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Admit you lust after cock

Domination phone sex

Domination Phone Sex is how you can ease into the sissy fun. So I have guys that call up and pretend they aren’t sissies deep down. If you are reading this, chances are you are a sissy, and you don’t want to admit it and try so hard to hide it, but you love it so much. You want to flaunt it around and make everyone know you want cock. You want to twirl in dresses, feel sexy and pretty, and have cocks. You’re a cock loving sissy that must have his way. It is your time to shine, but first and foremost, you have to admit to yourself who you are, and then it will be a cakewalk. Get it together with this fiery redhead who will turn you into one hot cum loving sissy.

What makes that clitty twitch and throb?

online sissy training

My spidey sense is my sissy radar. I know when there’s a sissy around. I have tunnel vision and can spot one a mile away. I don’t care how macho you may try to act. Those sissy tendencies scream out loud. Others may not even blink at some of your subtle sissy ways, but I, on the other hand, and am an expert, and I can make you my sissy bitch willing to scream it out at the top of his lungs. Don’t believe me? Well, let’s test my theory out. By the end of a session, you will be begging me to keep you as a sissy student. Not many have the pleasure of sissification by the best online sissy training princess, so if you can manage to make me happy, count your lucky stars.

Sissy Phone Sex the dominant way

sissy phone sex

Go ahead and smile. I have quite the treat for you. Sissy phone sex has you going crazy. All you can think about is hot clothes and plenty of cocks. You want all sorts of toys to fuck you in the ass. It’s your man pussy! I mean to be fair, there’s nothing about you that is quite manly, Hmmmm how about just your asspussy? That works great. You will need to dress like a whore and learn all the glory holes around town. I don’t care that you might get caught. Shut the fuck up!!! Do it, you fucking sissy!!!!!! I love to dominate you fuckers and making you all lose any trace of masculinity you might have. Your asshole will be gaped in so many ways by so many different cocks. Well, this is what you wanted, you bottom bitch so take it and do it with a smile, my little fucking slut. Thick meat makes your clity cream. We all know it is true now it’s time you abide by my rules!!!!

Special Lipgloss

best sissy trainer

Who doesn’t love a good lip gloss? I sure do, and I want to show you how I am the best sissy trainer who will have you begging for a real creamy shade. My special lip gloss is tasty and will have you licking your lips. I have a batch made for you, and it is handy in my purse. It’s all part of your training. Go ahead, reach out and grab it because you will thank me. I love to watch you smear it on you and see it gloss. There is no doubt you are instantly hooked on your sissy lipgloss. The incidents are all-natural and vegan. Cruelty-free, of course. The wear might not last because it tastes so good. You will be going thru the batch overnight. The incident is a secret concoction, and if you love it so much, you can bet you are a true sissy slut after all.

xo sissy maker Ember

Dear Secret Cuck

sissy phone sex

Dear Secret cuck,

So I heard a little secret. It will be nice to confirm it with you, but there’s a rumor going around that you can’t stop thinking about BBC. You often fantasize about your wife getting rammed by juicy black cock. All you want is a real man to fuck her and cuck you.  I can give you the best sissy phone sex advice. Give up your so-called manhood and let your wife live out the dreams you have for yourself.

I love when “men” try to say they are only cucks because they like the humiliation aspect and do not crave cock. A cuck is truly a sissy deep down inside. Please change my mind if you can. I will probably wait eternity because you might be wrong. I’m right. A cuck is simply a cock worshipper who doesn’t have the cojones to admit what they truly are and dispel everything to an erotic kinky.

You don’t fool me, sissy bitch

-Mistress Ember

Assume the position

Sissy training

There’s a need for sissy training, and you must have some. There’s no doubt you will be able to enjoy the best orgasm as a sissy if you relax and let your domme daddy deep inside your ass pussy. You might tense up, but you need to be a good whore and take it without missing a beat. Assume the position each time you know what makes daddy happy, and you have far more to prove vs. a real hot-blooded woman. I’m sorry the truth may hurt to hear, but you will never experience a man who will treat you a hundred percent as a woman. I can guarantee that you will run across night nine percent men who are angry at themselves for falling for a sissy that they will ravish your ass and get so mad that your sissy ways turn them on. They will pound you till they cum, then send you on your way. That’s why you need a trainer who will help you take on the role of pleasure. You must make them realize you will fuck them like no other and make them crazy for you. That’s why you need your mistress ember

stretch you out

best sissy trainer 

Sit back and let me take control you have the best sissy trainer around so don’t worry about anything more than cock. Its time you live out your dreams of sucking cock and being a whore. You have always had an incling that you were a total cum dumpster. Theres no doubt that you will be the perfect sissy slut if you listen to your goddess. Don’t worry spread that ass because you will get the biggest dick ever deep inside your ass pussy. That’s right feel it thrust you deep and make your asshole almost bleed. We have to stretch you out and make you a cock slut that loves to be fucked and wants more. Go ahead beg!! Scream for more cock because thats what sluts like you deserve. A real sissy slut that wants big juicy dick is the best kind of sissy whore ever.




Sissy Training Audio

Sissy training audio

So you want to some sissy training audio fun, huh? You may think it’s harmless to hear some Hypno from me, but once you get into it, you won’t stop. It’s addicting; it’s something you have been missing out on, and now it’s time you fully invest in yourself and make those sissy desires dreams come true. Don’t think for a second I won’t be stern. I may look sweet and innocent and like I will be lenient. I’m here to show you the way. I will hypnotize you into believing cock is all that matters. Get glam and wear makeup, dress up and lure those big cocks. Yes, I want you to take all kinds of cocks. Any cock will do. I promise that the more you do it, the hotter it will be, the better the orgasm. It will be a fun ride that will have you willing to do it all and submit it to your trainer.


Bbc sissy trainer has some tips

Bbc sissy trainer

So you want some BBC, huh? I think you can truly handle chocolate cock. Throbbing thick black dick? You might think you can, but I can assure you that you will come up short without the proper Bbc sissy trainer. There’s no way you will learn all the tips and tricks to be the most successful sissy without a good trainer.

I will teach you what big black men love. How to get them to flock to you and how to make them gangbang you at a drop of a hot. You have to learn all the tricks to be able to be successful. Don’t try too hard but don’t slack their method.

There are two types of sluts: one who loves the attention and wants everyone to know. Second, the one who keeps it low-key keeps a low profit and has an image to keep up with lets me know which one you are because I am about to make things fun.

I will make sure you will never go without BBC. Let’s get acquainted slut.



Tell me everything

Domination phone sex

Tell me everything you desire. I want to show you how phone domination can truly rule you. I want you to understand that you’re a true sissy to the core. There’s nothing you won’t be able to do for me. Once I have you where I want you, it is over for you. It’s time to live life in a new light. Time to realize you will be a chick with a dick for me.  I want to make you my little crossdressing slut. You have to tell me everything that you want and crave. It is okay to be honest and say you are cock craving loser and want nothing more than to be my loser bitch. Enjoy your dirty ways in real life because once you’re in my trap, you will be downloading that gay dating app on your phone and fishing for cock. Yes, I will have no mercy. You are exactly whatever I make you. Once you tell me everything is over for you.