am. He is 20 now and still in the closet to his family. I have been sissy training him for 7 years now. He is like one of my own sissy boys. He likes to wear women’s clothes and suck cock. And guess what? So do lots of men and there is nothing wrong with that. Fuck anyone who tries to ridicule or shame you for wearing a pretty pair of panties or wanting to suck a big fat cock, even a big fat black one. Just like I nurtured my boys and my bonus sissy son, I will nurture you too. I love being a sissy mom to my boys. And I will love being your sissy mom too. You can have discreet sissy girl training with me, honey.

Marissa Your Sissy Mistress

sissy slave trainingHave you been a good slutty sissy boy playing with your faggot man cunt for me? I’ve been preparing your man pussy for this moment and you better be ready for it! I’m bringing in all eight black alpha cocks to tear into your trained sissy hole. If you don’t think that’s enough for your sissy cunt then we’ll just bring in eight more. Don’t forget to be wearing your sparkly pink slut panties and matching tights. I’ve been training you to be such a good cock sucking slut while you’re grabbed by your little pussy boy ball sack! We’ll have to get rid of that for being such a girly sissy slut, don’t forget to clean up all the cum that’s shot out at your sissy face and sissy boy pussy! I wanna watch as your sissy slut hole is violently fucked by those black cocks spreading you all out and making their huge loads of massive cum spilling out and covering you all up in it! Don’t miss a drop of that hot white juice, be a good sissy boy for us!

Bbc sissy trainer has some tips

Bbc sissy trainer

So you want some BBC, huh? I think you can truly handle chocolate cock. Throbbing thick black dick? You might think you can, but I can assure you that you will come up short without the proper Bbc sissy trainer. There’s no way you will learn all the tips and tricks to be the most successful sissy without a good trainer.

I will teach you what big black men love. How to get them to flock to you and how to make them gangbang you at a drop of a hot. You have to learn all the tricks to be able to be successful. Don’t try too hard but don’t slack their method.

There are two types of sluts: one who loves the attention and wants everyone to know. Second, the one who keeps it low-key keeps a low profit and has an image to keep up with lets me know which one you are because I am about to make things fun.

I will make sure you will never go without BBC. Let’s get acquainted slut.



Let Me Push It In For You

Today was a fun day. I had picked out the sexiest pair of black thongs and matching lace bra for my favorite sissy. He is a muscular good-looking guy who I have taken great pride in breaking. He came in wearing some tight jeans and tight white t-shirt. Showing off his muscles and well-defined ass. I laughed as he came in asking if I thought he looked good. No, I do not, now get undressed and meet me in my room love. He came in and, on the bed, I had those black thongs and the lace bra. He smiled as I handed them to him. As he went to put on the panties, I stopped him. Not yet I told him as I reached under my bed and handed him a gift bag. He opened it and pulled out a big thick jeweled butt plug and a cock cage to match. He tried to tell me no but that just got him a paddling. Over my knee he went and out came my wooden spoon. I spanked him until his ass was nice and red. Then I spit on the butt plug and made him stick it up his tiny little tight pussy. He was going slow, so I put my hand over his and rammed it all the way in. He jumped as if in pain but the little droplets on his clitty told another story. I pulled him in front of me and caged him. Now put on your panties and bra and then put your clothes over them. The outline of his black bra showed through his white shirt nicely. Now it is time to head to the mall baby, let’s go.

Sensual Sissy Domination

Sissy Training
Sissy training doesn’t always have to be so harsh and heavy handed. I know plenty of sweet sissy boys who just want a sexy, gentle transition from being a worthless man into one of my priceless sissy girl fuck dolls. My delicious little honeys perfectly groom themselves every single day.

We dress in frilly panties, and thigh high stockings, and sexy button garters. We wear matching bralettes, and make sure we lotion up all over every day. We make sure our hot, tight little fuck holes are nice and clean so that they can be used and filled up with steamy cum as the day goes on.

We have to be hairless except our brows and our heads. No body hair for a slut fuck sissy princess trainee! Only certain fat cock Alpha bulls like pussy hair, and that’s the only time we allow it. Though it will be a very long time before you get one of those mega fuck sticks shoved into that little fag pussy.

I know you really crave a hot load. So come on, work hard, and study up! You need to take these fucking cocks! I get wet thinking about you getting used. Don’t you want me to cum, baby?
BBC SIssy Trainer

Busy as a BBC Sissy Trainer

bcc sissy trainerThere are sissy trainers then there are trainers like me. I am a BBC sissy trainer. I train sissies with big black bull cocks. Those chocolate beauties are quite the incentive for men to become sissies. Black cocks are magnificent. Long, thick, powerful and they command an audience. If a sissy is going to suck cock, why not suck the best cock? Most of my sissies are gay for big black cocks. Black cock faggots who need help understanding their desire for black cock, where to get black cocks and what to do with black cock once they found it. I am here to help. Black men are different from white men. Black men do not care where they put their big black dicks. Any hole will do. They want a black cock faggot to look girly head to toe. I shave my BBC sissies, dress them, get their nails and toes done and do their makeup and hair.  Full conversion to looking girly so that a black man will ram his big black dick in a sissy hole. White men are not as liberal as black men about where they will put their cocks.

