Femboy training with you is always so damn cute!

 Femboy trainingIn that frilly dress you bought for yourself for Femboy training at my beck and call, I can’t help but let the words “pretty” escape my mouth. It looks good on you, it’s so shiny in the midday light and the way it covers your shaven legs juuuust enough to tempt me but not enough to be boring, really highlights the entire look. Those heels look good on you, and the bow I picked out contrasts so nicely that I find myself realizing I’m really looking at a girl. We’ve done it, you’re a girl now, at least for right now. I casually adjust the bow a little atop your head, shifting it every so slightly to the side in an effort to really bring out your Sissy girl training. I brush your hair just right so that the part covers your eyes ever so slightly, and the rest frames your cute face. That little blush of yours feels so good to look at, a little added makeup doesn’t hurt though so I’m sure to go at you just a little. You don’t need that much, you’re a natural, and looking at you makes me feel really good. I did it, I made a girl today. I ask you to spin around for me and show me the back, and when you do I grab your shoulders and hold you still. “Just like this.” I giggle, lifting that skirt of yours, and revealing those pretty pink Sissy panties I had you buy. They’re so cuuuute! It’s a shame to slide them down your ass, but I do, because the real reason I had you turn your back is revealed a moment later when I slip a nice dildo into your asshole. You cry out at first, but I whisper soothing promises into your ear. Reminders like “pretty girls don’t complain” and “you’ll love it soon enough.”

Oop, that’s all the time we have. You’ll call me and hear the rest, right? You cutie slut.


    • Max on November 4, 2022 at 4:34 pm
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    You are such a hot sissy trainer

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