Sissy panties for your enjoyment

sissy panties

So you want to wear my panties after having a nice load fucked in me, huh?

If that doesn’t make you a sissy, I don’t know what does. You want my panties to be your ultimate sissy panties. You can sniff them, lick them and enhale them. It’s cute that you think you are one step closer to being an actual girl once you have those panties on you. It makes me giggle how eager you are to try them and enhance them. It is like a drug to you, and I sure do like to watch you go gaga over them. When it comes to these panties filled with cum, the way you are is like a drug fein looking for their next high. You even love to worship them and enjoy them on display.


    • Wade on March 26, 2022 at 9:18 pm
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    If you take multiple loads, can I suck all the cum out?

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