Sissy Training for Christmas

sissy trainingSissy training is off the charts this week. I think the stress of holidays makes men want to submit to a powerful woman, and maybe a big black cock too. I am a dominatrix and a sissy trainer. I am also a BBC whore, so I know how to make men submit to me and big black cocks. This guy called me last night stressed to the gills over Christmas and this virus. I knew what to do. I called Marcus. He is this 32-year-old monster black cock lover who firmly believes any port in a storm. He is not gay. He is not even bisexual. He is just a daddy dom. He loves making white men and women submit to his huge cock. Black cock is superior cock. My caller was forced to his knees. He was unsure he wanted to suck a big black dick, but I did not care what he wanted. I know what a man needs even when he does not know himself. I cracked my riding crop down his back and forced his head on that monster cock. He was gagging, slobbering, spitting, but he was not resisting. A few minutes on that big black cock and he was submitting to the all powerful King Kong dong. I am a BBC sissy trainer. I know men often need to be forced to do what deep in their hearts they know they want to do. It does not make you gay. It does not make you bisexual either to submit to those big black dicks. It just makes you submissive and a good sissy bitch. Do you think you can handle my style of training sissies? Remember, I am in charge. Not you. You may be the head of the house or the top dog at work, but when you call me, you are nothing more than a sissy bitch.

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