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He wanted Reverse Sissy Hypno Training

sissy hypno training

What happens when you are flooded with Subminimal Black cock during a hot porn?
He was in so much distress calling me for reverse sissy hypno training. This BBC whore knew I was going to fuck with his head and his cock. Those hot little whores he was watching had added so many black cock pictures flashing as he was stroking his cock. I almost felt bad that he was confused. When we started I tried to assure him that I could break his black cock thoughts. We didn’t want him to think about ebony veiny huge cocks when he was getting off anymore. Like shit, I didn’t! I told him I felt bad that he wanted me to reverse this BBC lust, because I was in love with getting fucked By big black dick. “Please stop, you’re driving me crazy Zoey!’ He was panicked. A Supposedly straight man getting his dick off to thinking about sucking BBC, this wasn’t what he wanted. Or was it!?
“Now lay back and close your eyes, your Goddess Zoey will fix you all up,” My face in a smile.
“Imagine my sweet young tight body laid naked beneath you, My tight pussy and perky tits are all yours, can you see and feel me?” He breathed that he could, and his cock was hard.
“Now imagine that there is black man with his 9 inches out right in front of us, which do you want more?” I giggled. He was definitely stroking his cock harder. I instantly pounced, deceiving how good it felt to have your throat gaped open to know that the black dick cum you swallowed, you earned.
“Please no Zoey, You’re supposed to fix me!” He was so close to cumming.
Baby I am fixing you, you need to suck a black dick and then you will feel better!
Don’t fuck with a BBC sissy Trainer!
We always know what you really want!

Your Sexy BBC Sissy Trainer

BBC sissy trainer

My pretty princess Jade. Oh, how I adore you so! I know you worship this little BBC sissy trainer. Listen, you know I can’t resist the lure of a big black dick. I was raised to get what I want and how I want it! And just because you think I am feigning my love for big cock, you make me tell you every detail of my last conquest. You think Sissy men can’t father offspring? Wives only let sissy small dicked husbands fuck them for one reason. That is to bear the new generation. Half these sissy men like you Jade are caring for mixed brats because you couldn’t impregnate your wife. 

But you Jade have the perfect life. You Run a business and are a man to the outside world. Of course you hear snickers of rumors that you like taking it up the ass. But most of those claims are because you have power and money and run a big company. Your wife and Teen daughter know all the real truth. You are in love with a  man with a big black dick who shares your wife. 

You have gone through years of femboy training in the privacy of your own home. What started as a cuckold life, has become the full sissy slut experience! 

You have your own room with all your clothes and shoes, and most importantly sex toys and panties. You are a queen of your world. Who in this life can live like you Jade? The man with power, but full sissy whore on the inside and having a beautiful wife and daughter lead you to your real ecstasy. 

We understand each other, My life mirrors yours as I know how a daddy can want to be a little sissy whore and need that submission. I too am in love with Big black cock!

Forced Sissy Training Young Mistress!

Forced Sissy Training

Sometimes a sissy like her needs forced sissy training. She knows she was born to wear panties and bras. It is a deep craving that can only be quenched by dressing up like this. But sometimes this sissy slut needs to be put in a cock cage so that she doesn’t masturbate that clitty to sissy hypnosis videos. Then and only then will she become more aware to my hypnotic suggestions.

Now listen to me Sissy slave! Complete feminization must be the only thing on your mind! As your mistress I need you to focus on me and the way your body feels as I bring out the thoughts that have plagued your mind since puberty.  Don’t you understand that if your cock is less than 6 inches than you need to be fucked? Either with my strap-on or by the men who fuck me. Big black men who know I need a little help making that virgin ass gap wide. You are now dressed like a girl and deserve to be fucked like a girl!

Now you know what to do cum see me sissy fag! Your sissy phone sex Mistress awaits!

Sissy Hypno Training For My Pet

sissy hypno training

Hi girly girl, have you found a bump in the road as far as feminization is involved? Of course, you did. It’s hard for men and boys to know the right way to be a woman. If you were born with a shameful little scrap of flesh between your thighs, how can you know how to be a sensual fuck doll? Just as it is with other areas in life, men need women to show them the way. Right? Well, let’s go cupcake, it’s time to reprogram you. Luckily for you, there is sissy hypno training, and I am precisely the erotic hypnotist to reprogram your flawed male brain.
Total and appropriate feminization takes more than hair removal and makeup application. To have a fighting chance at being passable and lovely as a sissy boy in panties, you need to shed the layers of ingrained training with the help of my soothing, trance-inducing voice in your ear. It’s what you want, and it’s very much what you need. Even right now, your sissy clitty is probably feeling the urge to call me and ask for my guidance. That’s completely normal, and it shows that you need sissy training hypnosis now.

Slutty BBC sissy trainer

BBC sissy Trainer

I only fuck black men. That’s is why I ma your BBC sissy trainer. I found early in life that little white men cock doesn’t do anything for me. Except to worship me and learn the art of the sissy world. My daddy is a sissy slut and he has found his calling as a cum dump for black cocks since he has no real use for his cock. I am extremely lucky that I have all these hot muscle-bound teen black men who don’t give a damn if they use daddies mouth or asshole. They say as long as they get to fuck my sweet teen pussy and watch my faggot daddy take the cum. Now my boyfriend I am a little more discreet with. He is slowly blooming into a black cock whore. And I need him on my arm for social functions and such. We both come from a stagnant and uppity background that requires us to et dressed up and paraded like show dogs.  Teen black cock can be paid off to say nothing for my sissy slut daddy happenings. But someone their age would be a disaster to keep under wraps. I take him over the border of the next state and find these porn star cocks that know what his little clitty needs. We are in full woman dress for him and can live the life he secretly desires. As for me, I get those big county black cocks pounding me all night and my sweet tight cunt clean out so much that I am in fucking heaven.


