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Zoeys’ Sissy Hypno Training

sissy hypno training

Are you ready for erotic sissy Hypno training? I have picked out three outfits complete with panties and stockings for your session. You have no clue what is about to go down. I have been fucking this BBC cock in my room every day while you are at work. I timed it just right so you would bust me while My Jock BBC cock was deep inside me. You were yelling and screaming that I was a whore daughter. I really hate to burst your bubble Daddy. But I walked over to you and pushed you in my chair. My Stud brought his cock to your face. And as my voice flooded your ears he began to tease you with his 11 inches of ebony man meat. I got up and as you were in your trance you let me put the silkiest frilly panties on you and dress you up like my doll. And now you were my puppet, to open your mouth and ass up for my big black friend’s cock. Tell me how does it taste to suck your daughters pussy juice off a BBC? Just a little more Daddy, I want you to clean all this cum out of my tight wet teen pussy as Mr. Black Cock shoves his way into your ass! Now You Know My summer Is complete being Your BBC sissy trainer!

Online Sissy Training Available

online sissy trainingDo you need online sissy training? I love turning men into sissies. Most men who call me, know they are a sissy already; however, some are like my twin boys. They just are clueless without intervention. My sons just needed a sissy mom to nurture their feminine side. That is what I do with my callers too. You may be in denial, but with some sissy boy training, you will soon realize that you have been a sissy all along. Did you steal panties from your sister or mother and wear them? Did you play with your mommy’s shoes? Did you let your sisters dress you up in girl clothes or do it on your own? Did you play with make-up?  Did you look at other guys in the school locker room and wonder why you were so small down there? If you said yes to a few of my questions, you need sissy training. It was clear to me that my boys were just born in the wrong bodies. Ever since I can remember, they played with my lingerie and wore my make-p. They never once had a girlfriend. Well, not a real one. They both thought if they hung out with a girl, even if she talked about other men, that she was their girlfriend. It was cute, but delusional. Finally, I just had to confront them about their true nature. I handle callers the same way I handle my sissy boys, with honesty and encouragement. There is no shame in being a sissy; only shame in denying what you are.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

humiliation phone sex

Humiliation phone sex with the most beautiful vixen princess you will ever lay your eyes on that is me. You will do anything to get my attention. You will show how much you worship even at the price of having everyone know you are a complete sissy slave. You want cock in your man pussy. I see the way you stare at me and my boy toys. Everything going thru your head is crystal clear. You want to be my prodigy, my piglet. Worship your princess and realize at the same time you will never be not even a smidgen of me. You will never amount to be anything more than the help in my eyes. You are the cleanup service and my doll. I will dress you up and make you my bitch.

BBC Sissy Trainer Whore On Deck

BBC Sissy Trainer

I love all things black. Maybe that’s why I am a BBC sissy trainer! Your hot Catholic schoolgirl rebel who always cut class to fuck the black cocks knows all about your love for huge black cock. Lay back and close your BBC loving sissy eyes. Drift off into my black cock world as your cocklette aches to be my subslut!  My creamy white ass getting pounded by 10 inches of ebony steel. Jealous? I know you want that to be your pretty white sissy ass getting pounded right now. That Black cock porn you got playing has nothing on the real thing. I want to dress you up in the slinkiest black dress with black thigh highs and take you to a pool hall on the darkest (Hehe) side of town. Think of all the black cock we will get being the only two white bitches there! Now baby I really hope you have been doing that but plug training. Otherwise you ass is going to be so raw and I am going to love making you pay for not wearing your anal plug. 15 black cocks in your ass as you are bent over that pool table! ANd then you get to come home to me and be in chastity as you clean BBC cum from my tight teen pussy!

Sissy Phone Sex

sissy phone sexI am having so much fun as a sissy phone sex slut. So are my sissy sons. They love hearing about other sissies. The like knowing that they are not the only sissies in the world. There are a lot of sissies in the world. I talk to them daily! They overheard me talking about glory holes to one of my callers. They were full of questions. They didn’t understand what a glory hole was because I had not taken them to one yet because of their age. I wouldn’t be able to get them into the adult bookstore. But my caller told me he goes to the ones in public park restrooms. That made me do some reconnaissance of my local parks.

sissy trainingSure enough I spotted a glory at the “homo” park. It is just a park with a reputation for where gay closeted men go after dark. I dressed my sissy boys up like the pretty girls they can be and took them after dark to the glory hole to suck cock. I told them it was part of their sissy training.  I explained that this was a gay glory hole. They enjoyed that more because they are cock sucking faggot boys. I watched my pretty sissies in a dirty public park bathroom sucking strangers’ cocks and I was so proud of them. Super proud. They made so many horny queers cum. I am sure the fags on the other side thought it was an old fag sucking them off. Nope just my young sissy boy twins. They have the best mommy sissy trainer. I have taught them to suck cock so well that you would think their middle names are Hoover. With their bellies full of cum, we went home and talked about the hot encounter. The next part of their training is going to be big cocks in their back door pussies. This mommy trainer is all about sissy slave training.

sissy slave training

Online Sissy Training

online sissy trainingDo you need online sissy training? There is no shame in admitting you are not quite a man. I bet when you think about it, you know you are different from other men. Perhaps, you noticed when you were in high school that you were not like other boys. Maybe you noticed that you had a smaller dick, less body hair and a more feminine body?  Perhaps you have never had much luck with the ladies either. You are either put in the friend zone or women make you pay for everything and never give you sex. Is any of this sounding familiar? If it is, you need sissy or femboy training. You need a sissy mom who knows how to make you the best version of you. Face it. Not all men were born equal. There are the real men of the world with big dicks who ooze masculinity and get all the chicks. Then there are sissy boys like you with small clits and back door pussies who get shame, humiliation and daddy dicks. You need to just see the writing on the wall and give a sissy trainer a call.