The past couple weeks I have been busy with BBC training. Margo, Rachel and Sissy TJ all understand the power of the big black dick. They are all gay for big black cocks. And I am keen on helping them be the best black cock sissies they can be. That includes practice with big black dildos because a black cock sissy needs to know how to chug a horse cock balls deep without puking. And a BBC sissy needs to get her back door pussy stretched out in preparation for the real thing. We practice with big black dildos before my sissies hit Grinder or the glory hole. I make sure that when they get the real thing, they are prepared.

Marissa’s your Phone Dominatrix

Forced FeminizationIt’s about time you joined me for your training. There’s always a long list of pathetic sissy boys like you just waiting for the chance to be dominated and trained on how to be a good little sissy slut that deserves the meanest mistress so you can know how to behave for others and it looks like you’ve finally made it in! When we begin you will learn that your mistakes will not be taken lightly and that punishment comes just as easy as a reward does. Are you ready to be forced into feminization the online sissy training with your mistress Marissa and become the best femboy that you can whether you’re doing it for yourself or your wife or girlfriend. You’ll always be my sissy slut even after I send you on your way. Your little man pussy will be nice and broken in, your mind will be ready and set to perform like the sissy boy you’re going to be trained to be. Even better you can be trained by two mistresses for double the sissy! Come join me or us and be prepared to become my forever little sissy boy!

BBC Sissy Trainer Mama Mistress Diana

I’m a filthy BBC sissy trainer. Nothing I desire more than making my cuckold sissy son suck big dick. One of my favorite role play is to be your mama and you’re my cuckold son. Maybe you’re an undeveloped feminine sissy boy. That makes mommy excited. I like the idea of dressing you up like my baby doll. I like to make men use you like a little sissy slut.
When you’re good and ready to be a good little sissy slut, mama will line the cocks up for you. My sissy slut will learn to service many cocks. I want you to be my money cow of a whore. You will suck dick as much as mommy tells you too. You will suck my lover sticks. You will suck the dick of any stranger mommy brings home.
In fact you will spread your little pussy and take dick in your man cunt. That’s right. I will have you fucked like a little bitch in heat. It’s of no surprise to me that you are a good little cock whore. You make mommy proud.

BBC Sissy Trainer

Addicted To These BBCs

BBC Sissy Trainer
There were two huge BBC Alpha cocks pumping in and out of me. One was throat fucking me with reckless abandon, the other was buried ten inches deep into my tight little asshole. I didn’t know what to do, or how to act. All I knew was the rhythm and the thickness of both of those massive black monsters.

I love a hot, steaming chocolate dick, but these two were fucking too much to handle! I couldn’t even think, all I knew was that I was getting my fuck holes filled up like a good little slut. I love being a Sissy Trainer, but nothing beats getting used like a fucking rag doll by men who are two times your size. I swear his cocks was as thick as my wrist, if not bigger. How he had managed to grease that black piston up and slide it so deep inside of me was a miracle in itself.

i The one in my throat was so close to busting all I could taste was the salty sweat dripping from his balls, and the delicious sweet sticky pre cum he was rolling down my throat. I knew it wouldn’t be long until I had a full belly, and I knew my fudgesicle cream pie wasn’t likely to be far behind. My sissy sluts just sat there, watching how a real man fucks a Queen, and the proper way to be a cum receptacle just like their Mistress.
Femboy Training

Clean My Cum Filled Cunt

mistress phone sex

Do you need someone to tell you how insignificant your tiny cock is? Perhaps you already know but it is important for you to be reminded. I am constantly reminding my husband that he is only a cuck, allowed only to watch as I fuck and suck big thick fat cocks. Then there is you and your teeny tiny carrot cock that couldn’t satisfy a real woman like me. You and my husband would make the perfect pair. Two worthless men with cocktail wieners, completely worthless to any woman. So small that it can’t be felt in even the tightest pussy. So, you like my husband shall take to the life of a cuck. I will let you watch as you kneel beside my husband as I get on my knees and give those big dicks the wettest sloppiest blowjobs ever. I will of course allow you to stroke you little penis as you watch. Then you can move closer as you watch his cock go deep inside my wet pussy. See how he fills my hole completely? Jealous, aren’t you? I don’t blame you really. I see you stroking even faster as you watch his warm thick cum drip out of my cunt. Hmmmm, I see your little cummies droplets from your worm. Now crawl over here and clean my cum filled cunt clean little sissy.