online sissy training

Sissy Girl Training With Mistress Jackie

sissy girl training

I see you’ve reported for duty for sissy girl training. I know you’ve wanted to for a long time but were just scared. You’re in the best hands with me because I love turning men into sissy sluts. We will go as slowly or as quickly as you want to, as long as we’re making forward progress. You can’t call me and keep putting off your feminization. Just trust me when I say that, although it’s scary, you’re going to be so happy with your sissy transformation. You have to let go of the control and let me help you with what you desire most in the world.
My favorite party of sissy training is getting the look down. You have to be willing to do the hard work – waxing, shaving, growing your hair, etc. You have to learn makeup, lashes, wigs. And I know you probably already have pretty panties and lingerie, don’t you? Can you walk in a pair of 4-inch heels? Men love women in heels and the same goes for sissy sluts like you. I’m gonna be here every step of the way for you. All you have to do is get on the phone and give me a call. I’ll be waiting for you.

Hot Sissy Phone Chat Tease

sissy phone chat

My daddy walks in as I am doing a live video with My boyfriend. I am doing a sissy phone chat with him. I am showing him what he could have and then teasing my boyfriend because he loves to watch me fucked by the Black boys on the basketball team. I am pulling my shorts down and telling him how good those cocks make my teen pussy feel. Daddy is hard, I can’t tell by his boxers, I can tell because he is breathing hard. Now I have a two for one special. I let my boyfriend know daddy is watching us. I tell him to pull out his clitty and rub it for me. Both of my sissy whores do. They can’t see each other but I can. I moan as I slip my hand into my panties and realize this is a perfect time for dual sissy Hypno training. “Just close your eyes and think about the biggest black cock you have ever seen, “ My breath hitches and I am using my masturbation and moans to let the know that they can release those inner desires. You want to suck that cock to fluff it for princess Zoey. You need to gag on it and get it hard to fuck my tight wet willing honey hole. Stroke your clitty and release all your Black cock desires for me. I orgasm as I hear both spurt those tiny loads. I usher daddy out and turn off my video call. My work is just beginning because I have more BBC lover sissy sluts to train tonight!

Forced Feminization By Princess Zoey

Forced Feminization

On another episode of forced feminization of my sissy boyfriend! I made my boyfriend wear a pair of panties under his jeans when we went to a party out in the country. A lot of hot jocks from the other school were there and yes, they were big stocky black teen guys! As we fired up the first bonfire of the night, I saddled up to him and reached around and whispered as I put my hand down his jeans and asked him if his panties felt really good. I got him real hard and then pulled down his jeans after I unbuttoned him and was rubbing that dick through my panties. Three big back teen guys were instantly on him checking out his beautiful red silk and lace panties. I wasn’t shy and volunteered that this wasn’t the first time he had worn them for me. It wasn’t long before they pushed him to his knees asked me for my lip gloss and I obliged and smeared his lips. Dutifully my boyfriend oped his mouth and started sucking in their cocks right in front of twenty other people. He did so well, I really am impressed. I had him follow me after about three belly fulls of BBC cum to my jeep where he helped me get double penetrated by two of those big hanging cocks. It felt s good I screamed and came hard. And as everybody left, My sissy boyfriend cleaned my tight little pussy right up. I cuddled with him and promised we would go shopping for beautiful panties and stockings in the morning light!

Making you Take BBC with Sissy Hypno Training

sissy hypno trainingSissy Hypno Training is for Closet Sissy slut cock suckers. You know I am talking right to your ass. Your slobber over a big black cock and pretty little white girl on that porn site. Your sweet clit of a cock is raging hard! You don’t understand why it makes you so fucking turned on. I do, I know what you need. My Daddy had to have Hypnosis session when he and mommy were first married. She would put on music and a pretty white lace see-through gown, and look right in his eyes and tell him that he wasn’t man enough to please her. On his lap making his smaller than most cocklette hard she whispered how much he would enjoy watching her get fucked and slurping her creamy pussy clean. I have been taught by her to sweetly and eroticly put you in a trance to unleash your hidden Black cock fantasies. You will be cumming in panties and begging for Lessons on how to be my devoted sissy whore. Don’t believe me? You are like my other slaves and in time will be telling me about how big of a black dick you took for me soon…

Sucking Your First Cock

Sissy trainingStanding at 8 inches from base to tip, he’s cock is hard and thick, so attractive how could you not touch it. Slowly stroking his shaft, gently rubbing the big swollen head feeling it’s soft warm skin. Go on, kiss it. Feel the heat radiating against your lips. Rub that puffy head all-around your lips, then part them and give it a wet kiss. The tip of your tongue getting your first taste of cock, sends electricity through your body, doesn’t it? Making your own clit dick harden. If you like that, you’re really going to like putting his whole head into your mouth and gently sucking it. Keep both hands slowly stroking his shaft while your mouth makes sweet love to his head. Go ahead and moan, letting those sweet sounds waves vibrate against his cock. Follow his direction, as he starts to push into your mouth, open up. Let his cock into your mouth as far as you can take it. Don’t panic, breathe through your nose and focus on the taste of his cock, the texture of his hard shaft. Focus on the salty droplets of precum the dribbles from his head. Keep in mind you are the cocksucking slut here. The only thing you need to be thinking about is how good it feels to have a cock in your mouth. How wonderful it feels to be the special little slut with a quality cock in her mouth. Before you know it you’re in a trance engulfed into your own feelings and arousal only to be brought back with that explosive power in your mouth when that perfect cock cums releasing his creamy cum for his little cum slut to gobble up. The taste becomes an addiction and you a new addict, you’ll be crawling back and begging for more real soon. You sluts always do.