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Domination phone sex is better when there’s embers

Domination phone sex“I’m going to make you cum until you kneel.” I giggled, knowing damn well the Domination phone sex would go on and on until I won no matter what he tried. Squeezing him, egging him on to waste his energy pumping into my tits despite my encouraging threat. He’d give his life to me, become mine, it was only a matter of playing my game until he was broken and ready to be rebuilt. “I won’t lose, you don’t have it in you to even try to resist far enough to stand a chance. Maybe you should just kneel now, I promise I’ll make it worth it.” I licked my lips at the thought, stuffing his cock in my cloudy dreams, squeezing them together and salivating on the tip and my mounds. A good Sissy phone game titfuck requires a wet, slippery slope with which to climb, bang, and fall only to be picked back up and fucked. My tits are just the right size for it to perk out quite a bit and give me space to breath hots breaths and salacious thoughts on. He was a pretty well-endowed guy, exactly the kind of man I like to break. I’ll convince him it’s small, that no one else would ever want him. I’ll shatter his ego and reconstruct him into the perfect slut under my domain. He doesn’t need to know anything except what comes out of my mouth, that’s a good little sissy bitch that knows his newly founded place as a her. It’s not always like this, though I do really enjoy breaking a man myself, sometimes I have other sissy whores do it for me, show off my handiwork and shatter a masculine identity to the core by showing off what they once were, and what they are now, at the same time. Give into me, and my Sissy training.

Creamy jizzy deliciously addicting

sissy phone

Creamy jizzy deliciously addicting hot little tongue twister there, huh:? Go ahead and repeat it. Doesn’t it make you want to sissy phone bone? You know I am the cock size queen here at sissy slut hut. If you don’t know, now you know. Look, I may not be the cutest little thing, but I got sass, and I can twerk my ass on a BBC as my life depended on it, and that’s a fact, Jack.

Look, I know I am a pretty little fire starter. I wasn’t born redheaded for no reason. Once I get some alcohol in me, I am ready to rage, getting a little violent. When I have a sissy who wants to see me in live action taking huge loads, I begin to abuse her verbally.

Don’t cha wish you could lick and suck and get filled with jizz? Most importantly, I know you want a pussy, but you don’t have one. How sad! Call me a sissy bully. It’s all for the better of them. I know it will build them up to be the best sissy ever.

I have a pussy and you don’t

sissy phone sex

I have a secret weapon that makes these sissies cry. Look, I know the ultimate dream is to be like me. A cute young spinner who can get all the delicious cocks in the world. The problem with that is you are a natural-born male. Shocking how I tell you the truth. See, most the trainers will have you think you are a “real woman” the thing with that is that it is pretty misleading and a big fat lie! Yes, I am going to be mean. You wish you had a pussy. The sad part is even if you bought a fleshy pink cunt and had the modifications and surgeries, don’t be a ” woman,” let me tell you, and you’re not a woman. You will never have a natural-born pussy. You can never get pregnant by semen. It might hurt to hear the truth, but you will never be me. Once you realize the reality, which you know all too well already, you will face the fact that you are only a man in drag that will be used to pay up and add to my funds. You want  sissy phone sex huh? now this is the pinacle of sps.

Sissy phone sessions

sissy phone

Get ready for some wild sissy phone fun. I’m going to use terms that will be hypnotic. You will be my sissy slut who will do whatever I say. Once you do what you want, you will move on to the next level. Sissy tasks tend to be all about what makes your mistress happy. What makes me happy is a fluffer and a vacuum cleaner. Go ahead and suck a cock till it’s hard, and clean up the effect. Take notes and learn what will make you the best sissy slut.

It is an honor for you to learn the best tricks and tips for becoming the best cock sucker and the number deepthroater. you are so lucky to enjoy training from the best red headed goddess around.

dick breath


Are you craving chocolate honey, aren’t you? Something big and juicy won’t fit, but you will beg to make it work, huh? Don’t lie. You know you want the mark to fuck your ass pussy. Don’t get your panties all wet, and you sissy cum fuck. There are some rules to fluffing because that’s what you will be ultimate. Mark wants no part of your sissy cock. Instead, he wants you to prep him up by sucking his cock and being the vacuum.

