Sissy Training is What I Do Best but I am In Charge, Always

sissy trainingI love sissy training. I do not like sissies, however, who think they are in charge. It is no secret that I see real time sissy clients in my community too. I have been a sissy trainer and professional dominatrix for over 20 years now. I rarely accept new sissy clients in my neighborhood. That is for two reasons. One, I want to make sure I still have time for my family, my sex life and my phone sissies. Two, the younger men who are dabbling in the sissy world are not the same breed of sissies I am accustomed to training. For example, my sissy clients who are over 35 are on time. They do their assignments. They dress as I tell them to dress. And they do not try to run the show. Those sissy boys who are under 35 are habitually late. Sometimes they cancel on me with less than an hours’ notice. They wear what they want to wear not what I tell them to wear. And often, they complain about everything. I am a phone dominatrix and a real-life one too. I am not wasting my time to meet a sissy who is unruly and obstinate. If you are a sissy boy, you are not in charge. I am in charge. My time is precious, so I recently started practicing some new policies. I charge a full fee if you cancel without at least 4 hours’ notice. I peg an ass raw if complain about or disobey any of my orders. I have this one sissy boy who refused to pay when he missed an appointment. He was a no show and a no call. When he came by for the second appointment, he was an asshole to me, so I summoned some help. I called Tyrone. He is a black stud who loves to fuck some manners into unruly sissy boys. He fucked my little sissy bitch raw. My sissy was crying and begging for forgiveness after 20 minutes of Tyrone destroying his sissy hole. I mean business, sissies.  Forced sissy training is always an option for me. So sissy fags calling me, maybe I cannot get Tyrone to fuck your ass raw, I can still punish you if you fail to respect me or disobey my orders.

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