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forced feminization

In my spare time I enjoy giving cock sucking lessons to trannies. My sissy boys call me onn the regular looking for an attractive man to suck off. I have tons of guy freinds so I always have a sexy option for them. Last weekend my tranny whore was craving cock. I told him I found a 10 incher. He became obsessed. All he talked about was how he wanted to gag on it. So I brought thee two fags together. They fucked in the guest room while I watched. It got my pussy so wet to see the both of them fucking eachother so hard. I think it was the biggest cock my tranny had ever taken. He was moaning and gripping the bed with all his might. I started playing with my pussy while I watched them. Then I told my tranny told him to suck it som more. You should of seen him gagging on that huge dick. I cant believe he took it all in his mouth. 

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