I know you’re here looking for a sissy training Mistress. I think your search can end here because I’m perfect for turning you into the woman you’ve always wanted to be. I understand that there are different kinds of sissies and I will listen to you and together we will figure out the perfect plan to feminize you.
If you’re the kind of sissy who is only interested in wearing frilly and girly things, I can help you accomplish that. But it will take a little bit of work before we can get to the dressing up part. You’ll have to wax your body, learn to apply make-up, and of course you’ll need to learn how to dress. You will also need to find a wig that will make you look your most beautiful.
And if you would like to eventually become totally feminized and learn to suck and fuck, well, I’m ready to train you for that, too. There isn’t a better woman alive to help you learn to suck cock. I have taught many sissies to please a man and when they are finished with my sissy training, they are the best of the best. Oh, and don’t you worry – I’ll make sure you train your sissy hole to take a big fat cock.
Training begins as soon as you pick up that phone.


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    I am ready for.sissy slut training by a

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