Cock Sucking With Carmalita

best sissy trainer I am ready to dominate you. Can you handle the intense training you will endure? I am going to turn you into my punishment sissy whore. If you can’t take the humilation then maybe you aren’t up for the challenge. I am going to bring over my freinds with the big black cocks. Don’t disappoint them. I want you to take it in the ass while your sucking them off. They all have been waiting for that sissy boy I’ve been telling them about. They get hard just seeing you dressed up in women’s underwear and you pull the panties to the side when you bend over to get fucked in that tight booty hole. I just might have to use my strap on with you myself. I know your just the easiest sissy to control. So eager to please the teacher but I’m not going easy on you. I expect you to fuck all three of those men tonight. And no complaining that they are rough with you. ????

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