What do you think a vacuum is…. I’ll wait. Hmmm, still doesn’t come to your sissy mind? Maybe it’s cause you keep staring at Mark’s big cock! Now you stop it right now. You better listen to me give you some humiliation phone sex to pass the test. A fluffer is a pregame and endgame. You should be happy you start something and clean it up like a vacuum. Enjoy your dick breath bitch!

Humiliation phone sex

we need to have a meeting

sissy phone

As part of my sissy phone sessions, I love to have meetings and will expect nothing but the best from my sissies. I want to make sure you are intelligent and working smart. When you are jumping into the world of sissy life, you have to know you will not be the only person around who has ever thought of being sissified. You must come through with the work. I want to make sure you are sucking so many cocks and taking lots of cum. I don’t have time for games and will put you to the test. I will make sure you outdo yourself and show me you were born to be a sissy whore. I want to see improvement from your walk to your clothing attire to your personal dating life. You must show me you are all in so that I can keep training you and making you a complete sexy vixen sissy slut.

sissy phone chat lessons


sissy phone chat

I have a fun tennis instructor who loves to fuck me in front of people. I had the bright idea to let my new sissy princess watch and take notes. I could see the desire in my sissies eyes. How my sissy wish that a cock like my instructors would go balls deep into that sissy pussy. It feels so much better to flaunt what I can get. After time passed, I realized it would be best if I could make use of the sissy and have my sissy lick up the mess that my instructor made in my pussy. My sissy was more than eager to get down and dirty and lick up the hot load in my twat. If my sissy follows the rules, my sissy will eventually become a fluffer for me. If you too are interested in sissy phone chat you will love being my student.

Sissy training audio with ember

Sissy training audio

Look at me, take all this creamy cum. Watch me lick this mushroom head. It is so yummy and delicious. It is all I ever crave. Now you are having some fomo, are you? Well, you damn well should be jelly of me! I’m doing something you only wish you could do. You don’t have the cojones to admit that you aren’t a real man!

I laugh at your pathetic facade. I see you, for you indeed are, and it shows that all you want is to be a sissy, but you play it off and make it seem like you don’t. I will give you some honesty right now, and it will be a tough pill to swallow. There will never be anything that satisfies your urges more than being a prissy sissy!

I know you are green with envy watching me take cock and creamy nut butter. Now, if you want to be honest, you will admit right now that you wish to trade places with me. All it takes is you following sissy audio training instructions by moi. Let’s get to it. I have designed the perfect method, and it is spectacular.


Sissy panties for your enjoyment

sissy panties

So you want to wear my panties after having a nice load fucked in me, huh?

If that doesn’t make you a sissy, I don’t know what does. You want my panties to be your ultimate sissy panties. You can sniff them, lick them and enhale them. It’s cute that you think you are one step closer to being an actual girl once you have those panties on you. It makes me giggle how eager you are to try them and enhance them. It is like a drug to you, and I sure do like to watch you go gaga over them. When it comes to these panties filled with cum, the way you are is like a drug fein looking for their next high. You even love to worship them and enjoy them on display.

Rachel wants chocolate cock


sissy panties

When Rachel cybers me, I know she wears sissy panties. She goes on and on about how much she loves big black cock and how she craves it, and how she feels like she’s destined to need to suck BBC. Well, the thing is, she will never be worthy of BBC unless she submits to a mistress who is willing to take her to the next level. You can’t sit home in your panties wishing to be a sissy for big black cocks. You must take the initiative with the help of a goddess like me who will make you submissive sissy forever.

You will never be able to satisfy BBC if you aren’t consistent. I need my sissies to get ready for it all and to make sure to expect the unexpected. If I command you to suck cock at 3 am, you better get your sissy walk on to the nearest glory hole, preferably in an area there is plenty of delicious chocolate cock to go around.