I Love Pimping Out Sissy Whores

Sissy training

Sissy sluts are so easy to control. All they want is cock. No matter what, they will always be focused on how much cock they can fuck. Those fags think about cock more than they think about breathing. That’s why I love pimping out those pathetic faggots and making money off of their perverted nature. I ask a bunch of my sissy whores from my sissy school if they want to be used like a cum dumpster and give all the money to me. They never ask for the money, especially since they know they do not deserve it, but they ask how much cock they will be sucking. They are desperate to suck on a big cock, be on their knees like the whores that they are, and clean that cock after it fills their mouths with cum. Their worth is only based on how good they can serve me and my clients, so they’d better get to sucking and make their sissy instructor proud.

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