He Brought A Friend

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He was a business partner of my pathetic husbands, but I could sense he wanted something more. There was no doubt that he was privy to my husband’s required panty wearing and feminine attire so when he kept stopping by our house, I decided to confront him. I had no intentions of asking his permission, I was going to demand he obey. They were watching a game and I walked in and turned it off. My husband said nothing, but his friend started to speak. I quickly put my hand over his mouth to stop him.

I handed him a gift bag and told him to go to the bathroom and change. He started to speak again and this time I bare handed smacked his ass. He hung his head and left. When he returned from the bathroom, he was wearing a black teddy outfit and heels. He struggled walking but he persisted and the wet spot from his little clitty showed me his desire. I ordered my husband to remove his clothes and join him. My husband in his black thong sat beside his friend. I laid on the other couch and put one leg above the back. My perfect pussy on display I told them to come and worship me. My husband mentored him as they licked me and sucked on me. Then the doorbell rang, and a beautiful tall man walked in. That is when the fun began. Want to hear about it? Want me to make you a sissy faggot too?

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