Dick Training 101

Humiliation Phone Sex
So you want to be one of my sissy girls? How well can you handle thick, throbbing dick? If the answer isn’t “like a fucking pro” then sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. If you want to be a real girl honey, you have to be able to ride with the big bitches and roll with the cum shots. That means being able to swallow a cock as if you’ve never even heard of breathing.

Can you get face fucked for hours on end like a proper whore? Of course we’ll allow for sips of water; have to keep that mouth pussy lubricated so those bull cocks can use you properly. That’s what you’ll be meant for, little girl. At least in the beginning of your residency in the Halls of Sissy Slutdom, your main job will be fluffing the nutter if you know what I mean.

That mouth and those sweet, manicured hands will need to be precise in keeping those Kingly cocks hard for the professional sluts; the real women. Our cunts will be used to milk delicious creamy cum out of those swollen mushroom tips. You’re going to help us keep them hard on our water breaks.

In return, maybe I’ll let you use that nasty girly tongue of yours to scoop the remnants of our fuck fest from our swollen pussy holes.
Sissy Training


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