Sissy Training Is Not A Cookie Cutter Thing: No Two Sissies are the Same

sissy training

Sissy training is not a cookie cutter sort of thing because no two sissies are the same. Some sissies want to be femboys. Some sissies want to be cock sucking faggots. Some sissies want to be cum eaters. Some sissies want to be black cock faggots. Some sissies want to be maids who only serve their mistress. I am good with all kinds of sissies. I am a sissy mom and I listen to my sissy boys. A good sissy trainer listens to her sissies. Now, I do not let sissies rule the time. They are not in control. Letting a sissy become the type of sissy he wants to be is not giving up you power. I am still a phone dominatrix even though I am guiding a sissy into becoming the type of sissy he wants to be. I love being a sissy trainer. I have a new sissy. He has not done any kind of real sissy stuff yet. He just fantasizes about sucking big black cock at the moment. He just needs the right sissy trainer to teach him the tricks for sucking a really big cock. I know all the tricks because I am a BBC whore too. I have been working with my new sissy boy to help him get out of the fantasy world and into the real world. I understand the struggle. I understand the fear. But, sissy boys, the real thing is always better than the fantasy. My new sissy went to the glory hole last night. He dressed up in a cute little outfit and sucked a Bunch of random black cocks. I had him send me a picture of him sucking on a big black cock. To prove it was him, he held his phone with my site up on it. I never take a sissy’s word. I am the best BBC sissy trainer. I make my sissies live up to their fantasies.

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