Best Sissy Trainer Coraline

best sissy trainerI am a sissy trainer. The best sissy trainer. I love being one too. I can look at you and see your true essence. I have this neighborhood boy who thinks he has a girlfriend. He thinks he is masculine and just like other boys. He needed some sissy therapy. He needed me. I had him come over for a friendly talk. I planned on feminizing him, but I needed him to first acknowledge that he is not like the other boys at school. First, I had to explain to him that him and his girlfriend weren’t dating. I was 100% sure she thinks of him as a gay best friend or something, but not a lover. Their “dates” include shopping at the mall and getting a drink at Starbucks. He is always home by like 7 or 8pm from a “date.” And, the kicker, they have not even French kissed let alone fuck. I had him strip down naked so I could see his cock. He didn’t have one, which was no surprise to me. He had a clit stick. I put him in some panties while I gave him some sissy hypno training. I mixed images to show him that what is hanging between his legs was nothing like what was dangling between the legs of the high school jocks in the locker room. I also got him to realize that his schoolgirl friend is fucking other men and that he is permanently in the friend zone. It can be a tough wake up call, but not all boys are created equal. Some have small dicks. Some have feminine bodies. Some are never liked sexually by girls. Some are meant to get fucked not fuck. My neighbor boy is one of those boys. We have a lot more sissy training to do, but I got him to the first step which is realizing he will never be the romantic lead in any girl’s life.

Suns out buns out

Humiliation phone sexSpringtime is here, and summertime is quickly approaching. I love to go to all the parties and shake my ass and show off my hot body in my sluttiest bikini’s. I have a personal sissy who loves humiliation phone sex. I wanted to go ahead and up the ante. I invited my sissy slut to a mega bash in the hills. Bikini booze and babes. Big ballers all around and big black cocks and all colors of the rainbows also were at the party.  Plenty of sugar daddies are showering sexy vixen princesses like me. What can I say I roll with big boys baby!

😉 My sweet sissy was in awe watching me prance around and be catered to like the royal sugar baby I am. I had fun taking big baller dicks and of course I had to anoint my new slut. Suns out buns out and they also happen to be stuffed with fresh semen. Get on your hands and knees in broad daylight and scoop and suck with your tongue that cum right out of me you sissy bitch. 

Sissy Phone Sex

sissy phone sexI love sissy phone sex calls. I am a real-life sissy trainer. I have turned my twin sons into sissies, and I will turn you into one too. I have this friend, Adam. He has never been very masculine, nor has he had much luck with the ladies. He came to me this week for some advice. I had to know what I was working with, so I told him to strip naked for me. I almost spit out my tea when I saw how small his dick was. It was a mico penis. It looked like just a helmet. It was like all head and no dick. I laughed. I told him his problem was his lack of cock. He had a few options. He could be alone with no female companionship with his hand as his best friend. He could be a cuckold and suck cock and eat cream pies or he could be a sissy. He told me he has long thought about being a sissy but needed sissy slave training. He was in the right company. I took him to my sissy closet. I have a huge closet of sissy clothes, wigs, make-up and accessories. He looked in my closet with awe.  I picked out a pink lacey outfit for him to wear. I put him in panties and told him he will only wear panties from now on. Even in a pair of pink silk panties, you couldn’t see a hint of dick. Pathetic, right? Not every guy is meant to be a man. Some are much better suited for the sissy word. Adam needs a lot more training to be a perfect sissy, but I am ready to train him. A sissy is a girl’s best friend. Are you ready to be a good sissy too? You need the best sissy trainer if you are.

Some Losers Need Sissy Humiliation Training

sissy humiliation trainingHe needed sissy humiliation training. This guy I know wanted to fuck me. He has a shrimp dick. How do I know? Because he has been sending unsolicited dick pictures to my social media accounts for days now. If I want to see your dick, I will ask. Don’t just send a woman pictures of your cock. And if you do, make sure you have something a woman wants to see. When Jake showed me his shrimp dick for the 100th time, I decided he needed humiliation. I invited him over. He thought it was to fuck. I was planning on fucking, just not him. I had a hung lover over whom I have used to sissy train my young boys. I was going to shame and cuckold him. My lover has a 10-inch cock. A lot bigger than Jake’s nub. I told Jake to slip into some panties. Like my sissy boys, his dick is more like a clit. It needs to be secure in panties, not getting lost in a pair of boxers. Jake really believed I was going to fuck him. I had no clue he was that stupid. My sissy boys helped shame the reluctant sissy. Jake had to watch a real cock, a real man fuck me. He had to hold his nub next to a real cock. I enjoyed laughing at him as I felt a real cock going in and out of me. Jake was sitting there in a pair of my panties, along side my sissy sons watching a real man take care of me. Jake was not as happy as my sissy boys. My sons were waiting for their treat. Jake was waiting to fuck me. Dumbass. He was getting forced sissy training. He was not fucking me. Not with a clit stick. My lover and my sissy boys helped me feminize Jake. Dress, wig, makeup, panties, bra and heels. Once he sucked my lover’s cock, he realized in my world he was nothing more than a sissy boy.

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