Best Sissy Trainer Mistress Carmalita Here! Let Me Get You Sissy Boys Together!

Mistress Carmalita is in the house you tired little Sissy Boy Sluts! It’s time to meet the Best Sissy Boy Trainer out here and that’s me! Not getting the desired results as a Sissy Boy Slut? Well, I  mean most of you tired little slaves are poorly trained or have no training at all.

Then you wonder why you have no success as a Sissy Boy Slut.

Best Sissy TrainerMistress Carmalita is here to give you the direction and training that you need. How to dress like a good little Sissy Boy Slut. How to serve and please, how to be docile and servile. How to moan and beg properly.How to find joy in watching Mistress Carmalita get all the big black cock you dream about. And when Mistress Carmalita deems it. How to suck and get fucked by some big black cock . And you better learn your place and not be thinking you can wake up one morning and be Mistress Carmalita,. I will have to spank those tender cheeks ’til they turn red .You exist to serve and obey. Nothing more, nothing less.Your life should be devoted to me! And only me.

Got it?

Now be a good little slave and go fetch me something cool and refreshing to drink, I’m parched.

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